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SUMMARY ✓ Rabbit Robot ¸ Cager has been transported to the Tennessee a giant lunar cruise ship orbiting the moon that his dad owns by Billy and Rowan to help him shake his Woz addiction Meanwhile Earth in the midst of thirty simultaneous wars burns to ash beneath them And as the robots on board become increasingly insane and cannibalistic and the Earth bHis Woz addiction Meanwhile Earth in the midst of thirty simultaneous wars burns to ash beneath them And as the robots on board become increa. Last weekend we were in New Orleans to celebrate my husband’s dad’s birthday Coincidentally ALA was also going on at the same time and I kept thinking maybe I’d run into some of my library people while about town but I never did THANKFULLY however my husband did happen to run into Andrew Smith in the airport as we were waiting to fly home and being approximately a billion times less socially awkward than I am he apparently actually managed to say coherent words in Smith’s presence and also received the last arc of this book that Smith had brought with him Then he came back to where I was sitting and said you’re gonna be mad butas I was coming out of the bathroom I ran into Andrew Smith and I was like WHAT Anyway I very much was mad And jealous And was like butyou’re gonna let me read this first right And then Andrew Smith walked by where we were sitting and came over to say hi since my husband had told him I’d be mad And he asked my name and said nice to meet you and I almost started to remind him that I’ve met him before and that I’m that weirdo whose friends had him take a photo with a dorky picture of me on their phone that one time haha Ramarie and Ashley you’re still the best and then the next year at Texas Teen Book Festival I made him take a picture with me holding up my phone with that photo of him with the picture of me on the screen he was like Um This is a new one but I stopped myself and just did the regular socially awkward thing instead and basically just blacked outBlah blah blah I’ve just been basking in the glow of our very fortunate timing our flight got cancelled like five minutes later and my husband’s superior talking to people abilities and how amazingly nice Andrew Smith is all week While I read this book first Andandandumokay so I’m definitely still processing it Like in all of Smith’s books the characters are wonderful—sad and funny and flawed and beautiful—and a lot is being said without ever exactly being spelled out And it’s weird and wacky and dark andso very human And the story behind Billy Hinman HaI really do love Shaun David Hutchinson’s statement that it’s “Andrew Smith at his Andrew Smithiest” If you’re familiar with Grasshopper Jungle and The Marbury Lens and The Alex Crow you maybe know a little what to expectI’m planning to listen to the audio as soon as that’s available arghhhhh probably months from now and in the meantime will probably reread this copy again because it’s been too long between Andrew Smith books and the withdrawal has been hard Very very hardI guess I’d better let my husband read it before I do that though since it’s his book and all Sighhhhhh————————— Finally finished reading this for the second time and just realized that my dog Sassy is basically Lourdes in canine form The farting and everything It’s kind of amazing

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Singly insane and cannibalistic and the Earth becomes a toxic wasteland the boys have to wonder if they’ll be stranded alone in space foreve. Have you read Andrew Smith If so you don't need an in depth description from me of his writing style Weird disjointed and disturbing his YA novels deliberately avoid similarity to anyone else's and that keeps me coming back for even though I can't be considered a fan Rabbit Robot relays the story of sixteen year olds Cager Messer and Billy Hinman Living on a future Earth dominated by war Billy tricks Cager into boarding the spaceship Tennessee to get him away from human civilization where Cager's addiction to a drug called Woz was on the verge of killing him The Messers are supremely wealthy due to the success of Rabbit Robot a television program created by Cager's father so a sabbatical on the Tennessee to defeat Cager's addiction is something they can afford Besides Rowan Cager's caretaker for as long as he can remember no other humans are on the ship; at least not as far as Cager and Billy are aware The massive cruise spaceship is manned by cogs realistic androids with specialized programming so they can manage the Tennessee indefinitely before returning to Earth Cager is irritated that Billy tricked him into boarding and he's in physical withdrawal from lack of Woz but vacation on a luxury spaceship isn't so bad Some cogs exhibit patently inappropriate social behavior but they can't help themselves; that's how their programming is written However the risué behavior gets out of hand when a worm infects the ship's cogs causing them to attack and devour one another Cager and Billy would be content to wait until they return to Earth to sort out the problemexcept that's never going to happen Reports indicate that society has finally collapsed under the weight of Earth's many wars Presumably nothing is left but the ruins of a civilization that couldn't overcome the barbarism of its own nature How do Cager and Billy feel about floating in a spaceship for the rest of their lives as one of only three humans still left When they investigate what caused the cogs to go cannibal they find surprising answers Does mankind have an enemy other than itself And are Cager and Billy less alone on the Tennessee than they knew Rabbit Robot the book not Mr Messer's television show isn't my style The ubiuitous bad language obscenity and cynical view of existence do nothing to nourish or fortify me which is why I read Much as in the author's Grasshopper Jungle the characters are slaves to their own whims and biological urges If you like fundamentally chaotic stories Rabbit Robot might be for you but I struggle to see the point I'll probably read Andrew Smith again though A creative mind like his is worth taking a glimpse at now and then


Rabbit RobotCager has been transported to the Tennessee a giant lunar cruise ship orbiting the moon that his dad owns by Billy and Rowan to help him shake. There are so many things going on in this book that I I'm going to need some time to think about them before I can write a coherent review This book is than inappropriate erections and day of the week underwear and cannibal robots It is to me an indictment of the single mindedness of our social media culture a discussion about the future and a peek into who we are and who we might become I'm not sure I agree with RR's worldview but I absolutely see it's point of view and think there's some really great and thoughtful insight here as well as a fun story It's Andrew Smith at his Andrew Smithiest and I'm always here for it