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Mammoth author Jill Baguchinsky review º E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¾ The summer before her junior year paleontology geek Natalie Page lands a coveted internship at an Ice Age dig site near Austin Natalie who’s also a plus size fashion blogger depends on the retro style she developed to shield herself from her former S to be about than just mammothsUntil it isn’tWhen Natalie’s hero turns out to be anything but and steals the credit for one of her accomplishments Nat has to unearth the confidence she needs to stand out in a field dominated by dudes To do this she’ll have to let her true self shine even if that means defying all the rules for the sake of a major discovery. So something people may not know about me is that my college degree was a Bachelor of Science in Education with Earth Science as my Major and Biology as my Minor I have always been a bit obsessed with dinosaurs and fossils The release of the original Jurassic Park movie well the book first coincided with when I was taking some classes that were about fossils and such and really got me very excited in being a paleontologist or something similar My family could tell how much I loved it and so for my college graduation they paid for me to go work on a real dinosaur dig in Montana through the Museum of the Rockies at Montana State University in Bozeman Montana As soon as I read the synopsis for this book I knew that I HAD to have it And from the very first time I picked it up I wasn't disappointed at all I immediately started geeking out over all the dinosaur and other paleontology stuff the first time I picked it up It wasn't just the science stuff though I felt a kinship with the main character Natalie and her weight issues Although from theh very start I did wonder how in the world she thought she would be wearing her fashionable clothing on a fossil dig internship Unlike Natalie I'm still a fan of dinosaurs than prehistoric mammals but really I love them all I loved how she mentioned the bone licking test I remember showing it to my students whenever I taught about fossils in the past There was so much other great science in it and so many neat things about how a museum might work with the fossils and specimens There was all the teenage peer pressure as part of the story and while I know there were things that I would never have let sway me I get that some of it was needed to add the drama and conflict in the story The lawsuit in the book was very realistic in that there have been cases so close to what was part of this story I mean a lot of people have heard of Tyrannosaur Sue but do they know the whole story behind where she came from And then there was the stealing of credit done by Dr Carter who had been Natalie's idol Again a realistic part of any field including science Such a great book Made me want to go back and work on a dinosaur dig again some day myself Great book

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The summer before her junior year paleontology geek Natalie Page lands a coveted internship at an Ice Age dig site near Austin Natalie who’s also a plus size fashion blogger depends on the retro style she developed to shield herself from her former bullies but vintage dresses and perfect lipstick aren’t compatible with prospecting for fossils in the Texas hea. This book is actual gold Feminism in the world of science and on top of that plus size rep GIMME One thing YA needs of are plus size women and women in STEM featured in books of all genres and Mammoth is one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of thatI absolutely adored Natalie as a main character After a horrible middle school experience she reinvents herself as Awesome Natalie complete with a fashion blog peppered with paleontology fangirling Of course her “armor” doesn’t change how insecure she really feels inside Women can’t afford to be humble in this fieldOne of the many things I loved about this book was that Natalie’s fangirling over science was never frowned upon or made to seem nerdy in a bad way unlike other books I’ve readAlso the plot moved at a great pace and never slowed I found myself always interested in what was happening Another thing that really stood out to me was how wonderfully done Natalie’s character development was It was gradual and some of the changes were subtle but they were there I also loved the characters and all the different dynamics we get to see especially how they play into the story uinn and Cody were my second favorite characters I’ll have you guys know that I’m not much of a contemporary person but this book makes me want to pick up AND THE ROMANCE Never ever did it overshadow the plot but it was integrated perfectly to play a key role in the character’s arcs And don’t worry guys there isn’t much of a love triangle My only complaints are just my personal problems and it’s really the drinking and the language There’s some strong language in here as well as examples of underage drinking and getting drunk so if that affects you please be carefulAll in all Mammoth is one of the best contemporaries of the year It’s uniue entertaining awesome but most importantly it’s a representative light to the world of YA fiction uotes are taken from the ARC and may not appear in the finished copy Thank you so much Turner Publishing for sending this to me for an honest reviewIf you'd like to see some images and an aethestic I made here's the link to my blog review

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Mammoth author Jill BaguchinsT But nothing is going to dampen Natalie’s spirit she’s exactly where she wants to be and she gets to work with her hero a rock star paleontologist who hosts the most popular paleo podcast in the world And then there’s Chase the intern who’s seriously cute and Cody a local boy who’d be even cuter if he were less of a grouchIt’s a summer that promise. 15 on the blogI really struggled with whether I was going to give this two or three stars I had given it three stars but after drafting my review I realized how extremely disappointing it wasFirst thing was the barbecue element specifically PORK barbeue The idea that everyone thought pork was the most glorious food in the universe was shoved in the reader's face by being mentioned over and over and over again I know Texas is known for barbeue but that's not what this book is about It's not like one of the characters works in a restaurant or one of their parents is a pig farmer It was way over the top especially with the specificity of it being pork It was so over the top it felt like one of those FU things some authors pull where they give the finger about something In this case it was flipping the bird at vegetarians and vegansThe author said she did serious research into Paleontology and I think it is apparent that she did in the fossil excavating cleaning and cataloging area but she included a couple of science based things that were faulty Especially when one animal fossil was found that wouldn't be found in North America because its migration had been stopped by the Andes mountain range This was also part of a HUGE coincidence to give the story drama which made its use egregiousThen another dramatic event was based on something the Texas born and bred character weather expert would have known would happen but somehow that one even common sense to me as a Northerner bit was missing from his knowledge Like I always say if it's Realistic Contemporary it has to be realistic If you don't want to do the work writing within real world parameters write FantasyAnother problem similar to the above was the MC is supposed to be a Paleontology fanatic It's her passion and she has studied it online read all the books watched all the YouTube videos and listened to all the podcasts but she didn't know better than to wear high heels and a dress for field work orientation Really I hate it when authors make American teens look that vapid I have seen the effect these characterizations in books and on television shows about US high school students have on the international scope I was a member of a large Harry Potter fandom site and the notions people especially teens from other countries had about US teens were unbelievably skewed and usually not in a good way Imagine what readers think when this girl is supposed to be one of the best and brightest and she does this and also hates having to wear muddy boots to go prospecting There was also a scene where the interns were practicing writing a lot of information on small cataloging labels and she's thinking how droll and boring the subspecies classification information is because it's over her head If Paleontology was really her passion she'd be excited to learn ask uestions and figure it out Her brain would be gobbling it upThen what was supposed to be a positive and enlightening conclusion unraveled itself After coming to terms with not always wanting to make herself presentable and being able to go out in public with only mascara and lip gloss a pony tail; and not wearing spanx high heels and a dress; she then proclaims it feels great because she's doing it for herself and no one else but we find out it's only because a boy liked her that way Ugh If a boy hadn't liked her that way she would still be doing the Barbie dress up thing Noooooooooo what kind of a message is that to send And nothing was ever called out about her aunt teaching people that being your best was hip fashion and good undergarments so the message turned into a person doesn't always have to be be their best hip and spanxed is that what best truly is if there's a boy who will accept that less than best This book had so much potential and ended up being a big disappointmentI was approved for an eARC via Edelweiss in return for an honest review