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review In a House of Lies Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ð IN A HOUSE OF LIESEveryone has something to hideA missing private investigator is found locked in a car hidden deep in the woods Worse still both for his family and the police is that his body was in an area that had already been searchedEveryone has secretsDetective Inspector SiobhIN A HOUSE OF LIESEveryone has something to hideA missing private investigator is found locked in a car hidden deep in the woods Worse still both for his family and the police is that his body was in an area that had already been searchedEveryon. There’s no doubt that Ian Rankin is one of Britain’s finest crime fiction writers in recent times maybe the best of all But he’s now having to address a problem of his own making by allowing his Edinburgh detective to age in real time he now finds that his frontman is well past 60 and therefore at a point he can no longer actively serve So what now It’s the same issue a number of other well respected crime writers are facing James Lee Burke and Michael Connelly spring to mind and the choice Rankin has made is to use John Rebus as a non serving and often unwelcome source of information and assistance to Police Scotland Siobhan Clarke long ago introduced as a mentee of Rebus has his aid foisted upon her here when skeletal remains turn up in the boot of a car found in a deep gulley close to the city John is pretty sure he knows the name of the deceased it’s that of a man who disappeared a decade or ago And John should know he was involved in the botched and much criticised missing person operation back then But for much of the first half of the book he is side lined as Siobhan and the rest of team kick off the murder investigation Soon after another of Rankin’s creations Malcolm Fox is parachuted in to join the team Now in truth I find Siobhan somewhat irritating and Fox a dull and humourless character At the half way point this book was going nowhere for meLuckily for the book and for the sake of my own mental health Clarke asked Rebus to look into a separate matter involving a young man who had confessed to the murder of his girlfriend Almost immediately the book took off The pages were once peppered with dry one liners and the energy of the whole thing seemed to increase exponentially There’s no doubt that the pages light up when Rebus is about However my broader issue with this book is that it really feels like a case of too many cooks There are a number of potential murderers fair enough loads of cops far too many though the bent pair from the Anti Corruption Unit are good value and too many faces from the past in addition to Fox organised crime bigwigs Big Ger Cafferty and Darryl Christie both make an appearance It’s like they say on Masterchef too much on the plateI remain a huge fan of this series now in it’s 22nd instalment but I’m starting to wonder where Rankin takes it next time around Maybe a retrospective novel would be a good idea Either way I hope he manages not to repeat the muddle he’s created in this one Very disappointed

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E truthNobody is innocentEvery officer involved must be uestioned and it seems everyone on the case has something to hide and everything to lose But there is one man who knows where the trail may lead and that it could be the end of him John Reb. Okay I understand that Ian Rankin can write crime That much is obvious But In A House of Lies has been coined a ‘thriller’ and honestly the first half of the novel is about as thrilling as my Monday evenings Rankin takes a lot of time setting the scene with so many different characters both from Rebus’ past and uite a few new faces which ultimately leads to too many threads leading to the investigation In A House of Lies by Ian Rankin is out now from Orion Books My rating 25The storySimply put a body has been uncovered of a man who went missing than a decade ago There are handcuffs around his ankles so everybody is a suspect including the police who worked the missing persons case way back when So of course Rebus knows all about it He trots up bringing a few nearly forgotten characters from the series with him and offers vague clues and gets in the way right until the end Clarke and Fox and a myriad of other police ranking at varying levels of seniority band together to discover the truth But will they get to the bottom of itWhat I thoughtIn A House of Lies by Ian Rankin is not a thriller It is a crime novel with a thousand police members of authority and everybody is stepping on one another’s toes to hide the truth or to discover it There are far too many characters old and new making this book difficult to follow and enjoy Also now that Rankin has clearly exhausted his interest in Rebus as a main character I believe that he should move on to and stick with his new detectives or create a new series in a new setting where it isn’t convenient for Rebus to stick his nose in wherever it suits himWhile I agree that Rankin can definitely write and tell a story it was a struggle to get through this book I didn’t get to enjoy a fast paced thrilling who dunnit or simply even the police procedures of interviews and searching for evidence as I was far too busy trying to keep track of who was who and what their role was in the narrative I believe that Rebus is a dead weight character and it is time for him and his huge series to be left on the shelf so that a new protagonist can be formed in Rankin’s mindOverall I found In A House of Lies to be uite disappointing I would recommend this book only to die hard RankinRebus fans as new readers would not know the characters or the history which has made this story possible Thank you to NetGalley and Orion for my advance e copy of In A House of Lies by Ian Rankin in exchange for an honest review

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In a House of LiesE has secretsDetective Inspector Siobhan Clarke is part of a new inuiry combing through the mistakes of the original case There were always suspicions over how the investigation was handled and now after a decade without answers it's time for th. First this not an Inspector Rebus because he is now 72 finished he is past it not even been brought back for cold cases This perfect example of money wasted as police officers are made to retire at 60 yet load of the good offices do not become brilliant till 55 57This is Siobhan Clarke 's big case when body turns up murdered back in 2006 it is one of John's unsolved missing cases but It is not just her its also Malcolm Fox too So Got three way cross old fart Rebus Siobhan Fox as well as gay murderThis perfect example of how much things in the police force have change in ten yearsRankin has brought Rebus back but Still not done want few fans wanted a prolong story He cannot write much now as it says he is far too oldWell done to Orion the cover wins worst cover of the month award it stinksIt is set in a wood in old car Why couldn't had a car pocking out of lot of trees but No they have very colourless depressing grey crappyThis must certainly be one of Rebus' last books at 72 he not be up for much except pissing everybody off This be why Fox is in this I have not said was Rebus book but Fox book with John In it not other way around Its all about selling the book the name Rebus sells Fox does notReference to the TV cartoon characters from 1970s Wacky Races which be complete loss lot of anybody under under 30 Why on earth could not used Family Guy but A old series like this just showing off it is funny but It is also sillyThere is sub plot a old case of convicted murderer That John Investigates which becomes important than the main plot Both stories are old cases both run side by side not to cross paths yet the 2nd sub becomes interesting than the first But Could be because it is RebusOh That sod Cafferty is in it in fact lot of story is set around that bastard Rebus now has a dog called Brillo bloody odd name for a dog named after a scrubbing wire pan brush That is Rankin making bad joke At the readers expense so People may not get itHis style has changed lot from his early books such as Strip Jack or Wolfman but Style still got the jokes but Not the Rolling Stones titles which is shame I find it odd that he has not moved on from Rebus it is like an old dog with a bone This could easily been just Siobhan Clarke but No had to bring in sour faceCannot he move on I think have to kill Rebus off if wanted to move on Like Taggart or Victor Meldrew is 6ft under But Then have all the oh why not do a prologue about how became a police man so Still be trapped hahaha