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free read Castle on the Rise Lost Castle #2 106 ↠ A storied castle A band of rebels And a nation chasing the centuries old dream of freedom What legacy will they leave behindWhen Laine Forrester travels to France to attend her longtime friend's vineyard wedding she expects to find a bride on the brink of a fairy tale life But after a series oRrecting a happy ending for one of them Laine throws support behind her friend and agrees to accompany the couple to the groom's family home in Ireland where the merging of a mysterious inheritance long buried wounds and a fractured family set out to upend the trip from the start It's in the unlikely corners of a historic Dublin pub and across the wide open moors bordering Ireland's majestic Wicklow Mountains that Laine is slowly drawn in by the land and the people sparking hope for something she never imagined possible the courage to heal But with secrets of her own and a heart afraid to trust again Laine must d. Set in Ireland over three time periods revolving around three generations of women and their devotion to the castle As much as I wanted to I did not enjoy the story even though I read the first book in the series and enjoyed it much better This did have a lot of history in it but the book itself really draggedPub Date 05 Feb 2019I was given a complimentary copy of this book Thank you All opinions expressed are my own

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Etermine how much she's willing to risk in mending the broken places within herself and whether she believes that even through the depths of our pain a beautiful story can emergeSet in three time periods the revolutionary era of the late eighteenth century Ireland's turbulent Easter week of the 1916 Rising and present day Castle on the Rise weaves a story of legacy conviction and redemption against the backdrop of Dublin's storied streets and the stretch of Ireland's stunning emerald shores It raises the uestion given the choice between the fairy tale or a life of truly anchored faith which legacy would you choos. A couple years ago I had seen a couple books by Kristy Cambron popping up different places I was intrigued by the covers and seeing that some of my friends on Goodreads had read or were reading them made me even intrigued When the first book read my review for The Lost Castle here in this series showed up on NetGalley I thought to myself why not take a chance and see I was completely pulled into the story from the very beginning and couldn't set the book down Then when I came to the end and found out there was going to be a second book in the series I was ecstatic I'd been watching for any signs of it being available and once again it came available for review on NetGalley I reuested it straight away and had it sitting waiting for me until the publication date came closer Can I tell you how hard it was to not pick it up earlier When it came up next on my to read list I took a deep breath and began readingIf you don't want to read both books and want to jump right into this one the author wrote it in such a way that it could be a stand alone novel But because of how much I love both of them and the main modern day characters have a somewhat integral part of this story in this second book I would recommend reading them in order Again you could get by without doing that thoughI would also highly recommend that you give yourself some chunks of time to immerse yourself into this story when you are reading it Not that you have to read it all at once but with the three different time periods and each chapter jumping to one of the three present day 1916 late 1700's present day 1916 late 1700's etc it takes a little time to figure out what's happening Once you're a few chapters in for each story it really helps to be established with what's happening I didn't have a lot of time when I was reading the beginning of the book so it took time to remind myself what was happening and which story I was in But by the time I was further in I had longer chunks of time for reading and I felt like I'd connected with the stories and could jump back and forth between the three easierThe three main female characters are Laine present day Issy 1916 Maeve late 1700's I don't think I could say that one of the three stories was my favorite over the others I was hooked pretty completely with all three At first they seem to be unconnected except for the Castle ruins in Ireland Then the further you read the little connections start to appear and by the end everything is revealed I loved it I became invested in these characters and connected with them emotionally throughout their struggles and triumphs that I was laughing with them cheering them on and crying along with them in their deep heartaches The emotions will tug at your heartstrings in this one Beautiful story I love having books that show connections throughout time as well as within our own moments of life because there are so many connections we have to each other without always truly realizing it There are some happily ever afters in this book but if you're looking for a fluffy lighthearted and fun read this isn't the book that will match that It is full of heart and soul It is full of heartache and healing It is full of forgiveness and love Most importantly I think it is full of hope Kristy Cambron has written a beautiful novel that captivated me yet again from the beginning And good news there will be a third book I look forward to that one with just as much anticipation as I had while waiting for this bookI hope if you take a chance with these two books or just one of them that you can feel the emotions and messages written throughout these characters' lives dreams failures struggles and hopesContent Clean There are moments of peril and violence in the different time periods There is a secondary character who is pregnant from being raped but there are no details given This does deal with the topics of cancer adoption and divorce I thought it was well written and showed the characters trying to heal and overcome the changes those topics bring into their lives Some Christian elements throughout Not overbearing but fit in well with the time periods and the characters' livesI received a copy from the publisher Thomas Nelson via NetGalley All thoughts and opinions in the review are my ownHappy Reading

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Castle on the Rise Lost Castle #2A storied castle A band of rebels And a nation chasing the centuries old dream of freedom What legacy will they leave behindWhen Laine Forrester travels to France to attend her longtime friend's vineyard wedding she expects to find a bride on the brink of a fairy tale life But after a series of unforeseen setbacks a devastating diagnosis a castle restoration put on hold and the emergence of deep seated family dynamics that threaten to derail the new couple's fledgling marriage it seems the storybook life Laine had imagined for her friend and once for herself is suddenly crumbling before her eyesWith hopes of resu. Such an evocative telling of three different yet connected stories I have to admit I struggled with the triple storyline in the first book The Lost Castle but with this one I found the setting of Ireland so compelling and loved the history I discovered among its pages I don't remember learning about Ireland's struggle for freedom in school and I am especially grateful to the author for bringing it to life in such a meaningful way It made me want to learn even and follow up with my own research a definite sign for me of an amazing bookWhile I didn't feel connected to the characters' emotions in the way that I feel them as well they were so interesting and I was filled with compassion as I read of their struggles and strength amid adversity This isn't a book you want to read in spurts I did better reading it in longer sittings so I could stay immersed and keep track of the three stories easier As I got deeper into the book the stories began to converge with small details and links through history and I couldn't wait to see the modern day characters discover the mysteries of the castle and its previous inhabitants By the end my heart was full and I shed a few tears as each story wrapped up There's something so earnest about war based in revolution and the author did an excellent job portraying that passion and desperation for freedom from oppression Highly recommendI received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own