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Empress UnveiledRld depended on my survival and I longed to go with him There was only one thing stopping me Tyler For fans of fantastical adventures unexplained magic and deadly roman. Swayzi is a 17 year old girl who spent most of her time in hospitals while the doctors aren’t able to help her she is going to die Always by her side her best friend type of mother and her closest friends one of them is Tylor the guy next door with whom she grew up withOne day Swayzi not only witnesses a scene which almost certainly isn’t from this world but also meets this above all attractive guy Dylan who has a mysterious aura about himAnd thus our story begins Or not really Jenna Morland really takes her time for introducing her characters the setting and providing a good background for her debut novel Somewhere in the middle of the book she finally starts to give us a real story When this happens everything goes very fast New characters fighting different worlds background to all the characters and and and I was able to enjoy this part of the book a bit Nearing the end I got a feeling that everything’s going a bit too fast I would have liked to have information on what happened a bit character development for the new characters a bit world building but I hope we will see this aspect in a future novel of her all in all just a bit I liked the overall premise of the story but it just felt a bit thin or flat to meOverall I couldn't enjoy this book for most of the time I have to admit I am not that much into romantic books cheesy love triangles girls talking and giggling about boys and their bodies This book has all of thisWhat I liked most were the fantasy aspects The idea was interesting and it would have been great to have a bit if thisThe character development and relationships were well captured during that first part although a bit long and repetitive and while reading I had a feeling of being part of that group which was enjoyable Also there were some Gil Girls vibes in it which I loved 😉Thank you to Oftomes Publishing and Jenna Morland for giving me the chance to read this ARC🌟🌟✨from me

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An He was the miracle cure I had been waiting for With Daylan I was no longer the small town girl with that unexplained illness I was something The fate of a magical wo. Man alive this book was a task for me to finish I was initially very excited about it then I started reading it and everything just went downhill from there I didn't like it It made me angry It made me roll my eyes It seemed to set up a seuel and I will NOT be reading it I paid £999 for this and I feel a bit cheated honestlyDisclaimer a lot of the themes in this book such as a love triangle are things I don't generally like anyway So I'm gonna do a whole lot of complaining I have taken meticulous notes and I am ready to put them into a review It'll be messy but I'll try my best I've been in two minds about writing my review at all for reasons but I honestly feel very strongly about so much of itSeriously don't read this review if you liked the bookThe book is about Swayzi a girl who has been mysteriously sick her whole life and how she's a player and can't choose between two boys except one is a 200 year old man It's the story of how she learns what she truly is and why she's sick and gets involved in a war she is in no way prepared or smart enough for Also some other people are there Spoilers aboundThe characters honestly seemed kind of flat most of the time Their emotions were told to us handed on a silver platter instead of being conveyed using context clues actions or just letting us as readers work it out for ourselves Sometimes these other methods were used and then some nice telling was added on anyway Treating your readers like they're stupid whether intentionally or not is never good It makes the writing feel juvenile and unskilled Almost like reading a middle grade story Which this is NOT Tyler was literally putting his hands up Mellie's dress on page 84 Don't try to tell me this book was intended for a younger audienceA prime example of this Swayzi returns home having just seen she has 12 missed calls and 8 unanswered texts from Penelope This is the excerpt Swayzi Thank God you finally answered Are you okay She was frantic YOU DON'T SAYA lot of the writing was really awkward and clunky eg repetition of the same word multiple times in a sentence or even several times in a paragraph I can remember two bad instances off the top of my head Docks and much later box There was overuse of the word fear around my least favourite section My muscles had completely atrophied immobilized by fear Hmmcall me anal but I don't think you're using that word correctly You can't have muscles that are completely atrophied AND immobilizedAt times the style seems to try to be a proper narrative but then other times it devolves into something like speech Not to mention the shit load of passive voice in almost every