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When Charlie Parker dies it affects everyone who knew him Everyone that is except for seventeen year old Hamish Day the boy who lives on a cabbage farm and only has one friend But Hamish soon finds himself pulled into the complicated lives of the people left behind Among them is Annie Bower the prettiest girl in school As he uncovers startling truths about his peers his perspectives on friendship love grie. I Had Such Friends is a YA book but absolutely speaks to older adults too This book is wonderfully written and very relevant to today's society It tackles some tough subjects and has very likeable characters that you care about I would love to read a seuel and see how these teen's life's have evolvedThis book will s set in rural Australia and centres on the life of teenagers who are discovering who they are and where they fit into the world It starts with the popular boy Charlie being killed in a car accident Hamish the second least popular boy in school does think it will affect him but little does he know the chain of events about to happen Charlie's girlfriend was the popular and prettiest girl at school Annie Annie starts to notice Hamish At the sameness time the rebel and outsider boy Peter also befriends him Charlie is an innocent boy son of cabbage farmers His life is finally starting to become than school and the farm but is he ready for itThis is a very emotional book which deals with a lot of tough subjects grief love sexuality abuse bullying and general teenagers growing up Thanks to Pantera Press and NetGalley for my advanced copy of this book to read All opinions are my own and are in no way biased

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I Had Such FriendsF and the tragic power of silence are forever alteredMeg’s own teaching experience has enabled her to delve deeper into the true nature of a universal high school experience I Had Such Friends will speak to high school studentsteenagers on a personal level and foster important conversations among Australian youth school and family culture on issues including abuse failure and neglectWith hard hitting the. A copy of this novel was provided by Pantera Press for reviewI would say that it’s pretty hard to get published in general I would also say that I think it’s a little bit harder to get published in Australia I would say that it’s harder to publish ueer books in general And I would also say that it’s harder to publish ueer books in Australia I think these things are pretty well known and evident and not so much a personal feeling on the subject of publishing and publishing ueer booksFor a long time the only ueer books that did get published were Tragic ueer Stories Those stories that mostly served as a lesson for non ueer readers A lesson of ‘look how hard life is for ueer people’ a lesson of ‘look how you shouldn’t treat ueer people’ They were for the most part stories about ueer people for non ueer readersLuckily enough we seemed to have mostly moved on from this There are books about ueer people for ueer readers ueer books that aren’t lessons in tragedy ueer books that are fucking happy Of course there are still Tragic ueer Stories and I’ll talk about my personal feelings on those kinds of stories in general at a later time These Tragic ueer Stories especially ownvoices ones can be cathartic for the writer They can also provide solidarity to the reader Even though I am not a big fan of Tragic ueer Stories in general I can see that ownvoices ones can hold importanceNow you might be wondering why this review has started off like a discussion of publishing and ueer books and Tragic ueer Stories It’s because all of these things come into play when talking about I Had Such Friends I Had Such Friends is an Aussie ueer YA novel It is also a Tragic ueer Story Before I even go ahead and detail my thoughts and feelings on that I just want to ponder aloud how this non ownvoices Tragic ueer Story is one that made it out there I thought we were well beyond publishing ueer stories for non ueer people to teach them lessons and yet that is exactly what I Had Such Friends felt like to me Not once did I Had Such Friends read to me like a book for a gay Australian teenager Not once The whole thing felt like an expose on how horrible homophobia is and how you shouldn’t treat ueer people like shit because they actually take it to heart and how being ueer is so lonely and terrible and how life can be not worth living because of itYeah that’s really not what a ueer teen needs And I’m sure people will disagree with me but reviews are personal and this is how I feel I don’t think ueer teens need a book where a boy realises he’s gay falls in love gets found out and subseuently bashed up for his sexuality and how the bullying was so bad for his boyfriend that his boyfriend killed himself I struggle to see the light in that for any ueer teen and I struggle to understand why this of all Aussie ueer YA manuscripts floating around out there is the one that is going to make it into the hands of Aussie ueer teens I know some people might say that Aussie ueer teens have had things like this happen to them And yes I am sure they have But my response to that is if a story like this needs to be told then it needs to be told by an ownvoices writer In this case a gay Aussie guy needed to write this story if this story really is what Aussie ueer teens needWhile I was reading I Had Such Friends and realising what I have detailed above I felt so despondent I felt so despondent because these Tragic ueer Stories that are largely serving as a lesson for non ueer people are still around And still being praised I’ve seen reviews of this book saying that it was heartbreaking and so sad and that it will

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I Had Such Friends Free read Ï 104 ↠ When Charlie Parker dies it affects everyone who knew him Everyone that is except for seventeen year old Hamish Day the boy who lives on a cabbage farm and only has one friend But Hamish soon finds himself pulled into the complicated lives of the people left behind Among them is Annie Bower the prettiest girlMes including unreuited love abuse neglect sexuality bullying prejudice death and suicide I Had Such Friends is a poignant journey of self discovery grief and the tragic power of silence A gripping look at adolescent pain with a narrative maturity that accurately reflects its YA milieu I Had Such Friends resonates with young adult audiences and pushes them to reflect on their own ‘sliding doors’ moment. ‘It was scary having someone know the things that made you vulnerable’This YA novel is set in a small town somewhere in rural Australia where Hamish Day lives with his parents on a struggling cabbage farm Hamish Day is seventeen years old when Charlie Parker dies Unlike Hamish who only has one friend Charlie was popular Charlie’s girlfriend Annie Bower is the prettiest girl in the school Hamish and his friend Martin Archer are on the periphery bullied and ridiculed surviving But things change for Hamish after Charlie Parker dies Peter Bridges school rebel becomes friendly with him as does Annie Bower To write about the plot may reduce the impact of the story on those yet to read it Be warned there are a number of confronting issues here including abuse grief suicide and grappling with sexual identity The story unfolds in the self conscious and occasionally awkward voice of Hamish and it took me a little while to get into the rhythm of the narrative But the further I read the realistic Hamish’s voice became for me I was returned at times to my own teenage years to my own recognition of many of these issues I was reminded of how painful the journey of self discovery can be of how our teenaged sense of self is influenced and develops Hamish has a lot to learn and much of that learning will be painful for him Can we ever make the transition through adolescence to adulthood less fraught less painful I found much of this novel sad but not without hope I wonder how the young adults reading it feel Note My thanks to NetGalley and Pantera Press for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposesJennifer Cameron Smith