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Betrothals BetrayalsA Pride and Prejudice variation set primarily in Derbyshire this Regency Era romance explores how the destiny of Jane Austen’s characters will be fulfilled even when all of the odds are stacked against them After a mysterious accident leads to their father’s death the future for the Bennet girls seems bleak Elizabeth Bennet finds work in Ramsgate and one. This is a book where I waffled on the rating There are some books where you really should review them immediately after finishing even if it's 3 am and you need to get up early so the visiting nurse can come and you really need your sleep because it's supposed to snow hell of GR shelf thatAnywayview spoilerThis is a PP alternate universe where Lizzy and Mrs Gardiner go to Ramsgate in the fall to secure Lizzy a position as a companion to a widow because Mr Bennet has died dun dun dun and Mr Collins the father has thrown the Bennets into the hedgerows While there Lizzy encounters a cold alone Georgiana Darcy who is standing on a street waiting for Mr Wickham Lizzy rescues her from the rain hears her tale of woe and surreptitiously alerts her guardian to the problem Yes Lizzy sends a letter to Col Fitzwilliam what what what Who notifies Darcy and they ride to Kent and rescue Georgiana and they all live HEA but not for long Then the Col approaches Miss Lizzy to offer her the position as Georgiana's companion but Lizzy says no and recommends Jane And soon Jane and Georgiana are on the way to Pemberley where she has a long career as a companion except for the long career because Bingley tags along when Darcy returns home and falls in love with Jane Bennet and proposes and they are soon engaged and back to Meryton where Bingley has let Netherfield And Lizzy is out of job and Jane says you don't need to work stay here with me but Lizzy is like no I must be useful RN I can't begin to express how dumb dumb dumb this is So now Darcy hires Miss Elizabeth Bennet to be Georgiana's companion and ships them off to Pemberley RN OMG Darcy now you have hired 3 women uniuely unualified to shepherd Georgiana through the Ton hiring fail I could rant on about this but what would be the point Darcy is a man in search of a bride and has a really horrible plan to find a wife that he can tolerate and won't offend him but love attraction or affection aren't part of the calculation Of course when you are looking at this like a business acuisition and not an emotional commitment your prospective brides tend to marry men of passionate hearts When Darcy arrives at Pemberley with a potential brother in law he and Lizzy are at odds because she has rearranged his library by subject and they fight fight fight And a bunch of other craziness happens Meanwhile Wickham raises his nasty head and stumbles upon a mystery which involves the Bennets and I would need another spoiler tag and I don't feel like it so anyway it will all come together at the end hide spoiler

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Betrothals Betrayals Review ¼ 2 ´ A Pride and Prejudice variation set primarily in Derbyshire this Regency Era romance explores how the destiny of Jane Austen’s characters will be fulfilled even when all of the odds are stacked against them After a mysterious accident leads to their father’s death the future for the Bennet girls seems bleak ElizBlustery morning chance brings her together with Georgiana Darcy a young wealthy orphaned girl When Elizabeth saves her new friend from ruin she sets off a course of events that alters not only her own life but the lives of those she cherishes Fitzwilliam Darcy was looking for a wife not love He had everything he needed to be happy A wife would provide him wi. Review published at Betrothals and Betrayals Mr Bennet dies in a carriage accident and Mr Collins father who is still alive ejects the entire family from Longbourn forcing the eldest daughters to find employment The book starts with and engrossing interaction between Elizabeth and Miss Darcy and it immediately grabbed my attentionThe story is captivating and it was the first time I saw Jane Bennet as a companion to Miss Darcy instead of Elizabeth who usually takes this role in JAFF variations This was stimulating because the author explored a less common path and it was sufficient to make me want to continue reading to see what was going to happen and how she would bring Elizabeth closer to the Darcy familyAs the story progresses events become a little in line with the plots we have been seeing in JAFF but the narrative remained innovative in some small details which was something I appreciatedThere were a few sentences and scenes throughout the book that add some mystery to the story making this an exciting and dynamic book The reader is not only faced with a romance but also with some mystery that needs to be solved and that was a pleasant surpriseSome character developments were uite interesting too and the one I loved the most was Mrs Bennet’s and her influence over Lydia However some others were not uite as I expected namely Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Mr Darcy wasn’t as proud as I would expect and Elizabeth was too outspoken for someone of her position which made some of the scenes feel less plausible Overall I did enjoy the story and different plotlines that Cinnamon Worth developed in this book Readers will find romance as well as mystery in a book that is uite a page turner with a fast pace and compelling narrative

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Th an heir and if he was lucky she would not interfere too greatly in his life Then fate put Elizabeth Bennet in his path destroying his tranuility Now in addition to trying to find a bride he must deal with a stubborn impertinent troublemaker who doesn’t seem to understand her place Will Elizabeth destroy his chance at happiness or will she be making of. REVIEW OF THE AUDIOBOOK AS PERFORMED BY MEGAN GREEN Regency set alternative history to Pride and Prejudice starting off in Ramsgate as Georgiana Darcy is contemplating eloping with George Wickham and is found alone in inclement weather on the street by Elizabeth waiting for aforesaid gentleman Elizabeth Bennet is about to start working as a companion to a wealthy widow in Ramsgate following the death of her father and the elder Mr Collins father of William Collins from canon has thrown the Bennet women out of Longbourn She prevents anything untoward happening and is eventually offered the position of Georgiana's new companion She refuses as she already has a position and suggests her sister Jane who eventually takes the post Jane coincidentally has to leave it eventually to marry Bingley who she meets at Pemberley just as Elizabeth's employer dies Guess who ends up in the postThere are many misunderstandings between Elizabeth and Darcy as usual; a major one being her presumptuous reorganistion of Pemberley's library Personally I'd probably have reacted just like Darcy if someone had done that to my library without permission or discussion no matter how altruistic the reason turns out to be Darcy is searching for a wife who fits a list of particular criteria and can produce an heir not someone he can love and share his life with The title is uite appropriate as there are several of each The first betrayal is obviously that of Georgiana by Wickham and the first betrothal is that of Jane and Bingley Both occur uite early in the story The remainder of both are for the reader to find out One is a particular doozy butspoilers I definitely enjoyed this story and the story was engagingly enough told for me to want to see it through Some of the plot twists wereunexpected though once again as I've found with Ms Worth's writing there were a few too many modern andor American language uses throughout for this picky Brit readerlistener waistcoat not vest The audio performance by Megan Green wasn't bad with only an occasional mispronunciation lieutenant is pronounced leff tenant and not loo tenant in UK English and there was a very strange pronunciation of awry I obtained a free copy of this audiobook at my own reuest from Story Origin A review was reuested but not demanded and this is my honest opinion I'd give it 35 stars if I could but have rounded it up to 4 just rather than rounding it down