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Read & Download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Alexis Marie Chute When Archie goes in search of his missing son Arden in the Spanish Canary Islands he stumbles upon a higher mission to save his ailing fourteen year old granddaughter Ella Using a portal jumping device called the Tillastrion Archie and a strange creature a Bangol named Zeno are transported along with a cruise ship full of people including Ella and her mother Tessa to a magnificent yet terrifying island in another. Thank you Iread Book Tours and Alexis Marie Chute for a complimentary copy I voluntarily reviewed this book All opinions expressed are my own Above The Star8th Island Trilogy #1By Alexis Marie Chute REVIEW ☆☆☆☆Isn't the cover of Above The Star fabulous I love the font and the color combo Alexis Marie Chute begins her 8th Island Trilogy with a wildly inventive and utterly uniue fantasy story about family hope and embracing whatever comes your way I've read my share of fantasies but this one is the most eccentric head shaking story of them all As characters go I applaud the author's ability to incorporate an elderly man a grandfather as a main character Plus a granddaughter and her mother in need of his help cements a family bond that is both relatable and rare at least in what I've read You will love the strong voices and authentic ualities flaws and all of these characters Their journey is a mind trip to an odd bizarre world that makes no sense but is so fascinating that you must keep reading Confusion stemming from unfamiliarity sets in at times for the reader but don't get lost in the unimaginable I simply absorbed the words which I found lyrical and vivid then continued on even if I didn't understand the story In my opinion this book is an experience that reuires the reader to banish preconceived notions about fantasy stories because you will not find those here But you will find loveable troubled characters with real life problems who somehow enter a new dimension filled with crazy insane this can't be real sights and sounds and life that reuires a letting go an acceptance of the unknown Let's not forget however that faith is often times the one thing that leads to saving grace Take a chance on this beyond strange story You'll be glad you did

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Free download Above the Star The 8th Island Trilogy #1 è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ì When Archie goes in search of his missing son Arden in the Spanish Canary Islands he stumbles upon a higher mission to save his ailing fourteen year old granddaughter Ella Using a portal jumping device cal Confusing new love triangle all while navigating the mysterious island in search of her daughter And unbeknownst to everyone there is an even greater foe to contend with a wicked star anchored in the sea beneath them that is poisoning the islandAn epic adventure of three unlikely heroes Above the Star reminds us that no matter how young or how old our bravery transforms not only our lives but the world around us. Above The Star is a thrilling adventure for a wide variety of ages The story is filled with action adventure love and sorrow The strength of the Wellesley Family is tested by forces both natural and magical and their journey will keep you on the edge of your seat The different ages of the main characters Grandpa Archie Mother Tessa and young Ella give a wonderful variety of perspectives on the events that transpire on their mission to find their missing Father Arden and the mysterious magical cure that could save Ella from the painful tumour growing inside her head The change of setting from the real world to the magical realm of Jarr Wya pulls the mind into a new world of possibilities where magical creatures reside holding mysteries and secrets that the Wellesley Family must overcome to locate the magical cure they seek to save the life of young Ella Having lost the ability to speak Ella tells her part of the story through images she draws which are illustrated in the book as well as through her thoughts as an inner dialogue This visual addition to the story is a fun way to show us as the readers how the author views her characters and how Ella sees the world around her All in all Above The Star is a wild ride and an amazing journey to take alongside these strong uirky and brave characters

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Above the Star The 8th Island Trilogy #1Realm a place called Jarr Wya where Archie hopes to locate Ella’s cure On Jarr Wya the Bangols battle the Olearons creatures made of fire and the evil Millia sands for control of Jarr Wya When Ella is captured by the Bangols her wit and resourcefulness emerge as she fights against all odds and against all manner of creatures to survive Meanwhile Tessa must confront her long buried secrets broken marriage and a. From my review at motherbookerblogcomAs soon as I read the summary for Above the Star I knew I wanted to read it It gave me ideas of Neil Gaiman The Princess Bride and plenty of other great fantasy tales I loved the idea of the triple perspectives of the different generations and was fascinated by Jarr Wya So when I was given the chance to read the book I leapt at it And I’ve never been happier about anything The book was utterly captivating from the first page onwards The characters are well written and feel natural They are presented realistically and all have obvious humans flaws Basically they’re all recognisable as people you will have experienced in real life The relationships between the three main characters are all wonderfully realised and they provide some great moments of emotion in the middle of all the epic fantasy As much as this book is about magic and strange creatures it is the tale of a family united through a difficult time It the story of love and how far someone will go to protect the people that mean the most to themBut that’s not to say the fantasy side of it doesn’t stand up The way that writer Alexis Marie Chute describes the lands of Jarr Wya is incredible The passages of description are so vivid and artistic that it’s so easy to transport yourself there The writing is lush and captivating but not in that Tolkien way where it becomes a bit much There is plenty of fun and silliness at work here to ensure everything stays well balanced As I’ve already mentioned there are shades of Neil Gaiman here and Chute is hardly afraid to put her characters in jeopardy This is a dark tale that skirts the edge of terror but is clever enough to never let its readers fall too far into the abyss It’s clever and addictive storytellingStorytelling is aided by Chute’s own artistic talents As Ella is unable to speak she must find ways to communicate with her the people she meets She is a talented artist and in some instances is able to bridge the gap using her drawings Along with the passages of Ella’s narration there are a handful of illustrations These little details are what really bring the book to life and make it almost impossible not to fully immerse yourself into life on Jarr Wya As much as I loved the writing in this book there was a little part of me that just wanted of these images They elevate the story to a greater levelI have to admit as excited as I was to read this novel I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect There was every chance that this could have just been another clichéd fantasy novel that is essentially a watered down version of Lord of the Rings or something Fantasy so much than other genres has the potential to be handled so badly Thankfully Above the Star manages to make something magical out of it It feels fresh and new I’m always dubious when a book describes itself as being unputdownable or something but I genuinely couldn’t wait to read it I was totally invested in this story and it’s all down to Chute’s writing It’s accessible but so full of detail I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trilogy has in store