single sentence Sometimes just bad writing Like the scene on page 216 for goodness' sake where Swayzi stands in front of a mirror to describe her own appearance to us I know it was to illustrate her physical changes but that has to be the laziest way to do it And it was totally unneeded considering literally every other character was already telling her she looked different and howThe plot itself was very predictable I don't really ever remember being surprised by anything apart from the things that came right out of nowhere with no build up or hints or anythingI found myself wondering many times if this book even saw an editor Copious amounts of spelling and grammar mistakes to the point where I stopped keeping track Also lots of use of the wrong homonym eg beat red when it should have been beet red One of my least favourite things in writing is My X BODY PART did Y thing As if of its own free will Example my eyes blinked My eyes looked at him Or Daylan's hand held Mellie's neck SMHI did not like a single one of these characters I'll just talk about the main three because I already have too much to writeI found Swayzi to be petty and jealous at times which would have been fine except for the fact that she tries to pretend she's not and she tries to justify her awful actions What am I talking about The scene where Swayzi utterly humiliates and straight up assaults Mellie her personal bully while she Swayzi is at workFirst of all Swayzi describes Mellie as ugly she wears too much make up and fake tan and is blonde which already tells me everything I need to know about Mellie's archetype and tells me that Swayzi is trying SO hard to be uniue and hipster and cool when really she's just annoying Anyway Swayzi deliberately gives Mellie the wrong order when the bitch comes into Swayzi's mother's coffee place she adds things to the drink that would make Mellie sick if the girl had an allergy or intolerance to that stuff Of course Mellie is a stereotypical blonde bimbo so she's probably just a health nut but that's still not okay Then Swayzi at work insults Mellie and pours the drink right over her headAnd Swayzi's mother The owner Who sees her do this She laughs and praises her daughter What a terrible parent I've been bullied I know how it feels It's never acceptable to be so unprofessional in a place of workLater Swayzi admonishes Tyler for getting sexy with Mellie because she's jealous but of course it's totally fine for Swayzi to obsess over another guy Daylan Double standardsSwayzi isso dumb Or at least dense Her friend Penelope freaks out that Swayzi is going away alone with this fairy guy Swayzi wonders what her problem is Now it's obvious looking back that Penelope being a witch and witches don't get along with fairies was suspicious of dangerous Daylan But likemaybe Swayzi could use her brain and assume Penelope is concerned that Swayzi is leaving work to go somewhere alone with this massive creepy guy she's never met or heard of before I dunnoLater on she's like how can this mass and very public suicide with 3000 deaths all in the same place at the same time be Medallion's the villain's fault Are we SURE it was him YES SWAYZI IT WAS HIM PEOPLE DON'T JUST DO THAT CONTEXT CLUESSwayzi isn't concerned at all when she's alone with Daylan and Daylan is nervously looking around for someone Doesn't suspect him for a second when there's a mysterious fire at the café they just left despite his sketchy behaviour Why Yet for some reason I knew even if he was dangerous he wouldn't hurt me Hmmmsounds fake but okay Also them commasSwayzi literally runs into a burning buildingFinally plot emerges on page 105 and Daylan explains some stuff Then some villains show up immediately after Daylan is done talking about them so Swayzi is conveniently prepared for their appearance Then Daylan drives Swayzi home and she at last has the sense to be concerned for her own safety Only for a second thoughThat reminds me Swayzi is possibly the first faeriehuman hybrid to ever live Of course she is Kill meSwayzi tells one of the boys about kissing the other can't remember which one I don't have to explain myself to you Umyeah you kinda do You got both boys thinking they're your boyfriend you kissed both of them on the same night not even an hour apart You probably do owe them somethingBTW angry jealous testosterone y boys are not sexy at allAt one point when everyone is trying to control what she's doing Swayzi actually stands up for herself and all her friends every single one of them patronises and undermines her which left a sour taste in my mouth and also made me laugh out loud In the same conversation Swayzi tries obviously not hard enough to warn them that something's wrong and they all just literally ignore her like no one even looks at her ColdSomewhere along the way Swayzi stops trying to be sexy with Tyler and tries to be a good friend to him Then he asks her to a dance and she immediately says yes At this point it struck me that she hasn't really talked to either boy about