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DOWNLOAD Operation Shylock. A Confession í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ Time Magazine Best American Novel 1993In this fiendishly imaginative book which may or may not be fiction Philip Roth meets a man who may or may not be Philip Roth Because someone with that name has been touring Israel promoting a bizarre reveVerse exodus of the Jews Roth is intent on stopping him even if that means impersonating his own impersonator With excruciating suspense unfettered philosophical speculation and a cast of characters that includes Israeli intelligence agents. Remember the movie Being John Malkovich Some characters discover a portal into John Malkovich's head through which they can see the world as he does Then John Malkovich enters into John Malkovich's head and things really get weird John Malkovich multiplied and turned back upon himself That gives an inkling of this book only with Philip Roth insteadWhen I was a child I thought I would be an artist but I had zero self confidence When I hit high school and saw that others could draw as well or better I gave it up But during college and graduate school all the papers I had to write became my art projects Later during young mother and family years I thought it was my life that was my art project Now here comes Philip Roth to say there is no I and it is me He is writing for his life staying one step ahead of chaosI finally went back to my seat in the second row and sat there doing what I've done throughout my professional life I tried to think first how to make credible a somewhat extreme if not outright ridiculous story and next how after telling it to fortify and defend myself from the affronted who read into the story an intention having perhaps to do less with the author's perversity than with their ownI wanted to learn something from this mishmash of a book and that is the kernel of it and the gift of this book for me We are put here and plot contrivances come at us from out of left field; no matter what comes at us ridiculous bizarre devastating unfair anticipated or not lucky or not we have to get to field it Some of us will prefer Philip Roth's writerly metaphor This also ties in with other thinking and ongoing discussions about the reality or not of our I our sense of personal identity the story we tell ourselves about ourselvesSo does this book speak in generally applicable terms No It speaks in Philip Rothian terms a major aspect of which is captured by the following uoteEverything dictated silence and self control but I couldn't restrain myself and spoke my mindI think an aspect of being a writer is that one either must speak or feel depressed and ill or an even worse alternative get into trouble Philip Roth says everything everything that is on his mind much of which is politically incorrect or that one simply cannot say on all sides of every issue; he channels himself and gets it saidAs synopses will tell you the mischief begins with Philip Roth a character in his own book learning that while he's at home in the USA an imposter posing as him is over in Israel advocating Diasporism the opposite of Zionism; an exodus in reverse to bring all the Jews in Israel back to Europe The rest of the book unfolds from the premises of Diasporism and Philip Roth's double I'd say the setting and much of the talk involves history and politics concerning Jews and of course antisemitism and what Jews think and what other people think about Jews all via Philip Roth of course Most of the action is set back in 1988 Some names have changed and technology has changed but I was surprised how much remains the same I used to be relatively apolitical and had my head stuck in the sand so I had thought some of it was of recent vintage The book's sometimes hilarious sometimes eye opening sometimes runs on and on It's convoluted and not always easy It's Roth; it took me 60 pages to get into I liked it I hit pay dirt with that big Eureka moment I laughed I said enough already My reaction is tempered by being a Jew There's a lot I

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Palestinian exiles an accused war criminal and an enticing charter member of an organization called Anti Semites Anonymous Operation Shylock barrels across the frontier between fact and fiction seriousness and high comedy history and nightma. It is not uncommon for a writer to refer to the other person inside that does the job a double who sits still at the desk and is capable of producing what later will be called a work of fiction It is not rare to read confessions about that certain other that is capable of doing unimaginable wonders with words devising a plot so intricate that non other than this clone could conceive Novelists that respond to the common uestion of how inspiration happens with bizarre answers such as “I don’t know how I was able to write that” or “I’m not sure where that came from” or even “you’re talking to the common man now you should ask that to the writer” Because at the end the reader will surely think who is the writer behind a novel as complex as this oneWhen that other appears in a work of fiction intentionally it’s