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Download The Place Inside the Storm ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ It’s 2038 and Tara Rivers is fourteen years old a bit rebellious and socially awkward Her family has recently moved to Los Angeles from the Pacific Northwest “rogue” clusters Tara feels alone and confused She doesn’t have any friends here excep’s parents work makes an offer they can’t refuse let them put an implant in Tara’s brain to “cure” her autism and make her neurotypical or Tara’s father will be prosecuted for manufactured crimes Tara overhears her parents speaking with the doctors and decides to run away with Xel She plans to head back to the Pacific Northwest a. You can read my full review here on my blog

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Nd her grandmother but first she must escape Los Angeles and the corporation with all their high tech locating devices dodge street gangs and wild dogs and traverse an unknown wilderness full of unimaginable dangers Will she ever find a place where she is accepted for who and what she is or is she doomed to be an outcast from society forever. The Place Inside the Storm is a YA sci fi novel mature and entertaining enough for readers of all ages The voice was authentic Tara genuinely endearing and the plot exciting with twists and turns that remained believable The world not so far off from our own was established well and remained consistent catching my attention immediately Storm had an excellent balance of conflict and resting moments I wasn’t sure when the action would come next but I was never exhausted by it or bored waiting for it As in the best sci fi the world felt familiar in a way that leaves me slightly wary of what’s around the corner The story’s core message leant a strong sense of self and kept the stakes high without interfering with character growth or plotI enjoyed watching Tara learn and explore and in the final pages of her story I felt as triumphant as she did Every character that helped Tara on her journey had individual uirks and while I would have appreciated a little individuation they each felt strong enough to stand on their own if they needed toMy main complaints were small I was engaged and invested in the story but I didn’t feel like I was holding my breath or on the edge of my seat There was a slight emotional disconnect between myself and the story I struggled to decide how much of this was intentional and a reflection of Tara’s character and how much was an actual flaw I can certainly point to moments where this wasn’t the case and the story still had emotional pay off but something was missingI also felt that the story was a little heavy on narration and I would have preferred some dialogue Again this makes sense for Tara’s character but a chance to see Tara and her companions in conversation sharing with each other would have only made her arc of growth stronger and visible Most of the problems I had could had been effectively worked through with a stronger first act I wanted to see of Tara’s “ordinary world” before she escapes This would have amplified our desire to see Tara escape and heightened the stakes by better establishing the conseuences of her leaving As it was we got a brief introduction to the story’s major players but the opening of the story could have helped build us toward a triumphant or desperate escape and establish her starting point for growth We would get not only her internal motivation to escape but an external drive as well Still I enjoyed The Place Inside the Storm thoroughly I was excited to pick it up again each time I put it down and recommend it to fans of YA sci fi and those looking for an adventure novel with a big heart

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The Place Inside the StormIt’s 2038 and Tara Rivers is fourteen years old a bit rebellious and socially awkward Her family has recently moved to Los Angeles from the Pacific Northwest “rogue” clusters Tara feels alone and confused She doesn’t have any friends here except her cat Xel a sophisticated robot with artificial intelligence The corporation where Tara. The Place Inside the Storm takes place in the near future 2038 where the word Autism has been deleted from dictionaries and published papers Tara is a 14 years old girl who is extremely intelligent and struggles to make friendships Her only current friend is Xel an AI that looks like a cat Her parents moved to LA for better job opportunities higher salaries and hopefully better lives for Tara and her sister But then the corporation her parents work made them choose between inserting an implant in Tara’s brain to make her neurotypical and losing their jobs Tara doesn’t wait for her parents to take their decisions and decides to run away with XelWhen Bradley reached out for me to read and review this book and mentioned it was own voices for neurodiversity I automatically said yes We don’t get a lot of good neurodiverse representation in YA and we rarely get ones that are own voices The Place Inside the Storm is a coming of age dystopian story of a girl named Tara who goes on a journey of self discovery and learns about neurodiversity and embraces it throughout the story I pretty much teared up towards the end of the story and highlighted multiple consecutive pages I really loved the amount of emotion and well written characters embedded in the storyline The plot itself is very uniue but the characterization stood out the most Tara’s voice is so uniue and powerful that it could carry the entire weight of what makes this book so good I also loved the display of acknowledgment and respect in certain chapters I really hope humans in real life learn about humanity and embrace diverse people instead of erasing their voicesNow I am not autistic so I unable to 100% spot any problematic content in the book or even properly highlight what makes The Place Inside the Storm an important amazing read So I highly recommend you check out my dear friend’s Rachel from the Graceful Goddess reviewAs I write this review I am being hit with an overwhelming need to contact Bradley to guest post for my WHY I WRITE so we’ll see how that goes Also stay tuned for this month’s uotes I devoured this Month uotes I devoured this month to see a glimpse of what made me cry