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Clara and Nancy two sisters working in Holloway Prison in 1913 find themselves face to face with imprisoned suffragettes women fighting for the same freedoms they want for themselves Soon Nanc. I was sent a review copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThe move to Universal Suffrage was a long fight ultimately hastened by the appalling loss of life in the First World War This book is set in 1914 before the outbreak of war The main plot focus is on the administration of the “Cat and mouse” Act which allowed hunger striking suffragettes to be released from prison only to be rearrested as soon as they were well enough to returnThe main protagonists are sisters Clara and Nancy who are working at Holloway Prison as warders Nancy falls under the spell of charismatic suffragette Daisy and becomes attached to the militant side of the movement The period when Nancy and Daisy are on the run from the authorities moving around the country indulging in a spot of arson is the most captivating part of the bookUnfortunately away from the action seuences I felt the characters did not hold together and were being used too much as stereotypes As a result they were difficult to empathise with due to the absence of emotional depth This was particularly exposed by the extensive list of issues which crossed the plot; pregnancy and childbirth rape incest domestic violence lesbianism bisexuality adoption contraception malefemale roles and sexual exploitation These seemed to happen and then be passed overIf the women are sketchily drawn the male characters are largely caricatures who fulfil their plot purpose of being a ‘bad thing’ abusers lechers against which the women must react Clara’s boyfriend is the kindest and as he flounders in the face of his girlfriend’s reluctance to conform to the societal roles perhaps the best depiction in the book Clara’s reluctance to conform isn’t really explored there was a many a missed opportunity in Clara’s interactions with the other warders to explore their reactions to their position as working women For the time it was an unusual position to hold and whilst a couple of the warders make a comment about how perhaps the suffragettes had a point that is as far as it goes Nancy’s infatuation with Daisy which is the trigger to her involvement with the suffragettes than any political or ideological allegiance However with little ideological motivation in play Nancy’s actually drifts into activism seeking to fulfil her desire for a relationship with Daisy The sexual involvement distracts from the perennial moral dilemma of does the end justify the means I am not sure that is the portrayal of the suffragettes which the author is aiming to achieve I really wanted to like this book than I did and have pondered long over this review The conclusion I have come to is that this book really wants to be two or three which would allow intertwined issues to be explored properly in a background of the suffrage movement The 326 pages in my review copy are insufficient to cover the history with an emotional coherence Some 'further reading' at the back would be a good inclusion If that could be done I think it would be a book for a truly ‘adult’ audience as it is the writing style remains that for the young adult market which is not how the book is being sold My thanks to David Fickling Books for making a copy available to me

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Nevertheless She PersistedN love and yet marriage would mean giving up the job she loves and losing her independence forever How can she possibly choose between the two sides of her heart and not lose a part of herself. On one level Jon Walter's book is an engaging tale of two sisters Clara and Nancy from a challenging working class background and the impact that the burgeoning women’s movement in London has on their lives It’s very readable and Walter writes fluidly That said I wanted It left me wanting I found it very one tone that is lacking in extreme high or low notes And by that I mean this was a movement on a huge scale one that at the time was vilified by men particularly those in power by the press – and yes by other women It had very vocal and able supporters – Virginia Woolf included who wrote several fine essays that were published in the papers at the time It was also a movement that was seeking the seemingly impossible that women could have the right to vote the right to have some control over their own lives and this at a time when not even all men had that And that’s something that the 1918 act achieved the right to vote for all men – and a selection of women who met very specific criteria some 85 million potentially So by those very facts this was a movement in which anyone involved had to be passionate about and committed to achieving their ends – Emmeline Pankhurst’s followers were almost religious in their zeal And one also has to remember if this were to happen now the actions of violent civil disobedience committed by suffragettes would be considered domestic terrorism that’s how serious it was That passion that zeal doesn’t come across in Walter’s book Instead there’s a feeling almost of acceptance even by the characters who are caught up in the movement And terrible things happen to some of Walter’s characters Yet I didn’t get a sense of extreme desperation frustration violent passion hate of a belief in the cause so strong that the means truly justified the ends When you read material contemporary to the time speeches letters and so on by prominent suffragettes some of those emotions certainly seep through So for the above reasons I wanted Others I'm sure will disagreeThis is a version of a review originally published on The Literary Shed

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Read & Download Ø Nevertheless She Persisted ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Clara and Nancy two sisters working in Holloway Prison in 1913 find themselves face to face with imprisoned suffragettes women fighting for the same freedoms they want for themselves Soon Nancy is drawn to one inmate in partiY is drawn to one inmate in particular the enigmatic `Duchess' and decides to follow her into the fight But Clara is torn by the very laws her sister has chosen to try to change She's fallen i. 2018 marks the centenary year of the Representation of the People Act of 1918 which gave the vote to women over the age of 30 who owned a property were on the local government register or married to a member or were a graduate in a university constituency full suffrage which gave women the same voting rights as men didn't come until 1928 Nevertheless She Persisted is a timely novel then which follows two sisters whose lives are both transformed by the Suffragette movementThe book opens in 1913 shortly after the death of Emily Davison at Epsom Clara is already a warden at Holloway Prison and she manages to secure an interview there for her sister Nancy Clara is an ambitious young woman who is keen to gain promotion whereas Nancy seems fragile and finds it difficult to act assertively in front of the prisoners However she becomes irrevocably drawn to a Suffragette prisoner Daisy and as a result finds an inner strength which sees her take extraordinary decisions and become deeply involved in the militant campaign for women's votes Her journey from a scared and insecure girl to a radical Suffragette is fascinating Her interest in the movement comes somewhat reluctantly at first; she is a moth drawn to Daisy's irresistible flame However when Daisy tells her that deeds not words matter she begins to assess her life and realises it is not her own and that she does what is expected of herMeanwhile Clara's role sees her assisting with the force feeding of imprisoned Suffragettes on hunger strike I was aware that women were forcibly fed as hunger striking political prisoners of the time but to actually read of the brutality involved was truly disturbing Jon Walter's gritty descriptions leave us in no doubt of the painful and invasive nature of the procedure and it comes as little surprise to read that some of the wardens themselves had to disassociate themselves with the act Although Clara's job means she is in opposition to the Suffragettes she rallies against the constraints of womanhood She knows she will ultimately have to decide between marriage and her career and is angry that her aspirations to succeed in her job will be thwarted by a society that means that married women aren't permitted to work As another suffragette Mrs Birnstingl remarks to Nancy Our mission is not to tear down our institutions Miss Cooper but to change them for the better and it is clear that the fiercely progressive Clara would reap the benefits of emancipation for womenNevertheless She Persisted doesn't tell the whole story of the Suffragette movement nor does it pretend to Ending just before the outbreak of the First World War it serves as a poignant window into the lives of women at the time constrained by a society that placed them on such a pedestal that meant their crimes were harshly punished for being against their virtuous nature and yet didn't consider them worthy of the right to vote It is a moving and sympathetic account of the courage of the women who were prepared to break the rules and take a stand against oppression to highlight their cause I highly recommend the powerful and moving Nevertheless She Persisted and I'd love to read about Clara and Nancy with WW1 looming it would be fascinating to see how the changing roles of women then affects them both