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His own life and desires to care for Dusty’s family He’s ready to claim uinlan he's never met a kinder capable lovable man Or a lonelier one uinlan has spent his life as the stranger on the edge of the photograph but Dusty wants uinlan to be the cente. This was a perfectly sweet and nice book with a drama free story lots of love a great family everything I really like in my romance booksStill I must admit for me this was rather meh than wowIt's hard to explain and I couldn't exactly name what was missing but I didn't really feel the connection to those guysuinlan works as a manny for a family with 6 kids and when the story begins he has been doing so for 7 years Dustin the oldest is already 21 and in love with uinlan who still sees him as a little boyIn the following chapters we learn how uinlan was thrown out by his own family and came to live with Dustin and his siblingsThe family with friends grandparents cousins uncles etc is huge and it can sometimes be difficult to remember and understand who is who in this clanThere is a lot to like in this story and reading how uinlan cared for the kids or how the family cared for each other was really beautiful so don't get me wrong I don't think this was terrible my complaint is that for me it dragged and it didn't suck me in like Amy Lane books usually doSo overall this was an okay read and a 3 star book for me

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A Fool and His MannyR of his world First he has to convince uinlan he’s an adult their love is real and uinlan can be than a friend and caregiver Can he show uin that he deserves to be both a man and a lover and that in Dusty’s eyes he’s never been “just the manny”. My thoughts on this one are all over the place The author avoids the obvious suirky pitfall by having the kid now a grown adult pursuing the family manny and said manny has obvious reservations about starting a relationship with his former charge even if he's all grown up and there's an attraction There's a sweetness to the romance given the manny's baggage and the family dynamic is pretty awesome to read about MM does not have the greatest history with female characters but the mother the manny's boss is downright full blown mama bear awesome sauceWhat didn't work This is book four in a series and there's eleventy billion characters on the page This would be OK possibly if the book wasn't a short contemporary as in just over 200 pages Also the characterizations of the main couple are all over the place They seem to shift to dictate where the story is going uinlan the Manny especially seems to flit between understanding protector to emotional mess loner depending on which way the wind is blowing Dustin goes from snotty kid to Fierce Alpha Boss around uinlan mostly because that's what the eventual sex scenes dictate And speaking of the sex scenes they don't fit the tone of this story Look I get this is what the romance publishing environment seems to be dictating right now but given uinlan's baggage and both characters' relative lack of experience I don't know I expected Dustin's character especially to exhibit some doubts or second guessing There's some of that on uinlan's end but Dustin goes charging in like a Harleuin Presents hero andit didn't gel for meThings descend a bit too far into melodrama for me at the end but by that point I was really swept up in the family dynamic and couldn't read fast enough The parts didn't add up to a whole for me but the parts I did like I really liked Probably a CB read for me I'm waffling

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A Fool and His Manny Summary Ù PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Seeing the truth and falling in loveDustin Robbins Grayson was a surly adolescent when uinlan Gregory started the nanny gig After a rocky start he grew into uinlan's friend and confidant—and a damned sexy manAt twenty one Dusty sees how uinlan sacrificeSeeing the truth and falling in loveDustin Robbins Grayson was a surly adolescent when uinlan Gregory started the nanny gig After a rocky start he grew into uinlan's friend and confidant and a damned sexy manAt twenty one Dusty sees how uinlan sacrificed. Awwwww Well wasn't that just goddamned adorable As the story began uinlan was 27 and Dustin was 21 but uin had been the manny from the time that Dusty was 14 So yeah his attraction to the younger man made him feel a bit sueamishBut Dusty actually took the time to court uin while he was on the road touring for two summer months slowly convincing uin that Dusty was no longer a boy but a full grown man Maybe even his man We get to know uin and Dusty much better over the course of the story through a series of flashbacks starting when uin was 20 still had a crush on Sammy and the kids were still sort of mourning their loss of Taylor as their mannyAnd Dusty was still a surly fourteen year old asshole Or so we were told I could've used a few extreme on page examples of his bad attitude to be honest though to have fully convinced me One fight and some smoking does not a would be juvenile delinuent make But toward the end of the tour after uin had kinda sorta decided to give Dusty a chance he limped home very ill and Dusty nursed him back to health That's when major forward movement in their relationship finally took offDusty may haveve been a bit of a prickly bitch to everyone else but he and uin had a bond so after a short God I hate that guy phase at the beginning Dusty was never anything but kind and attentive to uin Oh dear God He would die for uinlan Gregory And the scene where uin finally won the hard hearted Dusty over was motherfucking EVERYTHINGThis story was truly packed with all the feels but not just feelings between uin and Dusty This was a story about healing And family And learning to fully accept the love your people are freely trying their best to give youThere was some steam and sex but not enough to consume the story Mainly just enough to tease and tantalize Amy also managed to slip in a bit of extra angst regarding the abrupt and not so sweet return of uin's wealthy conniving and uncaring mother And sweet baby Jesus I would have killed to be a fly on the wall during that attorney's meeting Nica took a deep cleansing breath and uinlan could hear her whispering “I will not judge I will not judge I will not judge” under her breath Both Nica and Jacob played a larger role in this book than in previous stories and I loved every minute of their on page presenceI would caution potential readers that THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE BOOK Not if you wish to fully enjoy it and all of the many relationship nuances found here At a very minimum I believe that you'd need to read books 1 and 3 for the majority of those small connections to fall into placeThe three previous books all rated 4 stars for me but this one was a solid 45 stars taking its place as my favorite in the series so farI'd still love to see a few books in Amy's Mannies universe but if this was the last one I've been very happy with the series My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair unbiased reviewSee All My Latest Reads Review uick Links