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Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic summary ↠ 108 ✓ Fun Home é um marco dos uadrinhos e das narrativas autobiográficas além de uma obra prima sobre sexualidade relações familiares e literatura Um labirinto da memória trazido à tona com graça humor e a força das maiores realizações artísticasPouco depois de revelar à família uVelar à família ue é lésbica Alison Bechdel recebe a notícia de ue seu pai morreu em circunstâncias ue poderiam indicar um suicídio Nesta aclamada autobiografa em uadrinhos ela explora a difícil dolorosa e comovente relação com o pai A autora retraça também. Family dysfunction bow down to the Bechdel familyAlison Bechdel's father Bruce was an enigma to her while she was growing up—an English teacher and director of the family owned funeral home aka the Fun Home who had an exacting eye for fashion decor and gardening He wasn't a bad father but he always seemed to keep her and her brothers at arm's length not to mention her motherWhile Alison remembered some special tender times she remembered moments of being forced to wear an outfit she didn't want scolded into meeting his tough cleaning standards and feeling bewildered at his obsession with making sure all of the flowers around their house always looked perfectWhen Alison was in college she came out to her parents as a lesbian Shortly thereafter she found out that her father was gay While perhaps not entirely surprising if she added up all of the signs and clues she might have noted subconsciously the discovery still throws her for a loop And while they had one half conversation about this a few weeks after his revelation her father died leaving a legacy of mystery and confusion in his wakePerhaps my eagerness to claim him as 'gay' in the way I am 'gay' as opposed to bisexual or some other category is just a way of keeping him to myself—a sort of inverted oedipal complex Fun Home is both a daughter's efforts to make sense of her father's life and death as it is an account of growing up uncomfortable in your own skin of knowing you are different but being afraid of acknowledging it for fear everything might change even though it should It's a story of coming to terms with who you are while remembering a man who really never had that luxuryI'm really late to the party in reading this and while I've heard some of the music from the musical version of Fun Home I never saw the show either I've never read a graphic novelmemoir before although I read lots of Archie Betty and Veronica comics growing up and was addicted to the Silver Surfer and this was both a refreshing and challenging format for meThis book practically pulsates with emotion anger and confusion as well as the uncertainty that comes with self discovery When it dealt with Alison's own life or her father's struggles to find himself the book is strongest but it spends a lot of time holding up their story against a backdrop of classic literature which her father so loved and after a while I didn't enjoy those portions as much However as someone who wishes his father was still alive so we could have conversations about life there never seemed to be time for then I found Fun Home beautifully movingIf you mostly read books via Kindle or another e reader do yourself a favor and borrow or buy the printed version of this one I was so glad I made the investment to enjoy the power of how Bechdel's illustrations told as much of the story as her words While this wasn't perhaps as good as I had expected it to be it still is powerful and I'll remember it for some time to comeSee all of my reviews at

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Os próprios passos da criança ue cresceu entre os cadáveres da funerária da família à jovem ue se encontrou nos livros e na arte Num trabalho imensamente poderoso e sutil Bechdel trilha o caminho de sua vida em busca de um pai tão enigmático uanto incontornável. This graphic memoir has been on my to read list for what feels like ages so I felt entirely satisfied when I completed reading itIn this graphic memoir Alison Bechdel charts her fraught relationship with her late fatherDistant and exacting Bruce Bechdel was an English teacher and director of the town funeral home which Alison and her family referred to as the Fun Home It was not until college that Alison who had recently come out as a lesbian discovered that her father was also gay A few weeks after this revelation he was dead leaving a legacy of mystery for his daughter to resolveIn the end I was compelled to pick up Fun Home completely on a whim Though I flew through it a lot of the literary references went shamefully over my head And considering that it was such a big focus here I was left out of the loop a lot which ended up lowering my enjoyment while readingAlso I was made entirely uncomfortable with her father and his violent tendencies towards his family his preying on young boys and his overall behavior towards the naïveI did like how something that Alison Bechdel mentioned in the first half would then get completed in the second half And I learned uite a lot about funerals which I was not expecting going into this Also Bechdel taking the time to discuss her OCD was crucial and enlighteningOn that note here are some other parts I enjoyed When their grandma told the tale of how Bruce Bechdel got stuck in the mud I was just as compelled as the kids I wanted to know I LOVE hearing about dreams Ever since I read the above exchange it's been on my mind constantly I'm curious to see what her next graphic novel Are You My Mother entails Note I'm an Affiliate If you're interested in buying Fun Home just click on the image below to go through my link I'll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko ficombookspoils

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Fun Home A Family TragicomicFun Home é um marco dos uadrinhos e das narrativas autobiográficas além de uma obra prima sobre sexualidade relações familiares e literatura Um labirinto da memória trazido à tona com graça humor e a força das maiores realizações artísticasPouco depois de re. Having never felt much inclination toward the graphic novel genre I accepted a copy of Fun Home by Alison Bechdel on loan only because a coworker promised that I could finish it in one hour and forty minutes almost precisely the amount of time it would take to travel from the office to my home in Connecticut where I had plans to spend the weekendOne hour and fifty five minutes later when my mom pulled in her mini van I was close to the end but not there yet I'm a slow reader But Fun Home is also a book that demands patient meticulous study I examined every illustration looking for the visual details that Alison a cartoonist has tucked in here and there Hidden like easter eggs there are amusing details meant to be discovered on particularly grim pages Alison can also make the most simplistic details Road Runner on the TV; period cars; recurring appearances of the Sun Beam Bread logo realistic melancholy and heartrending all at onceAnd the story itself the misery and the humor of the characters the events and the time period must be thoughtfully digested The book is divided into seven chapters each based on a different theme in the author's childhood and young adult life Each one on its own could be a personal essay about overcoming an unusual hardship but the episodes are tied together by recurring moments the scene in which Alison learns her father's deepest darkest secret over the phone; the stack of literature on homosexuality that grows and grows on her nightstand in college; her father writing letters to her mother from his bunk during the war and references to classic literature that are carefully artfully implemented and never dauntingAs a memoir Fun Home is beautifully arranged and as honest and unapologetic as they come Alison writes and draws as if she is still putting together the pieces as she does so and closes the book with the impression that the story is not over Which of course it is not since the author her two brothers and their mother all survive the father they never had and then lost Fun Home illustrates the fact that we never truly escape the legacies of our parents and never completely outgrow our childhood experiences Alison wrote a note in the Advance Readers Edition which I read in which she notes the actual documentary truth as recorded in diaries letters clippings and photographs from her childhood was almost always richer and surprising than the way she had remembered a particular event In Fun Home Alison does not just explore the far reaches of her memory She revisits it as if seeing it all happen again literally graphically for the first time