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Carnegie HillDeception is just another day in the lives of the eliteAt age thirty three Penelope “Pepper” Bradford has no career no passion and no children Her intrusive parents still treat her like a child Moving into the Chelmsford Arms with her fiancé Rick an up and coming financier and joining the co op board give her some control over her life until her parents take a gut dislike to Rick and urge Pepper to call off the wedding When the week before the wedding she glimpses a trail. Please note that I received this book via NetGalley This did not affect my rating or reviewHow was this tagged as a romance I guess train wreck was too on point Seriously though I ended up loathing 99 percent of the characters in this book Even the one person I didn't loathe I seriously disliked because he outed someone I am surprised this wasn't an Oprah Book Pick since every time she loves a book I usually have this reaction to the book Carnegie Hill follows the residents and a man who works at a co op in New York Yeah I am trying to come up with something pithy here but that's all I got Vatner switches POVs from various people throughout this book We have Pepper trying to go as Penelope Bradford newly engaged to Rick We have Pepper and Rick's next door neighbors Birdie and George We also have Francis and his wife Carol We also follow a porter that works at the building Caleb Pepper was exhausting She is an heiress based on context clues and doesn't have a job Though she's had other relationships end due to her parents commentary she's happy and in love with Rick Moving into Carnegie Hill she has a chance to prove to them that she can do something meaningful and joins the co op board Of course she finds out that the board is full of a lot of elderly residents who seem okay with the co op being predominantly white Pepper is what I call white outraged Angry about it but really doesn't try to do anything except complain about others She's also beyond exhausting about people having secrets This is mentioned throughout the book I really wanted to tell Pepper that's called boundaries and mind her own damn business Pepper's fiancee Rick was a hot mess No spoilers but what the hell At one point I wondered if this author was taking a jab at therapy or what because what some of them were saying had me going the hell Birdie is trying to get her recently retired or told to retired or be fired husband George to take an interest in his life again She wants them to move back to Canada or just do anything else Instead George spends a lot of his time sleeping and avoiding leaving their apartment I don't even know what to say Birdie read as heartless and George was a confusing character to me I don't know what he wanted exactly I get feeling like it wasn't fair that he was pushed out of his job and then the next one he took he was fired from due to him not getting technology But the spiral felt so fast to me as a reader And then it just continues for about a yearFrancis also exhausting He's similar to Pepper wanting to complain about the rich and elite but not do much about it Him trying to get Caleb to read books and acting as if he understood his life waswell it was something Caleb seemed to be there to give the everyday man's perspective but I found his world view to be too simplistic too There are secondary characters in this one too numerous to count and they jumble through the characters stories Everyone started to read as a caricature to me after a while I really started to cringe every time Pepper and Rick popped up because I just needed a break from that slow moving disaster I have to say that the writing wasn't that great I think switching from Pepper to Birdie George Francis Rick and Caleb didn't help I honestly had no energy for half of the characters and the lies and mess they were telling themselves and others The whole book felt disjointed and read like a bad play I don't know if Vatner was going for something humorous or what Or was trying to say something pointed Whatever it was it flew over my head Oh wait it made marriage seem like a hellscape of never ending snide remarks and anger that the person that you married isn't doing exactly what you want in the moment though you are constantly changing your mind The flow was not good The character POVs were lopsided We spent most of the book with Pepper I don't know if this could have been fixed if we just stayed with Pepper and Rick or what Everyone was so underdeveloped The book takes place in New York over the course of a year I think Though a few places are mentioned like Central Park for the most part the book doesn't do a great job of exploring New York Everything felt claustrophobic after a while since everything takes place in apartments or at therapist offices The ending felt unfinished to me

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review Carnegie Hill ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Deception is just another day in the lives of the eliteAt age thirty three Penelope “Pepper” Bradford has no career no passion and no children Her intrusive parents still treat her like a child Moving into the Chelmsford Arms with her fiancé Rick an up and coming financier and joininR surprise Pepper’s best model for love may be a clandestine romance between Caleb and Sergei a porter and a doormanJonathan Vatner's Carnegie Hill is a belated coming of age novel about sustaining a marriage and knowing when to walk away It chronicles the lives of wealthy New Yorkers and the staff who serve them as they suffer together and rebound struggle to free themselves from family entanglements deceive each other out of love and weakness and fumble their way to honest. I absolutely loved this book and admire the depth this author went into with all the characters He made every one of them so very interestingSo many unreliable narrators in this storyIt was fun to read the totally different points of view Jonathan Barnet has nailed the personalities of New Yorkers and I loved all the descriptions of familiar places around the Upper East SideThis novel is completely character driven there really is not that much action and the drama comes from interpersonal relationshipsSome of the dialogue is so satisfying like the way Penelope holds her own against the head of the co op and some scenes are cringe worthy just about any chapter her swarmy fiancée is inI also really felt for the older disallusioned couples trying to connectThe only critical judgement I have is that the summary did not do the book justice it is uirky than funny in a good way and a lot deeper than the light uick read the summary suggested

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Of desperate text messages from Rick’s obsessed female client Pepper realizes that her parents might be rightShe looks to her older neighbors in the building to help decide whether to stay with Rick not realizing that their marriages are in crisis too Birdie and George’s bond frays after George is forced into retirement at sixty two And Francis alienates Carol his wife of fifty years and everyone else he knows after being diagnosed with an inoperable heart condition To he. When Penelope Pepper Bradford moves into an exclusive apartment complex with her fiancé Rick she believes their love is so strong they will live happily ever after But when Rick's fidelity choices prior to their wedding as well as other issues begin to way on Pepper's mind their relationship becomes far from happy It actually turns destructive for both of themAs Penelope integrates herself into the apartment complex she decides to join the co op board to keep herself occupied She begins to make friends with some of her neighbors and what she uncovers is that no one has the perfect lifePatricia the president of the board whose decisions seem to be those all must agree with has many issues with apartment applicants as well as with board members becoming too friendly with the apartment staff although she herself does not need to follow her own rulesFrancis and Carol who have been married and arguing for over 50 years both must face life changing health issues which they choose to handle differently Can their relationship surviveBirdie and George another elderly couple also face a marriage crisis George has been deeply depressed since his retirement and Birdie can't seem to get him to do anything about it other than take pills She feels it may be time for her to move on and begin a new lifeSergei and Caleb met working at Carnegie Hill and have fallen in love Sergei cannot fully allow his feelings for Caleb to be known Caleb wants to shout how happy he is from the rooftops When Caleb does something without thinking it out can Sergei forgive himPepper looks at her neighbor's relationships and realizes she too has big decisions to make How can she become the person she wants to be without hurting the ones she lovesI would say Carnegie Hill is an updated version of Peyton Place for those old enough to remember the show which was filled with eccentric people and drama galoreCarnegie Hill is a terrific story with much drama and many laughsThank you #NetGalley #CarnegieHill #JonathanVatner #ThomasDunneBooks for the advanced copy