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Free read Happier in her Friends than Relations (Friends Relations Book 1) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¾ In this angsty fusion of two of Jane Austen’s most beloved novels Pride Prejudice and Sense Sensibility the actions of their sisters cause challenging chain reactiIn this angsty fusion of two of Jane Austen’s most beloved novels Pride Prejudice and Sense Sensibility the actions of their sisters cause challenging chain reactions for one of literature’s most celebrated couples Fitzwilliam Darcy is faced with a family crisis of epic proportions after the fallout of his s. This is uite the PP epic so don't embark on reading it unless you're ready to invest a lot of time and willing to keep track of a lot of different storylines and characters Although it's primarily a PPDarcy and Elizabeth variation representatives of Sense and Sensibility Mansfield Park Emma and even Sanditon have significant roles here Persuasion gets a little wink as it's briefly mentioned that Caroline Bingley is close friends with Elizabeth Elliot and her father No Northanger AbbeyThere are new characters too with Elizabeth's dearest friend and defender being Rebecca the younger sister of the former Colonel Fitzwilliam who is now the Viscount Lord Hartley after the death of his older brother His younger brother Robert a clergyman also plays a surprising part in the storyThe book veers sharply away from canon right from the start Bingley never leased Netherfield so when Mr Collins came to Longbourn there was no reason to divert his attention from Jane She is actually content to marry Longbourn's heir in order to save her family and become the future mistress of her childhood home Even shocking this is NOT the sweet agreeable Jane that Elizabeth believed her to be Instead she's a self centered harpy who secretly holds her entire family in disdain particularly her father and Elizabeth Her belief that she is above all her sisters especially Elizabeth is the crux of the story Whenever it seems Elizabeth is getting ahead of her Jane gets jealous wants to bring her down a peg and eventually she wants revenge for imagined offenses against herMultiple other plotlines pop up In fact there are enough subplots for about three or four full length books Sometimes the connection to the primary story is only nebulous but they're all highly entertainingLet's seeMr Bingley meets Elizabeth at a Twelfth Night ball in London is immediately smitten and starts calling on her at the Gardiners' Cheapside home regularly Darcy meets her the same evening but he's already married but the marriage isn't what it seems There's a change to the Georgiana and Wickham history too Netherfield is let by Edward and Elinor Ferrars and the widowed Marianne Brandon who lives with them becomes another close friend to Elizabeth with issues of her own There are lots of other stories within the story but many of these get into spoiler territoryDialogue is a major strength in the book It sounds natural and perfectly matches the characters I do love the various characterizations Rebecca Fitzwilliam is a pistol who's sometimes like a loose cannon All the scenes with Darcy and his Fitzwilliam cousins are fun Evil Jane is such an intriguing twist Bingley is amiable but flaky His sister Caroline is full of nasty snark and it's entertaining to read as she gets shot down by one of the protagonists every time Lady Catherine is over the top though the final arc of her story is a bit absurd Wickham enters the story late but his contribution to the tale is just inspiredConsidering how long and complicated this book is I couldn't help getting irritated with sections where a character's thoughts are described at length Some thoughts are obvious and some are repeated This was originally posted on a fan fiction site I'm not sure how much editing it went through before publication but it wasn't enough Could've used LOTS of pruning And there are many little editing errors throughoutThe author is an excellent writer and her central plot and most of the subplots are well done However the book just isn't as good as it could be and at least twice as long as it should be

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Ister Georgiana’s ill fated elopement in Ramsgate while his friend Charles Bingley is persuaded to abandon his scheme of renting Netherfield Park Elizabeth Bennet journeys to London to recover her spirits after Jane’s unexpected marriage changes the sisters’ relationship forever and the consolation of the. Bad Jane and bad Bingley Long novel The worse Jane I’ve read about in a long time but how she turns bad seems delightfully possible Her father doesn’t think much of her and her mother has chased potential matches away accidentally for yearsFrom that start an epic story unfolds Characters from PP AND Sense and Sensibility merged together in a logical way uite the romp I enjoyed the story completelyI recommend this book highly

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Happier in her Friends than Relations Friends Relations Book 1Gardiners proves insufficient The bonds of friendship offer Elizabeth a lifeline after a series of tragic events causes her to fear for her future The support she receives from her new neighbor Marianne Brandon and snarky socialite Lady Rebecca Fitzwilliam prove she is truly happier in her friends than relations. Not sure why this was not listed as read because I read it in 2018 Probably around August and absolutely loved this story Really hated Jane and Bingley was a puppyDefinitely worth reading