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Free download ✓ A Bloodsmoor Romance ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Á Set in a nineteenth century similar to our own A Bloodsmoor Romance follows the beautiful Zinn sisters five young women who refuse for the most part the obligations of Christian marriageFull of Oates's mordant wit and breathlessly told in thNd sexual aberration as the Zinn sisters come into contact with some of the nineteenth century's greatest characters from Mark Twain to Oscar Wilde A biting assessment of the American landscape and a virtuosic transformation of a literary genre A Bloodsmoor Romance is a compelling hilarious and magical anti romance Little Women by way of Stephen King. I'm very close to finishing this looooong book and unless the ending is a real flop it's a 5 star review I've seen some reviews make the pitch that A Bloodsmoor Romance is the the sort of novel you'd get if Stephen King wrote Little Women and I should tell you that those comparisons aren't adeuate to describing this book I think a better observation is is that it's a Joyce Carol Oates version of a 19th century romance about 5 daughters in the Zinn family whose lives take wholly unexpected and for their station very unapproved turns To get into their individual fates in a review here would spoil the fun of discovering for yourself the treats this book has in store for the patient reader Along the way you get kidnapping seances mediums the occult actresses inventions scandals time machines Mark Twain Helena Blavatsky look her up ghosts disappearances sexual kinkiness strange deaths and ample doses of sly humor I think anyone who has read and liked Bellefleur by JCO will really enjoy this book too Highly recommended for readers who appreciate books that aren't written like this any

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Of the s of their time A Bloodsmoor Romance is a delicious filigree of literary conventions a novel of manners in the tradition of Austen Dickens and Alcott which Oates turns on its headOates's dark exploration interweaves murder and mayhem ghosts and abductions substance abuse and gender identity women's suffrage the American spiritualist movement a. JCO enriches and expands the rigid box of Victorian literature with an insidious insistently realistic perspective The bones of the story are true to form with accidents of birth and the struggle between sin and virtue at every turn sprinkled liberally with strange events of spiritual portent As in novels of manners from Dickens Eliot to Madox Ford Empire thro Edwardian we see the middle class bougeoisie desperately trying to keep their skirts out of the mud from whence they rose by at least appearing to adhere religiously to social codeNever does Oates drop the realistic ball The reader is in on her wry modern perspective at all times yet easily suspends disbelief in a multitude of ridiculous encounters between her characters and historical personagesevents As always with Oates' work events of the novel are well grounded by full fledged motivated characters credible as associates and also rans among Edison duPont Emerson et al sages inventors industrialists popular mystics of their dayWhat I like best about this novel it is told in a style which is not literary it's the voice of the everyday reading material of the ladies and gentlemen of working middle upper middle class America pre Civil War through pre WWI era a style which is patently ridiculous to the modern ear exposing the foibles of the times I've collected plenty of this stuff ladies' magazines gossip rags newspapers the book sounds like it was torn from the pages of a serialized potboiler This I believe is the secret to Oates' success in maintaining that tightrope walk between modern sensibility and suspension of disbelief The style grows on you like stepping into a bath which is a bit too warm As you steep in the patter of the cultural times you develop a finer appreciation of gothic weirdness It was the sound of clashing undercurrents technology and communications galloped toward the future while the brakes were full on socially

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A Bloodsmoor RomanceSet in a nineteenth century similar to our own A Bloodsmoor Romance follows the beautiful Zinn sisters five young women who refuse for the most part the obligations of Christian marriageFull of Oates's mordant wit and breathlessly told in the Victorian style by an unnamed narrator shocked by the Zinn sisters' sexuality impulsivity and rude rejection. For those who think it's an actual ROMANCE it's not What a satire someone on likened it to an Edward Gorey cartoon I think that nails it beautifullyFinished it last night what a long journey I can understand how there were readers that could not get through it knowing many people like short and sweet I do think they missed out though It's dark and humorous and it cannot be denied Oates is one hell of a prolific writer This novel was like walking through a labyrinth full of godless creatures I imagine Oates became for the duration of creating this story a member of the Zinn family A delightfully dark strange read full of the fruit I love to devour in novels