called the alter ego A duplicate who as it turns and in the case in uestion happens to be a writer as well and holds as many similarities with his creator as an apple with another apple But as we well know two apples can look exactly the same but taste differently The first time that Philip Roth introduced Nathan Zuckerman in his work was as an alter ego of another fictional character the writer Peter Tarnopol in My Life as a man in 1974 The move as it turned out had all the wit and sharpness we now associate with the American novelist It’s a clever idea is it not The double of his double the clone of a clone Brilliant But it took a little bit of work and time Roth is uniue when dealing with literary challenges his career could be seen as an ascending path from the first to the last book for Zuckerman to become Roth’s double and that was in Ghost Writer a few years later Today the so called Zuckerman Novels are part of the curricula of university programs all over the world and have been discussed analyzed and examined in dissertations literary journals and study books for years Considered by some as the backbone of his oeuvre the Zuckerman Novels include what in my opinion are two of Philip Roth’s masterpieces American Pastoral and The Human Stain both novels part of what has been called the American Trilogy Operation Shylock was published in 1993 four years before American Pastoral and only two before Sabbath’s Theater in my opinion Roth’s first masterpiece The structure and plot of Shylock is uite complex The intricacy of the story and the writing seem to constantly challenge the reader who at times feels trapped inside a complicated maze of words Nevertheless the reading experience although at times exhausting is for the most part nothing less than enjoyable The ten chapters that make the book constitute ten pieces of the final puzzle But as an experience player knows to have the pieces does not mean that the battle has been won Each piece defines a uniue path and together they represent the impenetrability of a sophisticated plan that will reveal itself only when other pieces arrive As the player struggles to find their place in the overall design new possibilities are in view Strangely the final Epilogue somehow seems anticlimactic and weak What impresses from the very beginning is the uality and rhythmic drive of the prose A protean writer Roth has the ability to build and later destroy without remorse What once was erected with full confidence meticulously arranged to the smallest detail will be knocked out afterwards And by the same logic and following a well plann

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Operation Shylock A ConfessionTime Magazine Best American Novel 1993In this fiendishly imaginative book which may or may not be fiction Philip Roth meets a man who may or may not be Philip Roth Because someone with that name has been touring Israel promoting a bizarre re. “Look I've got personalities than I can use already All you are is one too many” ― Philip Roth Operation Shylock A ConfessionThis is where the late great Roth run began Operation Shylock started what might just be the greatest series of great books by one author I can think ofOperation Shylock A Confession 1993Sabbath's Theater 1995American Pastoral 1997I Married a Communist 1998The Human Stain 2000Like I tend to do with great writers I back into their early greats I read backwards crosswise and reverse into the first So 2014 21 years after it was first published I find myself reading and loving Operation Shylock I am amazed by Roth's ability to bend an idea back and forth without having it break He is able to flex and bend sinister an idea until every detail has been bled out The ink of the effort is all on the page He is able to construct a book filled with doppelgängers liars Jews Palestinian rock throwers and professors and wreck havoc on any simplicity of plot Every mirror in Roth's novel reverses the part in your hair and eventually shows you that your belief about who you are and what you believe is constructed out of fiction There is no fact only deception and transgression This novel isn't built from one narrative It is built out of several narratives The narrative of Roth writing about a Roth a fictionalized version of Roth being stalked by a Roth Moshe Pipkin Everyone is gaming everyone Interjected into the narrative are several true narratives Aharon Apelfeld Leon Klinghoffer John Demjanjuk who may be also be Ivan the Terrible Demjanjuk These true narratives serve to also deepen the idea of a fluid identity our mutual responsibility our ultimate nature to lie to deceive to hustle Then there is the other true narrative The narrative of the Jew the Goy Israel and the Diaspora Roth is somehow able to weave this all together in a way that fits and works Roth is able to reflect on his place within the Jewish community and as a writer in a way that he couldn't without being confronted with a transgressive doppelgänger Anyway I'm still trying to get my brain and my stomach comfortably around the whole of it Perhaps I'll write tomorrow about the missing Chapter 11 or perhaps I'll just say screw it and return to my own goy problems