what's going on in her head so she can go to the dance with Tyler if she wants But like she playin'Linda her mother tells Swayzi she knows what it's like to fall in love with a stranger Swayzi tells her Linda that is NOT what this is Yes it literally fucking IS Swayzi omg Also on this page I realised I hate it when characters call their parents by their first names It's not cool or edgyOn page 215 at long last Swayzi FINALLY offers us an explanation regarding her attraction to these two assholes And I still didn't get it tbh You love him some character asks her God I hope not I say to myself She doesn't even KNOW Daylan She thinks he's hot That's it But I was wrong she says she DOES love him Love at first sight BlehSwayzi remarks near the end that Mellie suggesting sex with Tyler and herself Mellie is gross Oh but it's totally okay for Swayzi to be making out periodically with two different guys stringing them both along so she can be selfish That's not gross at all I guess it's different because Mellie is ugly or because neither of Swayzi's boytoys are tryna touch her boobiesLater on Swayzi is shocked that Daylan IS the dangerous supernatural creature Penelope warned her he was She's shook that he would treat another human Mellie so cruelly Because Mellie doesn't deserve to be held against a wall and threatened But apparently she did deserve Swayzi assaulting her earlier in the book Swayzi plays by her own rules She a ueen she can do that I guessOn page 291 Swayzi finally does something commendable She admits she's being selfish she decides to forgo both boys As it should be All my rage wasn't soothed though The damage had been done by this point It came out of nowhere too Like we got NONE of this in her head at all she just randomly says it at one pointOf course in Daylan we have another super old dude like 200 ish who looks young and hot preying on a barely legal teenager And she's not even legal yet She's 17 Daylan is a petty bitch and tries to make Tyler jealous on purpose Swayzi is perfectly content to be romantic with them both but not together and not when they're all in the same room Then SHE gets jealous when Tyler stares at Fay Fay who just materialised suddenly in the middle of the room wearing a bra and sporting a massive gash somewhere on her torsoOn page 120 Daylan says from the moment I saw you I felt the need to protect you I gaggedDaylan just picks and chooses the most dramatic moments to reveal all his information Swayzi refers to her dad as O because she doesn't know his real name and Daylan does the same Except later in the conversation he says Oren If he knew her dad's name why didn't he just tell her when she first mentioned it It makes no sense On the same vein Penelope later tells Swayzi I'll tell you when the time is right LikeWHY Just tell her NOW omg you guys are going to war one of you could die just tell her NOW Why all the dramaticsI was warm towards Tyler until The Kiss Tyler literally assaults Swayzi and gets mad when she pushes him away and tells him no He doesn't let her leave the situation to go into her own house And it's okay because she secretly wants it NOOOOOOOOOOOO I am sick to death of male characters thinking they know what women want Whether she wants it or not her lips say no you should back off Tyler kisses her again And shekisses him back URGH This comes after she just kissed Daylan for the first time too I hate love triangles So MuchFor page 197 I have simply written I fucking HATE Tyler and I seem to remember it's because he humiliated Swayzi in front of everyone in order to one up Daylan his sexy love rival What a toolSomething random that kinda struck me is on page 132 when Swayzi puts on a hoodie she stole from Tyler a year agoand inhales his scent Did shenot wash it for a whole year Did the writer just forget how gross that would be because she was so focused on the romanceAnother inconsistency on page 180 Swayzi tells us she has no first aid training yet she randomly acuires a suture kit or a first aid kitwith suture tools in it for some reason and just stitches a massive wound up Likethat stuff reuires careful training But fuck it guess we'll just do a lil cross stitch on someone's skin with a sewing needle probably because where would she get a suture kitAt one point Swayzi just happens to have enough cash in her pocket to pay for SIX prepaid phones Penelope just happens to have a fancy spellbook hidden in the café The convenience of a lot of these things was really getting on my nerves by this pointSwayzi later says Oren's name to Linda her mother Linda only knows Swayzi's dad as O But she doesn't say anything about this at all She's just like okay honey have fun at the halloween dance that somehow became a masuerade ball between its first mention and now here's my wedding dress for you to wearAt the end Medallion is there and he tells his henchman to kill Swayzi So the henchman goes to do it and Medallionkills the henchman Because You didn't think I would let you die that easily did you