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Read è Sensational µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Jodie Lynn Zdrok's Sensational is the thrilling follow up to Spectacle in which a killer haunts the Paris World's Fair of 1889The 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris is full of innovations cultural displays and inventions Millions of visitors attend over the course of several monthE Exposition's most popular exhibitsNathalie Baudin’s ability to see murder scenes should help but she's suffering the effects of her magic than ever before Fortunately she has other Insightfuls to team up with if they can be trust. Sensational is the seuel to Spectacle and its advisable to read that first The series follows Nathalie Baudin who is an Insightful meaning that she has a psychicparanormal gift which allows her to assist the police with solving murders; Natalie is able to put her hands on a dead body and then have a vision of the murder from the perspective of the killer A few weeks after the events of the first book a new killer is terrorising Paris murdering people by decapitating them in the style of the French revolution Natalie and her fellow Insightfuls including new beau Jules are in a race against time to help the police catch the killer But each time Natalie has a vision she loses one of her memories and this seems to be getting worse with each new vision It took a while for the story to get going in this one compared to the first book but after the first uarter the pace picked up a bit and I began to enjoy it The writing is good and you get a strong sense of 19th century Paris which is fascinating to read about – the author has obviously done her research and it shows throughout The mystery was intriguing and I loved learning about the insightfuls and meeting of them Nathalie can be an annoying character at times but she redeemed herself as the novel progressed and learned from her mistakes I don’t think that this was uite as good as Spectacle but it was still enjoyable and worth a read if you enjoyed the first book and like the author’s style This would be a good series if you like historical mystery and suspense but be warned it can be uite gory when the murders are being describedThree and a half stars rounded up to four as I love the writing style and the 19th Century Parisian setting but I was a little bored at the beginning – thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read and review this book

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Jodie Lynn Zdrok's Sensational is the thrilling follow up to Spectacle in which a killer haunts the Paris World's Fair of 1889The 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris is full of innovations cultural displays and inventions Millions o. I really like when magic happens in a known period of time and environment I liked how I could live the Exposition Universelle throughout Nathalie experience discover the Eiffel Tower when it was built and live with her the challenges of her gift Even if I predicted half of the intrigue I was really surprised by the ending of the book Many thanks to Tor Books for the complimentary e copy of this book through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

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SensationalF visitors attend over the course of several monthsso no one would notice if a few were missing right Maybe but someone is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the guillotine with a display of their own beheaded victims in some of th. Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy for review purposes I thought I’d give the end of this duology a shot since I didn’t particularly enjoy the first one but the premise was intriguing enough that I wanted to try again To my dismay the same thing happened Others seem to have genuinely enjoyed the series so this was probably a just me situationI think the biggest issue with this particular protagonist plot and setting is that it could have been executed really well with a change to any of those big aspects I never connected well with the protagonist who came off one dimensional except when she had amusing moments of relatable pettiness; the “Insightfuls” were reminiscent of Libba Bray’s Diviners but without sufficient series length to be brought to full fruition; late 1800s Paris did not feel like a plausible setting where a teenaged girl only 18 in this book and only 16 in the first could have been running around unescorted and doing so much There were some aspects I really enjoyed; there were some good lines and several characters vibe check Nathalie’s pettiness and privilege a few times something I really felt was needed There were cats in the book something I can always appreciate The side plot of the aunt in the asylum and Nathalie’s ever present fear that ‘something’ will be found amiss about her mind leading to her being committed herself was something I found fascinating and relevant to the time Women in particular were often victims of asylum committal – and most often for no other reason than they were too outspoken or an inconvenience to have around Again though plot aspects felt too thinly developed Nathalie randomly has a beau at the beginning of the book whom we’ve never met who sticks around but she is making eyes at Christophe the detective who also likehas a weeks long vacation planned that is set to occur during a murder investigation the whole time The murderer was again not someone we’d really seen around or become invested in and his methodology a cheesy enactment of a play through his murders just never took off for me All in all this only provided middling enjoyment for me It had a great premise that could have been better fulfilled so for that I'll give it three stars