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Toxic AUTHOR Nicci CloSometimes parties are not all they are cracked up to befrom a Carnegie nominated authorHope has never been happier She's on her way to Crete after a group of her friends have made her an honorary 'lad' and let her tag along on their boys' holiday There's a slight complication in that one of those boys Logan is Hope's ex boyfriend but they'. I found it difficult to give a rating to this book Especially because I am limited with 5 scores This book for me is a 710 or 355 I must say this firstCloke's writing is definitely enjoyable this is not one of that disposable young adult novels there's something to take away and remember about this story However I think it could have been better The book is a timeline of events divided in 3 chapters Told first from Hope's perspective then her ex boyfriend Logan's and finally Logan's new girlfriend Daisy'sI absolutely enjoyed the Hope's section which was nearly half of the book and I wish this book was just told from her POV or at least was switching through them one by one continuously rather than giving them a whole slice of chapter Because Hope is the most well built character in this story the reader can't help to feel disappointed about not going back to Hope's feelings and her view pointThe story is not only about toxic friendships it's also about the toxicity in the community we live in which pushes the young people to behave in certain ways From depression to binge drinking consent to rape the books talks about a lot of things I wasn't crazy about the ending it became a bit too didactic after one point That's why I cut it down to 35 and rounding up in 3 Would read Nicci Cloke again

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Re still friends and Hope's pretty confident it won't be too awkwardThe next couple of days are exactly what Hope was hoping for lazy days in the sun and long drunken conversations She can't help but notice that Logan's flirting with her Logan and Hope end up alone and Hope is horrified when after she leans in to kiss him Logan completely. This was literally a story about friendship turned toxic centering around one girl on holiday with a group of lads one night where things go horribly wrong and the fractured relationships within the core group start to showOn holiday too much drink too much sun a loosening of inhibitions all leads to disaster Every one of them is hiding a secret from that night whether they remember or not Nicci Cloke dissects her characters with an authentic ironic eye and a brutal realism about human nature and how we don't really know people until the chips are downToxic is beautifully readable even as you roll your eyes at some of the enabling behaviour and the assumptions of forgiveness The casual way they all treat each other uite often badly is actually very true to life within any friendship group you'll find divisions such as you find in this storyIt was a good warning against excessive intake of alcohol for sure and a very relevant theme in it's plot overall very good indeed Recommended

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Free download Á Toxic AUTHOR Nicci Cloke ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ä Sometimes parties are not all they are cracked up to befrom a Carnegie nominated authorHope has never been happier She's on her way to Crete after a group of her friends have made her an honorary 'lad' and let her tag alongRejects herEmbarrassed and annoyed Hope is on a mission to get drunk and with the alcohol flowing and the sun going down Hope's starts having a great timeThe next thing Hope knows she's being woken up on the beach by two strangers It's 9 o'clock the next morning and she can't remember anything about the previous night what on earth happene. A hard one to decide how many stars to give It took one hundred pages before anything actually happened in this book and considering it's less than 300 pages in total that only leave 190The first 100 pages could easily have been daily diary entries from any young person's party holiday Drunk friends vomit and hangovers nothing Once the secrets and suspicion showed it's face the story became ten times interesting but I can imagine readers DNF'ing this book before that point I enjoyed reading the various POVs the book is split into three however as the characters are so closely connected it was tricky remembering who's POV you were readingIt's a relatively fun novel with a slight twist on your average young person's holiday But it's not a novel I could wholeheartedly recommend unfortunately