WTFFFFFFFFFFFFTyler points out that neither he nor Daylan have ever asked Swayzi to choose between them But likewhy They were happy to get angry and jealous and testosterone y with each other which always caused Swayzi distress but neither of them thought to just talk to Swayzi like grown ups Daylan is nearly 200 years old you're telling me he can't have a civil conversationThe reveal of all the magic stuff felt so half assed like the writer either wanted to get it over with uickly so Swayzi would accept it uickly and she could get on with plot or she just didn't have the ability to make that part good Much later when 500 year old Penelope tells Swayzi about her life as a witch we are treated to this Her life had been incredible That's it Nothing else Surely if it was so incredible it would have been worth talking about But I guess side characters don't matter so muchThere was a fairy called Fay That's far too on the nose for my liking Speaking of Fay she and Ezra are shocked that Swayzi can see them fairies can hide themselves from humans yet they supposedly already knew who her father was so they should know she'd be able to see them I guess you could argue that because Swayzi is a hybrid they didn't know what might happen But come on guys use your common sense Things I actually likedTyler held the sword awkwardly I mean it's honest and endearing and realistic and paints a nice picture This was page 174 and it was the first part I liked in the whole bookLearning about MedallionMellie thinking she and Tyler are still a thing when they're clearly not Made me laughOn page 228 Swayzi finally acknowledges that her actions have conseuencesAt the end Tyler bursts in with his shotgun to shoot all these supernatural weirdos and it was the funniest most satisfying and real part of the whole book Shame he dies right after Or not His finger twitched Dead bodies do that sometimes though He'll be back I'm sureThe cover is gorgeous2 stars instead of 1 because I laughed in legit amusement once or twiceI gotta go detox Read something without a love triangle I don't know what I expected Peace oot

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READ ¸ Empress Unveiled ç What if a magical touch meant leaving everything you loved behind I was supposed to die The doctors told me I had only two months to live That was before I met him Daylan He was the miracle cure I had been waiting for With Daylan I was no longer the small town girl with that unexplained illness I was something The fate of a magicalWhat if a magical touch meant leaving everything you loved behind I was supposed to die The doctors told me I had only two months to live That was before I met him Dayl. Empress Unveiled is a debut YA portal fantasy novel by Jenna Morland This is the start to a new series and has an impressive cliffhanger ending This book was highly addictive I am not sure what it was about it When I wasn't reading it I was kind of wishing I was but I was confused about it It was like I shouldn't have been enjoying it as much as I was I couldn't put my finger on what exactly was drawing me inMorland's writing style does have a nice flow to it It was a uick read that set the stage well for a continuation of the series I would say as fantasy books go this is a solid lowbeginner fantasy Please note that is not shade Fantasy is a genre that to me can be broken up into different levels beginner intermediate and high or advanced Let's clear something up I am OLD I have been reading fantasy for over 25 years and read a lot of epic fantasy and high fantasy The concepts were very easy to understand and therefore accessible to younger readers or people who may want to try fantasy but are intimidated by complex magic systems political systems etc This story follows Swazyi a high school girl in 'our world' Alaska When a portal to another world opens that's where the magic comes from The portal leads to the world of Empress home to many mythicalmagical creatures and peoples that we all know and love such as fae vampires witches werewolves etcThis story is heavy on your standard YA tropes Most notably instalove angsty love triangle and the 'chosen one' trope If any of these is not your bag you may not enjoy this as muchThe love triangle was my least favorite aspect of the story but 16 year old me probably would have loved it There are tropes for everyone it's all about finding the right books to tickle your fancy I had a couple of other small personal taste things that weren't uite for me but as mentioned earlier I couldn't stop thinking about it and that's not a bad thingThank you so much to the publisher Oftomes Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review I always appreciate the opportunity to read a book early and provide my thoughts For a debut book this is solid I had a lot of fun with it Jenna Morland should be proud of her efforts and I look forward to watching her develop as a writer The sky is the limitunless you find a portal to another world in the skythen there is no limit