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Read & Download Ï Noah Could Never Noah Cant Even #2 ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB á Noah and Harry have gone from friends to boyfriends but is Noah ready for the differenceIt doesn't help that a group of French exchange students have descended on Little Fobbing including sexy Pierre Victoire AmondsB His PE teacher is getting suspicious cash infusions from Russia C A drag ueen is hiding out at Noah's house after a bare knuckled drag feud D Noah's made some uestionable life choices involving protein powderE Or NONE ALL OF THE ABO. I think this might be one of my favourite I LOVED the first volume and I think this was even better Noah is an amazing character; he is funny and cute clueless and crazy This book made me smile and laugh so many times I couldn't even count Moreover compared with the first one I think Noah Could Never had a bigger conflict Pierre I hated Pierre since he first made an appearance and I was SURE something wrong was going on with him view spoilerWhen he kissed Noah I wanted to throw the book on the window I really dislike this type of people hide spoiler

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Noah and Harry have gone from friends to boyfriends but is Noah ready for the differenceIt doesn't help that a group of French exchange students have descended on Little Fobbing including sexy Pierre Victoire who seems to have his eye on Ha. “There is no one better Noah No one will ever be like you There is only different And in the future everything is different So you can choose to live in the anxious misery of what might be or you can choose the glorious comfort of the here and now I would pick the now Tomorrow could be anything”I love Noah to pieces and I love how twisted and random his little brain is What I don't love is how mess somehow mixes in his everyday life; my boy can't catch a break Between freaking out about taking his relationship with Harry to the next level the French exchange students a drag ueen on the run a car following his every move and his half brother being shady as hell Noah really doesn't know how not to lose his mind And he barely succeeds in not doing soThis book is the usual hilarious rollercoaster one hell of an adventure It messed up with my feelings I felt so much for Noah and how his overthinking was going to ruin everything good he had going on in his life The feelings were really strong I was happy then mad then worried so much worried then I cried a bit worried a little then I finished the book and exhaled a long sigh of relief“I meant what I said Let’s not be interested in the rest of the world when we’re each other’s worlds”Noah and Harry have been boyfriends for two months; they’ve been kissing like crazy but Noah is scared to take things to a sexier level He thinks there is something wrong with him because he is a teenager so he should be thinking about sex at all times and he isn’t He is just too worried about what this means about what that can changed the perception Harry has of himself He doesn’t think he is enough for Harry; he is not manly enough he hasn’t got abs he worries about the most random things and his life has so much going on that it’s a miracle Harry found Noah interesting in the first placeSometimes having something really nice in your life was worse than not having it because it made you worries you were going to lose it And losing something is worse when you know just how wonderful that thing isI knew that Noah’s insecurities were going to bring problems to his relationship I worried so much about their happiness you’ll think they were my best friends Noah overthinks and by overthinking he makes one mistake after the other I was on edge all the time; I was on edge even as I was laughing my butt off at the hilarity of the situations Noah finds himself involvedThis might be London and it might all be very hip but they’d forgotten about the one thing that was always en vogue good grammarI love Noah so much his uirks and love for things done the right way He always tries his best even when life seems to be doing everything to throw things in his way He might think he is very unlucky in a lot of things but he doesn’t see just how lucky he actually is how many people are on his side and love him just the way he is“When you next see me I will have thwarted a criminal endeavour and been to London I will be a changed person Take a long hard look at the boy for he will return a man”I can’t write how many things are going on at the same time because trust me there are a lot of things going on in this book I guess you just need to read it and find out

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Noah Could Never Noah Cant Even #2Rry Meanwhile Noah's paired up with a girl who outrageously is German not even FrenchBut that's not all Noah's being followed By mysterious strangers in a black carIs it becauseA Noah's dad and secret half brother have stolen gran's fake di. I'm leaning towards 35 It was my hugely anticipated seuel and to some extend it disappointed me but not too badly I'll explain My one and only complain is that we don't get to see much of Noah and Harry and their developing new relationship Instead most of the first half of the book they barely get any scenes together which was very disappointing In the second half of the book there's finally Harry in it and we see of their relationship As this was supposed to be the book about 'will they or won't they' it was barely about that I thought I was going to get some awkward first intimate experiences but instead there were just a couple of those scenes though well written I must say Instead there's A LOT going on in this book and I was wondering was all of it even necessary I wish the author would have cut some of the 'drama' out and added Harry and Noah scenes When the thing with the goose happened I literary had to stop reading I rolled my eyes really hard and took a deep breath And only then I continued It felt too much and too cartoonist I wonder if this is all because of the 'cringe' aspect of the book If that's the case Noah and Harry's relationship was sacrificed in order to add so much of the cringe stuff and the drama happening around Noah But every scene Harry was in I loved it Actually I found that I enjoyed all scenes with Harry above all others I find Harry a very gentle caring yet a little cheeky character He is my absolute favorite gran is great as well and I melt every time he appears on the page So I probably repeat myself I wish we had of him On the whole I enjoyed the book it was my weekend read and it did get me to laugh at some places I liked the french boy arc it's not big but I was surprised by the small things he did and said at the end I love gran a lot she is so loving and has the best advice ever Noah was overboard in the seuel I feel like he was just in pieces getting himself in stupid unnecessary trouble all the time I feel like the first book was better thought out had longer scenes that were grounded in the moment The seuel flew by and we barely stopped at the important and serious scenes just touching up on them I felt like focus was placed on the crazyweird stuff happening around Noah and Noah being completely off the charts I also feel like I'm not sure why Harry likes Noah because Harry doesn't say much until the end I wish we got of his mind He says he likes Noah being weird and crazy I don't remember the exact uote but we don't get to see why we don't get to see scenes where they are doing weird crazy things together and enjoying it But the end was good Harry showed so much maturity I was uite surprised And when he hurt it tugged at my heart as well It's a long review and I think it shows how much I care about the book The seuel did not live up to the hype I created for myself but I still enjoyed it and still love Noah and Harry I will say that the second half of the book I liked than the first but on the whole it was great to see how the boys got along after they got together and to know what happens to them I think we now need the last book where they're together in university and Noah finally gets his shit together there is less weird stuff happening around him and of Harry But if it's the end for the boys the last sentence of the book is all I need to know about their future DEdit Also I feel really bad for not giving it a 100% positive review and 5 I'm being honest but I also feel like the author is a really nice person and I'm just not being very nice in return