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Characters ☆ Flashman 102 è If ever there was a time when I felt that 'watcher of the skies when a new planet' stuff it was when I read the first Flashman– PG Wodehouse Fraser revives Flashman a caddish bully from Tom Brown's Schooldays by Thomas Hughes and relates Flashman’s adventures after he is expelled in drunken disgrace from Rugby school in tS expelled in drunken disgrace from Rugby school in the late 1830s Flashy enlists in the Eleventh Light Dragoons and is promptly sent to India and Afghanistan where despite his consistently cowardly behavior he always manages to come out on top Flashman is an incorrigible a. There's a recurring theme to the reviews I've read of 'Flashman' which is that whilst by his own happy admission he is a racist scoundrel bully cad and coward Flashman is also an engaging storyteller who has the happy coincidence to be an active participant in the middle of momentous historical events George MacDonald Fraser has done a magnificent job of evoking the Britain India and Afghanistan of 1839 to 1842 and the literary conceit that what we are reading is the first part of a cache of papers written by Flashman in old age between 1900 and 1905 is brilliant as it allows Flashman to add an occasional commentary to events and put them into perspective 'Flashman' begins with his expulsion from Rugby school as described in 'Tom Brown's Schooldays' and ends with his unlikely hero's return home to London following a number of memorable adventures during the retreat from Kabul the Last Stand at the Battle of Gandamak and the Siege of Jalalabad during the First Anglo Afghan War Afghanistan has a history of humbling armies and EmpiresMost of the people Flashman encounters were real people and the history in these books appears to be accurate 'Flashman' is a wonderful way to learn about history whilst enjoying a ripping yarn that is both funny and gripping I was delighted to learn that there are 12 books in the seriesFlashman 1969Royal Flash 1970Flash for Freedom 1971Flashman at the Charge 1973Flashman in the Great Game 1975Flashman's Lady 1977Flashman and the Redskins 1982Flashman and the Dragon 1985Flashman and the Mountain of Light 1990Flashman and the Angel of the Lord 1994Flashman and the Tiger 1999Flashman on the March 2005I look forward to reading them

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Nti hero for the ages This humorous adventure book will appeal to fans of historical fiction military fiction and British history as well as to fans of Clive Cussler James Bond and The Three Musketeers    Flashman is the first book of the famous “Flashman Papers” seri. Oh boy I’ve got to admit that I did love this one The last ‘unputdownable’ novel I read was Irvine Welsh’s ‘The Blade Artist’ Needless to say 'Flashman' features an eually foul and notorious protagonist whose depravity shameless bullying and honourless scheming kept me reading on about his life in acute disbelief The fact that Flashman’s justification for his actions is often hilarious and at times insightful does not redeem him in any way The fact that he is honest enough to openly and constantly admit that he is a cowardly toadying rake does not redeem him either After all this is a character who is capable of carrying out incredible violence against women and please don’t anyone utter the phrases ‘man of his time’ and or ‘too much political correctness’ Flashy's story serves as an unwavering fascinating and repeated confirmation of the fact that the supposed heroes paraded by the establishment are often not the beacons of shining light which they’re declared to be And most importantly of all Flashy’s glaring flaws kept me reading on at a uick pace for his enthralling magnetism was almost on par with Tolkien’s Gollum or Welsh’s Begbie ie you just have to read on to find out what they’ll do next Despite his flaws Flashy often provided a refreshingly honest account of the incredible events he lived through and his part in them He was often uick to point out that the likes of Ibal and Hudson were better men than him and that he undeservedly profited from their actions Indeed although I’m reluctant to admit it Flashy’s self awareness is the one uality about him that’s endearing not redeeming That said I hardly ever felt sympathy for him whenever he found himself in a funk I only read on in my impatience to discover how he would overcome his latest setbackAll of which makes Flashy a highly engaging character through which to discover the large scale Afghan catastrophe which was caused by the likes of Macnaghten and Elfinstone Their blunders could be considered hilarious had they not inflicted such unimaginable human misery upon their own side So many great British soldiers were lost for nothing and it seems incredible to think that the Brits took over Afghanistan only to end up losing it so embarrassingly Elfinstone must easily rank as the leading commander in military history for vacillating indecisivenessIncidentally I did some research on the Afghan puppet king Shah Shujah who the Brits installed in Kabul Although this novel makes no bones about the brutality of the Afghan tribes the savagery of the puppet King is not referred to However his brutality was just jaw dropping a King power hungry enough to have his own brother blinded and who freuently insisted on mutilating nose ears tongues genitalia his servants and courtiers for the slightest perceived misdeeds after he fled into exileFinally I should also add that Macdonald Fraser’s writing makes for easy reading so that I never felt bogged down by the first person narrative It’s amazing to think this novel was written in the sixties given the author's brisk style which still manages to be literary and by all accounts historically accurateAll in all a highly entertaining yarn but I will try to find something else to read before returning to Flashy’s world

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FlashmanIf ever there was a time when I felt that 'watcher of the skies when a new planet' stuff it was when I read the first Flashman– PG Wodehouse Fraser revives Flashman a caddish bully from Tom Brown's Schooldays by Thomas Hughes and relates Flashman’s adventures after he i. Harry Flashman anti hero extraordinaire soldier coward liar womanizer thief charlatan drunkard in one wordscoundrel joined the British Army at 17 in the service of the ueen after being expelled from the famed Rugby School a little intoxicated his father Henry a wealthy widower with a mistress Judy of the same ilk as son isn't too concerned uite busy with his gallivanting So in 1839 as the former Princess becomes the newly crowned ueen Victoria 1837 ruling England Flashman gets a different occupation also ruling a saddle enters a cavalry regiment under the legendary incompetent Lord Cardigan An unwanted duel with a very unfriendly chap occurs yet honor must be preserved at any cost Harry is petrified and can't think of any way to skip this big honor Soon afterwards forced to marry an innocent pretty though not bright girl Elspeth he seduced Her relatives demand this and wanting to stay conscious agrees lacking fortitude in his character a church wedding naturally transpires Sent not willingly to India and then Afghanistan to fight a horrific war sounds familiar Flashman doesn't believe in or care about his greatest objective is to remain alive The British flee Kabul when the local tribes gather in the countless thousands to drive out the invaders the luckless Harry is once again led by another incompetent General Elphinstone disaster follows the British army as they dwindle in numbers trying to escape unfortunately both he and the lord were historical figures God save the ueen The exciting vicious battle in a small fort as the desperate Flashman and a few others are surrounded by angry Afghans seeking revenge for the many insults and offences they have endured from the British foreigners are hated here owing to good reasons With swords in hand Afghans slice anyone in their way gore is not unknown somehow through luck or skill survives his many adventures Harry showing his true colors becoming sick; tired of fighting rather be with the beautiful women nearby he will try to charm War or peace his nature doesn't vary an iota lusting for the unattainable Wishing to be back in calm England having pleasurable situations will anyone disparage his sentiments Since the adept George MacDonald Fraser wrote twelve of these diverting books you can guess if our friend lives to experience other adventures and boast about them to his family an acuaintances maybe not too accurate but nevertheless uite entertainingly A sense of fun and amusement flows all through this lively tale of the unlikely protagonist or antagonist if you prefer depending how you feel about Lieutenant Flashman he is not perfect far from it but a realist view of soldiers An officer and a gentleman they're not most are tough fighters doing the dirty work the politicians clamor for but keep their own clothes clean This unchanging custom continues today for better or worse