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REVIEW ´ Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery ✓ When Lacy wakes up dead in Westminster Cemetery final resting place of Edgar Allan Poe she's confused It's the job of Sam a young soldier who died in 1865 to teach her the rules of the afterlife and to warn her about Suppression a punishment worse than death Lacy desperately wants tWhen Lacy wakes up dead in Westminster Cemetery final resting place of Edgar Allan Poe she's confused It's the job of Sam a young soldier who died in 1865 to teach her the rules of the afterlife and to wa. I am always drawn to covers with birds on them Not sure why But when I saw the cover for Open Mic Night At Westminster Cemetary I had a nagging feeling that I needed to read it So glad I did It was fantasticThe format of this book was really neat It was written in play format with poetry interlaced which made the pace of the book snappy and uick I liked how odd the book was it worked well and kept me readingThe characters were so uirky and funny I absolutely loved the residents of Westminster Cemetary from the grouchy old lady to innocent Sam to the funny Edgar Alan Poe himself What a great read I’m so excited to promote this book For those of us who are fascinated by the macabre you need to read this one I mean it’s set in a cemetary is that perfect or whatThis will definitely put you in the fall mood and have you anticipating Halloween even than before if you’re searching for a read set in a spooky environment Please pick up this book I had such a fun time reading it and the perfect moments were emotionally charged I really think Tim Burton would make this into a great film If you like stand up comedy or plays you’ll appreciate this book on a whole different level kind of like my appreciation for Michael Macintyre’s stand upsThank you Thomas Allen Sons Ltd for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Rn her about Suppression a punishment worse than death Lacy desperately wants to leave the cemetery and find out how she died but every soul is obligated to perform a job Given the task of providing enter. This was extremely odd and that definitely contributed to why I liked it so much With as much YA as I read it's getting really hard to find books that don't read like ten I've already read and this was definitely that It takes chances in both premise and form and it was a lot of fun


Open Mic Night at Westminster CemeteryTainment Lacy proposes an open mic which becomes a chance for the cemetery's residents to express themselves But Lacy is in for another shock when surprising and long buried truths begin to emerge Journal. ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you I don't want to come right out and say that the title is the best part of the whole book It wasn't really a bad enough book for me to justify saying that But the title is pretty damn awesome and was basically 98% of the reason I reuested this ARC Sadly the actual book struggled somewhat to live up to it PLOT Yes there is The RavenWestminster Cemetery in Balti Maryland is the final resting place of one Edgar Allan Poe his wife mother in law and a few hundred other people Nobody new has been buried in centuries until Lacy Brink wakes up there and discovers she's been cremated at the tender age of sixteen having died on her way to an open mic night It turns out that ghosts have a surprising number 261 to be exact of rules no swearing no yelling no intimate contact no being in another person's grave etc etc Breaking any of these rules thrice results in Suppression meaning you can't ever rise from your grave again and have to stay lying underground forbidden even the few hours of above ground time permitted to ghosts at midnight Incidentally I read some of this book while on a trip to Paris Visiting the catacombs helped me gain a newfound sympathy for the Suppressed and how horrible being sueezed into a tiny underground space must beAnyway Lacy being a modern girl dumped into a cemetery of Victorians uickly runs afoul of the Rules While she makes a couple of friends including a sensitive Civil War veteran named Sam the strict Mrs Steele who oversees the cemetery is determined to see Lacy Suppressed Our intrepid heroine proceeds to navigate through friendships and romance in the afterlife while also dealing with the uestion of how she died and the effect this has had on her grieving family It all culminates in you guessed it the decision to hold an open mic night at Westminster Cemetery attended by none other than its resident celebrity Mr Poe So far so good But CHARACTERS Here is where the book majorly breaks down This book had the biggest and most shameless case of instalove I've ever seen Sam a tortured soul who's spent the two hundred years since his death trying to write poetry falls in love with Lacy at first sight literally because she's the first teenage girl he's seen in all that time The crowning touch that cements his love is the deep and meaningful fact that they both write poetry It was clearly meant to be The gaze from Lacy is like a drink of ambrosiaThe above thought on Sam's part occurs precisely 12% in True and undying sorry love is being declared two pages later What makes this even painful is the fact that when it wasn't trying to be romantic the book's discussion of characterfamily dynamics and the backstories of the ghosts was actually pretty good The attempt to have a romantic element was just an unnecessary distraction The other ghosts were pretty well fleshed out no complaints there I wasn't a huge fan of Virginia Poe being characterised as the bitchy mean girl but a lot of time is lavished on her backstory so it seems understandable She's no 2D villain In fact nobody is; not even Mrs Steele Poe fell a bit flat for me perhaps because I like to picture him as wilder insane yet Amato dispelled a lot of the unearthly allure he's picked up from poems like Annabel Lee He also has very few appearances don't read this book hoping for a Poe homage It's not WRITING The format was pretty interesting It's written as a play with freuent authorial interjections on such matters as staging and acting with livedead audiences Unfortunately the first half of the book suffered a fair bit from the showing not telling problem Exhibit A She's guarded but vulnerable at the same time That's uite an amazing insight from Sam considering he'd met Lacy all of ten seconds ago when he has this Sherlockian view into her psyche Lacy also has this problem she makes incredible character deductions instantaneously upon meeting them eg 'Cumberland you're a coward' deductions I'd probably hesitate to make after months of knowing someone let alone seconds This issue did get significantly better as the book progressed though SUMMARY Good characters terrible attempt at romance shortage of Poe Blog