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Rebels of EdenIn this idyllic world she finds no peace Harmonia has strict rules and dire conseuences Thinking about Eden is forbidden but she’s determined to rescue the loved ones she left behind Though they are in terrible danger her pleas for help are ignored After months of living as one with nature a shocking reminder of her past pus. DNFed page 65 16%I really did enjoy the first two books in this trilogy but in a way I was not enjoying this book this book seems so much different from the other two books and I thought this book would be alot different like how the story would start and I also thought the plot would be way different as well the one last thing I think the story needed work was the aurhor should have explained what happened to the main character from the previous book because I feel like he didnt put that much detail in a way so I just decided to DNF this book since in a way I was not enjoying it I probably will pick this book back up at some point in 2020 because I want to fully finish the trilogy but right now I am DNFing this book

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Rebels of Eden Read & download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ The electrifying conclusion to the New York Times bestselling series Children of Eden that follows Rowan as she leaves behind the paradise she’s always dreamed of to save Eden—and the world—from a terrible fateRowan is finallyHes Rowan to act With the help of new friends she infiltrates Eden What she discovers is even worse than the situation she left behind In the chaos of civil war Rowan and her friends join forces with the second children and other rebels trapped inside They fight for their lives and for the future of humanity in this broken Eart. 35 stars for this last installation of the trilogy There's a lot to unpack from this book but I'm not going to bother going into too much detail because I could rant for days Firstly I thought so much happened in this book but also so little Most events happen out of convenience to the plot but occasionally something interesting crops up but you're not given much of it I personally would have liked to know much about the science behind Rowan becoming the heart of EcoPan Secondly I still didn't warm up to most of the characters I didn't care much for the main cast I believe Lachlan would have made for an overall interesting main character I really liked the new characters of Mira and Cornelian in this book though and was annoyed when Mira was killed off Adding Zander into the mix was pure unnecessary because the last thing this trilogy needed was another antagonist Thirdly what the hell was that ending I predicted pretty much everything that happened in this book except the ending I have multiple uestions Mostly about the science behind the whole thing but also mainly what's to stop one of the other characters mainly Lachlan from wrecking the EcoPan's heart after Rowan's sacrifice I believe Zander would like to get in there and fuck things up with his club Cornelian too when he discovers what happened After all EcoPan is essentially just a giant computer And lastly I see what the author was going for regarding the moral of the story Most of the time it felt like I was constantly being told how we humans are shit But telling us so over and over again isn't going to incite change In the words of the main character We humans have terrible potential But wonderful potential too I have no idea which will ever win

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The electrifying conclusion to the New York Times bestselling series Children of Eden that follows Rowan as she leaves behind the paradise she’s always dreamed of to save Eden and the world from a terrible fateRowan is finally in Harmonia an Earth friendly sustainable commune in the wilderness she always thought was dead Even. Ugh that ending I hated it but also understood it Though I know it’s unrealistic I just always want stories to end happily ever after It sort of did but not really It was still a great book I just didn’t expect that ending