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Project Prometheus (Assassin Fall, #2) Free read ☆ 106 ç The Academy stole everything from Hades their perfect assassin Angry and leaving bodies in his wake he finds two other ex assassins doing the exact same thingTyler and Shannon once killed for The Academy Now they’re tracking and hunting down its scientists So why is The Academy stole everything from Hades their perfect assassin Angry and leaving bodies in his wake he finds two other ex assassins doing the exact same thingTyler and Shannon once killed for The Academy Now they’re t. A special thank you goes out to Entangled Teen for allowing me to read this eARC early All thoughts and opinions are my own A super special thank you goes out to Aden Polydoros for sending me physical copies You are the best45 starsI am not okay Nope Not one bit Aden Polydoros has completely destroyed my feelings I am a mess A mess I tell youOne of the prominent themes in this book was the devastating effect brainwashing and manipulation truly has on a child Shannon and Tyler were so messed up and they knew it but they couldn’t heal That tore me up because I really started to have a fondness for them I wasn’t as invested in them as I was with Hades and Elizabeth but I still care a great deal for them I just want my babies to be okay Is that too much to askBut do you want to know who just absolutely broke my heart into tiny pieces Hades There is a scene that I won’t tell you about in detail but you will know it when you read it and it left me gasping for air I was so raw and so filled with emotion I couldn’t breathe and had to hold back tears I’m sure everybody with in a 10 mile radius could heart the shattering of my heart I am still healing from thisI appreciate that this book was about the different projects We got a lot information about Project Pandora and we got to see just how messed up the projects really were However this did effect the pacing a bit and it was a tiny bit slow in some areas hence the half star deductionBut honestly this book and this series is fantastic I’m probably it’s biggest fan but I can’t help but love it I haven’t really found a series that has sucked me in like Harry Potter so I can’t help but be super excited about it Do yourselves a favor and pick this book and series up today

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Racking and hunting down its scientists So why is The Academy only after HadesShannon will do whatever it takes to protect Tyler even if it means teaming up with a former rival While she seeks answers to her past Tyler. I absolutely LOVED the first book in this series Project Pandora which amazingly enough was Aden’s debut a fact that still shocks me considering how well it was written and how much it affected me I talked in my review for that book how much I ached for Hades how I wanted to just hold him and tell him he meant something I went back and re read the first book before diving in to Project Prometheus and I was amazed at how I still had butterflies about what was going to happen how I still ached so badly for Hades–and that to me is definitely a sign of a great writer Even though I knew what was coming I was so caught up in the propulsive action and felt the same energy nerves and pain as I did the first time I read it I still bawled like a baby at the end After re reading book one I dove into the preuel novella Hades Rising which tells the story of how Hades went from being A 02Two to Hades ie exactly what happened to him at the Academy This story was referenced in Project Pandora but Hades Rising gave it to us as it happened I won’t lie it was difficult to read because of how much I care for Hades and it may be a trigger for some folks child abuse But it’s definitely worth the read to get inside both Hades and Elizabeth’s heads I found it just drew me to Hades even and that motherly ache I felt was even strongerOkay on to Project Prometheus As with the first book I LOVED This Book As mentioned I bawled at the end of book one and those of you who’ve read it will understand why AND YET I still held out some Pollyanna ish hope that what happened didn’t really happenI mean it’s a novel after all Sometimes what we think happens isn’t what really happens and then it’s revealed in the next installment right Well that dream was dashed on the first page of Project Prometheus No sooner had I started the book then I was crying all over again Phew After that it was nonstop action and I devoured the book in a day Just like with Pandora in Prometheus Aden barely gives the reader a chance to breathe much less his poor characters ha He is truly a master of writing thrillers that absolutely compel you to keep reading It was so hard to put my Kindle down while reading And just when you think your characters have caught a break something else happens to throw them and you right back into action It’s incredibleI don’t want to say anything about the actual plot so as to avoid spoilers but in my humble opinion if you read Pandora especially if you loved it you absolutely must read Prometheus Tyler Shannon and Hades are on a mission to expose Project Pandora and the evil people in charge and in the case of Hades to exact revenge They make an uneasy alliance both among themselves and with other unexpected characters They discover new truths about themselves try to take back control of their own lives and just might even become friends Through it all your heart will beat faster and you’ll be flipping pages like a person possessedIn going back to Project Pandora I realizedremembered that I had over 100 notes on my Kindle for that book I’m not kidding And with Project Prometheus I had than 50 many of them to the effect of “Oh god” and “Oh Hades my baby” and “Oh my heart” Again I think this is a sign of a great writer one who can make me feel so intensely so many times while reading Project Prometheus was perfect and I am now hating the fact that I have to wait another year for the next installment With Project Prometheus Aden has delivered an incredible follow up to his incredible debut and I cannot recommend it highly enough If you’re a fan of thrillers you simply must pick up this seriesRating 5 action packed stars Disclosure I received an e ARC of this book from the publisher as part of this tour This review reflects my honest thoughts and rating of the book and is voluntary on my part

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Project Prometheus Assassin Fall #2Wants to learn the truth about the mysterious white room which no one has ever seen except himAs for Hades He simply wants revengeThey all need answers even if it means returning to the organization where it all started. While the first book was already action packed this second one in the series succeeds in heightening the tension a notch After their escape the kids from the project where they were trained to be assassins and committed terrible crimes without their knowledge decide to fight back Told from alternating points of view the kids must get behind the real intentions and gain proof against the Academybefore they are stoppedI enjoyed this book even than the first The emotions run high as the characters hunt down the proof they need to let the world know what the Academy did to them There are layers of intrigue as well as many surprises along the way And of course they are up against clever and very dangerous foes Each chapter is told from a different characters point of view with the character's name at the beginning of the chapter to keep confusion at bay The switch from one to the other runs very smoothly and offers important insights at just the right time The reader gets to know each character extremely well making certain moments of the book hit hard The feelings are raw and the determination high which makes it a great readI received a complimentary copy and was so bound to the pages that I wanted to leave my honest thoughts