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The Definition Of UsNormaladj Conforming to a standard; regular typical or expectedurban A word inapplicable to human beingsFlorence Round smooth and bumpy like a cobbled streetFlorence doesn't always see things the way other people do She feels differentWhen Florence meets Jasper Andrew and Wilf she can't imagine they'd h. You can find this review and on my blog at My Endless ShelfI really wasn't expecting to like this book as much as I did I absolutely love the characters and their varying personalities Each one is so distinct diverse and compelling and I love how well the author portrays mental health in all its variations The book is set in the UK which I really enjoyed Since I'm British I find I sometimes relate to books with familiar settings etc and it definitely felt that way with The Definition of Us Whilst reading this book it gave me a bit of a Breakfast Club vibe whilst also reminding me a little of Clean by Juno Dawson which I highly recommend if you haven't read itWhat I truly love the most about this book is how realistic the characters are they were so relatable and their journey both together and as individuals is really beautiful I can honestly say that this is the best book about mental health that I've read to date The representation understanding acceptance and relatability of mental health portrayed in this book was in my opinion flawless It's juxtaposed with sweetness humour romance and friendship and I enjoyed every minute of it I was so caught up in these characters and their stories that it was only when I'd finish did I realise I saw so much of myself in them Different insecurities worries and problems that I've struggled with throughout my life reflected back at me in these characters and I was left feeling better about myself​This book is about hope about strength and about how being human is complicated and that absolutely no one is perfect everyone is facing some form of internal struggle no matter how put together they seem on the outside I'm going to finish with a truly beautiful uote and encourage you all to read this bookThere is always a moment in the future you'll be glad you stuck around for

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characters É The Definition Of Us ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub é Normaladj Conforming to a standard; regular typical or expectedurban A word inapplicable to human beingsFlorence Round smooth and bumpy like a cobbled streetFlorence doesn't always see things the way other people do She feels differentWhen Florence meThem decide to track him downAs they cross the country in a 'borrowed' van asking each other Ultimate uestions and facing a series of challenges along the way they start to reveal their true selves and Florence realises there's to all of them than just a diagnosis Maybe they're not so different after al. Normal is overrated anywayI picked this up at one of those pop up book shops that appear in various shopping malls around our country You know the ones where every book is just 7 It wasn't until I started reading it that I realised it's a Young Adults story Oh well At least I'm young at heart despite the fact that my joints tell me I'm otherwiseLook it's not a bad story and it's aimed at raising the awareness of teens with disabilities of thought processing I liked the concept of an ADHD kid with anger issues an autistic kid a kid with anxiety and eating disorder and a girl with depression and anxiety all getting together for a field trip to find where their therapist disappeared to Of course the journey itself proves to be therapeutic than the therapist himself However a great concept does not make a great book The writing style was a bit bland at times but uite interesting at others I liked that Florence kept a list of words she liked and some she didn't She also kept a list of names of her favourite characters which I liked a LOT; Boo Radley and Pippi Longstocking in particular I feel the whole thing could have been pepped up a bit with some drama and the ending was a bit too sudden However I read the whole thing not just because I wanted my seven bucks worth but because it was reasonably entertaining

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Ave much in common with at least five mental health conditions between them they all have very different reasons for being referred to Manor Lane Therapy CentreIt's only when their therapist Howard goes missing that they find a common purpose Worried by his disappearance and wanting answers the four of. I received an ARC of The Definition of Us from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review This in no way affects my opinion of the bookI tend to shy away from books that have mental health as the main plot I’ve struggled with a few things for over four years and I still find myself unable to face it all I read to distract myself from them so I try not to bleed the lines together I think mental health is something that people should write read and talk about but my avoidant personality makes it difficult to really let it in and I don’t have many good memories or experiences with hospitals and therapy either I don’t like to think back on them at all but this story was so different So beautiful and refreshing It made me feel hopeful Like I can try again and not have a shit time I’m lucky that the past few contemporaries about mental health have had nothing but positive hopeful influences on me And this book is definitely one of themIn The Definition of Us I met characters that struggled with mental health issues but were not their illnesses There was so much depth to them so much For example Florence wasn’t her depression She was a curious girl who loved words; the sound and feel of them She was headstrong and brave thoughtful to the point of my breaking my heart and considerate Her voice was so distinct and interesting I often felt myself echoed in her You could really empathize with her and her way of thinking and seeing things made it so easy to love her She was soreal I understood her perfectly Some chapters really made my chest ache because so many of it was real for me as well Depression takes a lot out of someone It has taken of me than I want it to but with Florence she took back from it I was so proud I teared up because she was crazy amazing towards the end Brave and incredible GOD I LOVED HERThen we have Jasper who was – is – one of my favourite characters in contemporary YA There was so much to like about him – he was uirky funny sweet He liked to say he was 90% happy most of the time but the other 10% would sometimes take hold This is how I feel all the time One of my favourite things about his character was that he was a boy with an eating disorder Harris was able to raise the fact that boys and men suffer from eating disorders just as much as girls and women – this is something I wish there was of And it wasn’t that he lived off salad and wouldn’t eat unhealthy things – no he loved chocolate an unhealthy food He simply struggled to eat other things and sometimes experienced anxiety from the thought of them Harris did a brilliant job of raising the fact that eating disorders are beyond a certain confined criteria – there is to our relationship with food than others see As someone who has an eating disorder Jasper was – is – a well loved character who allowed me to face a few of my fears without letting them take over And though this story is told in Florence’s perspective Jasper existed between the lines and the way she saw him made him so vibrant and alive on the pageAndrew had ASD and often spiraled uickly into anxiety when things didn’t go to plan But boy he was amazing I tell you He was a highly intelligent boy filled to the brim with random interesting facts who was always honest even though his truths were brutal and all he wanted was to be liked by the people around him He didn’t understand many social situations the way the others did but that’s not to say he didn’t try He did and I was so proud of him in the latter half He was the brain of the adventure and it was just so fun to read him experience new things – it really made you root for him really made you appreciate him He was honestly the nicest sweetest boy I wished and wished that the people who bullied him in the past had just taken the time to see him talk to him Get to know him He was bright and brilliant and I just really wanted him to be happyAnd then we have Wilf who had ADHD and a fiery temper But beneath all his false bravado was a vulnerable scared boy who was terrified of ending up alone and stuck in a job that wasn’t him He was soreal and raw I really felt for him He was considerate and thoughtful than people gave him credit for He was funny and honest and the banter between him and Andrew made way for a bright friendship that really lifted my spirits It was also great to see him through Florence’s eyes He was difficult at first but along the way he began to shed his armor and really lay himself bare with them which goes to show how much he came to trust them and consider them as friends He was truly wholesome and heartfelt Even now my chest aches for himThe charactersare so incredibly wonderful They were mentally ill characters who actually wanted to get better and I found that so so inspiring Hopeful It was easy to read this book unlike others I’ve read in the past because it didn’t feel like I was reading about mental health and the spiral into darkness – it was them finding the light and each other It read like a roadtrip a really fun one full of crazy blunders and a thrilling chaseThe writing was beautiful I especially enjoyed the snippets of Florence’s notebook in between the chapters It allowed another look into her life and their awesome con