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Review ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ï Masanobu Fukuoka No one knows for certain why the ground of the mountain moves or why it speaks What we do know is that where it moves it speaks and where it speaks it moves Orook First Engineer of Pegasea Maria is an American graduate student lured to the planet of Olrona by the naverkoo a mysterious entity with a nearly limitless power to create and transform life In what she believes to be a dream she walks onto an inter planetary transport ship and is taken to the secluded mountain city of Pegasea on the planet of Olrona The highly evolved people of Pegasea struggle to maintain their population despite a dire shortage of Pegasean women In order to avoid social strife as they face inevitable extinction they live under a strict set of social rules known as the Pegasean Rules of Order and Etiuette or PROEs” which uickly become the bane of Maria’s existence as she tries to adapt to life in this alien city Long before Maria arrived on Olrona human women from Earth were initially brought to Pegasea with the hope that cross breeding would be possible When such efforts proved fruitless the w. You can find the full review and all the fancy andor randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight This is so good I was super invested and legit thought about the story when I wasn't home and wanted to get back to reading That to me is a huge win And sure there were a few things I had ualms with but overall I devoured this one So much so that I am giving away three copies so stay tuned but let's break it down shall we The Things I Loved •The story itself was compulsively readable Like I was jonesing to get back to it while I was at work and such I was that into the story I was desperate to find out all the things about the characters and the world The author would give us answers and then a few uestions which is always my favorite It feels like the story is literally unfolding and it's fabulous •It's so very thought provoking I mean Maria didn't exactly plan to be spending her days on another planet She definitely didn't sign up to be an alien companion As such there are so so many uestions of a morally gray variety Because we are reading this book through the filter of the humanEarth experience What does it mean when there is a whole other sentient species involved Is there really a right or wrong answer So many things to ponder •It's sci fi that sci fi fans will enjoy but it also isn't too heavy if sci fi isn't really your jam I loved that the other species were relatable but also certainly not human The author did a great job of showcasing that Not only were all the species different in looks but in other ways too Yet there's that common thread of being sentient beings that held everyone togetherWe're also on a whole new planet with its own rules and terrain and customs Even exciting I don't think the part of the story dealing with Earth is over yet even though nearly the entirety of the story takes place off Earth That's all I'll say for fear of spoilers but there is just SO much that can be done with this world worlds •The characters were really well done even the secondary ones Speaking of the differences in species I was really impressed that I was able to feel a connection to characters who were so unlike myself The Pegaseans were a much logic centric group and I of course understood Maria's emotions But that doesn't mean that I couldn't see where they all were coming from Somehow even when I was so mad at someone I still understood their motivations and that's the mark of a well written character for sure A Thing to Mention •This is not for me personally a bad thing or a good thing it's just a thing So Maria is human as the synopsis has told us The Pegaseans are not Maria as a human is considered less than by the Pegaseans It isn't because she's female the female Pegaseans are highly regarded and the few human men are treated the same as human women But it's worth noting that Orook is essentially in a role of power over Maria according to Pegasean society I don't want to delve into it than that because spoilers but I did feel like it was something to mention because certainly it might cause someone discomfort though I found it to be a nonissue in the way it was handled as the book and relationship progressed The Things I Didn't •A few of the relational dilemmas were resolved a bit too uickly Or perhaps a better way of putting it off page Like there probably was to it than we'd see but that made it seem a little easy And I don't mean just the romance I mean all relationship issues In fact that was probably my only big issue with the book I just didn't want things to be resolved so seemingly uickly or easily As for the romance it isn't really insta love at all it's just that I think we don't get to see as many of the little things that lead to them catching feelings •I do wish there was a bit backstory about Maria's life on Earth And

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The Prisoner (Olrona #1) Characters ↠ 7 Ð No one knows for certain why the ground of the mountain moves or why it speaks What we do know is that where it moves it speaks and where it speaks it moves Orook First Engineer of Pegasea Maria is an American graduate student lured to the planet of Olrona by the naverkoo a mysterious entity with a Omen from Earth were incorporated into Pegasean society in such a way which allows them to live in peace and comfort but with few legal rights Believed to be ill suited for life on their own they are assigned to Pegasean keepers who are responsible for caring for them and keeping them out of trouble Shortly after arriving in Pegasea Maria is matched with a Pegasean man named Orook the city's First Engineer Orook is cold rigid and has little use for or interest in human women However like all Pegasean men he is cordial and dutiful After Maria prevents a vengeful vocunine from trapping him in a cave Orook confides in Maria expressing his longing to know his son whom he is not permitted to meet until the child comes of age This connection however is fleeting as Orook continues to mostly ignore Maria who is still haunted in her dreams by the naverkoo Bored and lonely Maria trespasses into the Pegasean nursery which is strictly off limits to unauthorized personnel and especially to humans As Maria's keeper Orook is held responsible for Maria's transgressions As punishment he is s. There were many things I appreciated about Sara Allyn's The Prisoner but ultimately this just wasn't the book for me I am not the target audienceHere's the good though I'm not even someone who normally enjoys world building that much but I liked what she did here It's obvious that she put a ton of thought into it The world the races etc are all uite neatI don't enjoy 'soft sci fi but even I could admire again the level of detail she had clearly thought through While the social hierarchy bit bored me I could see the right reader absolutely loving this I thought some of the conversations were interesting particularly between Maddy and her Keeper about why rules were in place and whatnot Clear parallels to some behavior humans have shown amongst themselves in the past The narrator did a competent job Not one of my favorites but they were able to differentiate the voices enough that I never lost track of who was speakingDisclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author for review consideration

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The Prisoner Olrona #1Uspended from work for two weeks and ordered to spend this time helping his companion become oriented to the ways of the city Over time Orook and Maria form a tentative bond Despite his relentless arrogance Maria finds comfort in Orook’s confident and commanding presence and admires his intellect and integrity While the Pegaseans suffer from a multitude of emotional voids the deepest of these is the one left by the vocunine a lupine species which abandoned them over a 1000 years ago When a formidable species of predator invades the valley the First Sociologist Pullmoo orchestrates a plan to reconnect the mountain vocunine with the people of Pegasea As her plan unfolds Maria receives an unexpected summons reuesting that she accompany the First Guardsman into the Eye of Olrona Orook is skeptical of their motives and concerned for Maria’s safety but leaves the decision to Maria Ultimately Maria agrees to go into the mountain where she at last comes fact to face with the naverkoo The naverkoo makes an unexpected reuest of Maria and offers Maria an unexpected gift in exchange. Yes I know I'm the author but I just want to give my kudos to the narrator here This book is probably at least 80% dialogue between uite a lot of different characters including aliens humans and at least one mysterious entity Frankly I had my doubts that any narrator could pull it off but Andrew Tell did an amazing job