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review Polite Society ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ A modern retelling of Jane Austen's Emma with a touch of Crazy Rich Asians set in Delhi in which the daughter of a wealthy Indian family aspires to match make for her friends and family only to find herself caught up in an unforeseen scandal and an unexpected match of her ownBeautiful A modern retelling of Jane Austen's Emma with a touch of Crazy Rich Asians set in Delhi in which the daughter of a wealthy Indian family aspires to match make for her friends and family only to find herself caught up in an unforeseen scandal and an unexpected match of her ownBeautiful clever and very slightly bored Ania Khurana has Delhi wrapped around her finger When Ania finds love for her spinster aunt she r. I’ve been on a roll for almost the past year trying to read as many modern Jane Austen retellings as I can So when I found that there was a new version of Emma set in Delhi I just had to get my hands on it Emma is one of those books that’s not easy to like especially because of our titular character The retellings which stay close to the original tend to have similar concerns so I really wanted to see how the author would manage to make me like the story here I think the author’s decision to set it among the uber rich elite class of Delhi was perfect for this story The pretentiousness of this group of people really comes through and one can’t help but wonder how far away they are from the country’s reality The book really feels like a satire and I could enjoy it because of that The first half of the book does a neat job of establishing the characters giving us a look into their backgrounds and motivations and the general culture among this crowd However it’s the second half where it really faltered for me We follow many characters and I thought it’ll be fun to see where they all end up but it felt like the story meandered a lot and we never got any proper resolution to most of the characters’ arcs The ending felt very abrupt and open ended and I’m not really a fan of those Another problem I had was that some of the English vocabulary used was completely unfamiliar with some French words also thrown in the mix and I found it all a bit tough to follow it’s totally a me problem and others would probably enjoy it too This book has a huge ensemble cast but I didn’t end up connecting to anyone No one here is written to be likeable so that’s not the issue it’s just that I felt a huge divide between them and myself so I couldn’t find myself invested in any of their issues I’m not even a fan of Emma from the original but she manages to redeem herself a bit towards the end however I didn’t feel the same about Ania She is a snob and a creature of privilege always sure that she is doing the right thing and feels herself to be superior to other mere mortals But I did sympathize with her when some unfortunate incidents happened but we never see her actually contemplate or learn anything from them so it didn’t make any difference Even towards the end I don’t think that she realized any of her faults just that things didn’t go her way So I was pretty disappointed with this missing character development And that’s the case with most of them in the book Things just happen to the characters in their life and they move on to something else but we never really see anyone reflect or try to change or even empathize with others In the end I thought this was mostly a faithful retelling of Emma atleast all the characters of Emma’s family and Harriet It has a well written satirical tone which made the book interesting to read and I also absolutely adored the narrator Deepti Gupta whose voices for each character was uniue and beautiful But the lack of character development and unresolved arcs left me feeling dissatisfied If you like desi Jane Austen retellings or previously have enjoyed reading The Windfall by Diksha Basu you probably will enjoy reading this one too I also recommend the audiobook because of the wonderful narrator

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Ealizes her potential as a force for good For her next match Ania sets her sights on Dimple her newest sweetest and sure poorest friend But her good intentions may be misdirected and when her aunt's handsome new nephew arrives from America the social tides in Delhi begin to shift Surrounded by money old and new navigating gossip scheming and an unforgettable cast of journalists socialites gurus and heirs Ania d. 25 starsI am a huge Jane Austen fan and love to read retellings of her books unless they involve vampires or zombies so I was excited to read POLITE SOCIETY a modern retelling of EMMA I realize that retellings would be boring if they took the original tale and just copied it with a new setting or other background However I found it very distracting that POLITE SOCIETY seemed to diverge so greatly from EMMA and then the ending sort of fell apart which ruined the book for me Maybe I am just not the audience for this one

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Polite SocietyIscovers that when you aim to please the human heart things seldom go as planned Using Jane Austen's Emma as a springboard Polite Society takes us into the lives of a group of characters we never want to part with Pairing stiletto sharp observation and social comedy with moments of true tenderness this delicious romp through the mansions of India's elite celebrates that there's no one route to perfect happiness. Polite Society offers the listener a window into the glam life of Delhi's wealthiest with this colorful modern tribute to Jane Austen's Emma Ania Khurana is the apple of her widowed father's eye and has it all her own way as she navigates the glitzy social scene of Delhi She has her charities her pet projects like the book she is writing a poor friend Dimple to guide and now she wants to try her hand at matchmaking since she was so successful with her Aunt Renu Childhood straight talking friend Dev warns her off this endeavor of messing with people's lives and things get really interesting when her aunt's nephew arrives from America Ania is riding high on her own perfection until she takes a hard tumble and learns that she can and has made some huge mistakesI found this one fun because I enjoyed spotting the familiar characters and situations from the original Emma and it also fascinated me with its look at the outlandishly rich and the culture of India The narrator Deepti Gupta was as amazing as ever telling Ania's storyBut as engaging as I found these aspects I have to say that I never really took to these characters or felt than shallowly vested in their story I didn't find them developed into people interesting enough to care I think that this was audio and I was enjoying the narrator so much is what kept me going and gave it a sparkle that it might not have had in print She had a great voice and captured all the characters and situations wellNow I didn't dislike this story and don't want to give that impression but I finished it with a feeling of something lacking I thought the tribute to the classic story hit the mark well and the setting of India was a great backdrop for it I can recommend this one particularly in audio to those looking for modern renditions of the Jane Austen classic EmmaMy thanks to Penguin Random House Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest reviewCOYER Summer Scavenger Hunt Clue something red on the cover 1 pt