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I Am Out with LanternsOne of us is in the dark One of us is a bully One of us wants to be understood One of us loves a girl who loves another One of us remembers the past as if it just happened One of us believes they’v. I did an authenticitysensitivity read for this book so my review is going to be a bit biased I'm mainly leaving this review for any autistic readers who aren't sure if they want to try reading it I too tend to be extremely wary when i see that a neurotypical author has decided to include an autistic character in their book so often they rely on really awful stereotypes and look to psychs parents of autistic kids and wikipedia for their research instead of asking us directly But when Emily told me that Milo would be one of the POV characters in the book long before i was asked to read and give feedback i was curious and excited She's a very thoughtful and intelligent person and i knew she would be doing everything she could to get things right When i did the initial read through it was immediately obvious that she had done that My input helped to make him who is is in the finished book but he was 99% there initially Reading through the finished book i smiled when i got to Milo’s chapters because i was finally seeing an accurate portrayal of how i see the world well besides the ownvoices books I've read of course Nothing comes close to those I hope you feel that way too I loved this book so much I fell in love with most of the characters Ben can go shove it though and i kept thinking “i would love to be friends with you Unsurprisingly my favourite character is Milo ❤ i also love angry passionate Wren and uiet awkward Juliet

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Story of friendship family wild crushes bitter feuds and the power of a portraitAs their lives interwine images could bring them together and tear them apartFROM THE AUTHOR OF THE OTHER SIDE OF SUMME. This was one of those stories like 'Love Actually' and 'Crash' where multiple different characters and story lines initially have nothing to do with each other but by the end of the story combine with great force and knowing all the characters so intimately only makes the ending stronger It took a little bit to get into this story with all the different POVs but the great storytelling and writing kept me turning pages until it all began to come together and I knew I was in for something big I loved all the POVs especially Wren and Milo and even the one I wasn't supposed to like was still enjoyable to read By heart broke a little my heart soared a little and I wished there'd been a bit at the end after the resolution because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to all the characters I'd come to love

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Free download ✓ I Am Out with Lanterns ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB í One of us is in the dark One of us is a bully One of us wants to be understood One of us loves a girl who loves another One of us remembers the past as if it just happened One of us believes they’ve drawn the future But we’reE drawn the future But we’re all on the same map looking for the same thingYear Ten begins with a jolt for best friends and neighbours Wren and Milo Along with Hari Juliet Ben and Adie they tell a. Provided by the State Library Victoria as part of the Inky AwardsThe blurb doesn’t say much not really It doesn’t give names what the book is about the setting nothing The title doesn’t say much either and right at the start on the first page has the title of the book in a uote from Emily Dickinson As such I did leave this book towards the end of mysecond half of the books that I read for the Inky Awards and I did approach it very hesitantly given that I had no clue of what it was about Never fear and despite my reluctance to get into it I did enjoy reading itThis book is mainly focused on a group of teens who are starting year ten from two schools in Melbourne Adie has just come back from Europe and Tassie after nine years with her father who is an artist and at first remembers little about her past life in Melbourne Wren is a girl who is a bit emo and has a younger sister called Summer Milo is autistic plays Minecraft has a major crush on his best friend Wren and has a younger sister called Sophie Ben is a cruel and sick and horrible person who bullies Milo Juliet is a girl who has had a perfect memory since Adie who was once her best friend left Hari comes in a bit later but is friends with Juliet Those are only the main characters and most of the above mentioned all have their own separate POV’s except Summer which I found to be uite surprising as one the book was all in first person and second it’s a fair number of characters for a relatively short bookunder four hundred pages Despite this I thought that all the different characters were all woven seamlessly into each other and they were all distinct and very much different This book also has LGBT tropes Wren is bi Hari is lesbian I think and Juliet has two mums which does also make it a diverse cast of characters which is always a plusAs for the story line itself there is not too much to show for it and a large portion of the book was centred on interactions between all the many characters and as such the book did feel slow at times However many different points of drama love interests and bullying were put out there and the last few pages tied everything very neatly together for a very satisfying ending without any loose threads or plot holes Also kudos for the book bringing to fruition many real issues that plagues not only teenagers but adults today In the book there’s an app that some of the boys use called Flare which is a place where people put up unauthorised videos of young girls and women many of them underage doing things like undressing While the focus was certainly on the teenagers it also helps bring into the light that there are dangerous and creepy people out there who do record and put out such disgusting and creepy photos of people It does give something for people to think about that such people reside among us which I think is sick and unlawful Other areas the book does also focus on include mental disorders such as Milo’s autism and also bullying because of said disorder which like the novel says it isn’t a disease and it isn’t something that can be helped and that they should simply be accepted into our society It was a very enjoyable character driven book with a lot of pov’s diversity and struggles of people through modern day problems 810