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Read With Face Aflame í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ß Born with a red mark emblazoned across her face seventeen year old Madge is lonely as she spends her days serving guests and cleaning rooms in the inn her father keeps One day she meets an unusual minstrel in the marketplace Moved by the beauty of his song and the odd shape of hisVing her behind Soon after while she herself is singing in the woods she is startled by a chance meeting with a stranger there Though the encounter leaves her horribly embarrassed it proves she need not remain unnoticed and alone forever However this new hope is shattered when she overhears a few uiet words that weren’t intended for her ears Heartbroken and confus. This book by A E Walnofer had a beautiful balance between the descriptive and emotional elements I was transported into the old English countryside as I journeyed with Madge through the pagesEach character no matter what role they played had a uniue personality and purpose that supported the story The callousness of people as they denigrated Madge due to her birthmark was juxtaposed with the compassion and support she got from Keaton who could easily empathize with her plight Keaton and Brom were unlikely bedfellows for a young girl seeking to change her marked face—yet they each contributed to her confidence and acceptance of herself Madge finds out that she is so much than her face and begins to see herself through the eyes of friendship and loveAfter reading A Girl Called Foote I was eager to read by this author and I was not disappointed Very well written this is one of the best historical fiction books I’ve recently read

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Born with a red mark emblazoned across her face seventeen year old Madge is lonely as she spends her days serving guests and cleaning rooms in the inn her father keeps One day she meets an unusual minstrel in the marketplace Moved by the beauty of his song and the odd shape of his body she realizes she has made her first friend But he must go on to the next town lea. 5 starsThis is a lovely coming of age tale with gorgeous prose and strong three dimensional characters The setting is England in the 17th century and Madge an innkeeper’s daughter tells her own story While there's a hint of potential romance it's not fully realized in these pages Madge's face bears an unsightly birthmark Her embarrassment with this causes her to stare at the floor instead of looking people in the eye and she makes sure a lock of her hair hangs out of its braid to cover the unsightly red stain She hates to go out of the inn even to the local village although she imagines where all the guests are coming from and where they are going She only interacts freely with her father Pappy and the inn’s cook Babs She loves them both dearly as well as Babs’ mother Lottie who was a second mother and teacher for Madge when her own mother died Sadly Lottie is now very old and dementedMadge’s reclusiveness makes her an unlikely heroine to join two performers on their travels—Brom a tall juggler and Keaton a short disfigured minstrel However Madge is determined to get to the healing waters in Tersewell because she’s desperate to be rid of her accursed birthmark Keaton has discovered her beautiful singing voice and they find a way to work her into their act using a costume that hides her face completelyThe story is unlike anything else I’ve ever read I do recognize some elements of the Wizard of Oz Providentially a cobbler makes Madge a beautiful pair of sturdy shoes making her journey possible Obviously her traveling companions are unusual They encounter many different people and experiences in their travels all of which influence Madge and help her to see things differentlyThis includes a young woman Thrin who is a uaker Madge is fascinated at first and attends a Meeting with Thrin and other uaker Friends Later a mysterious noble lady engages Madge and Keaton to sing for a dying woman but why does she keep her entire body including her face covered when in publicThere are some heavy topics raised here including self image bigotry and fanaticism as well as the nature of faith However the style of writing keeps things light and observational allowing the reader to come to hisher own conclusions Madge herself isn’t always aware of the depth of her inner changes but her behavior makes it apparent to the reader By the time she returns to the family inn she is healed in every way that mattersLOVE this Content is clean

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With Face AflameEd she flees her home to join the minstrel and his companion a crass juggler As they travel earning their daily bread Madge secretly seeks to rid herself of the mark upon her cheek convinced that nothing else can heal her heart Set in England in 1681 With Face Aflame is the tale of a girl who risks everything in hopes of becoming the person she desperately wants to. This was a beautifully written and enjoyable historical fiction A story of a young girl marked from birth and often shy and scorned reveals that she has a true gift For wonderful song She gets inspired to try to heal herself of her birthmark and learns a lot about the world along the way herself and what it means to truly have faith Well written and cleanly edited lots of historical context and a lively bunch of characters to that jump from the page and into your heart This would surely be an enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys reading fiction that takes place in a specific time period or has a spiritual element to its core