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Salt Author Hannah Moskowitz Download ✓ 2 Í Even though their parents disappeared during a hunt three months ago seventeen year old Indi and his siblings Beleza Oscar and Zulu continue to roam the Mediterranean on their sailboat and hunt down monsters but Indi yearns for a settled life for his family and he hopes that his parents' jourThe Mediterranean on their sailboat and hunt down monsters but Indi yearns for a settled life for his family and he hopes that his parents' journal. Considering how off the wall Moskowitz's A HISTORY OF BLOOD AND GLITTER was and yet how much I enjoyed that weirdness I was really looking forward to this orphans on a boat hunting seamonsters story Except this was just an uninteresting kind of weird It felt a little Supernatural y with the family of monster hunters except on boats with a pair of missing and or dead parents and while that should have endeared it to me I didn't The family dynamic between the siblings as not great though realistic I suppose and yet the story was too short to expand on any kind of worldbuilding It ended up jumping around a lot and ultimately it felt like a snapshot of something instead of a full story and I couldn't invest in itI had no issue with the writing but unfortunately I can't round up on this I didn't hate it but at the same time there wasn't anything to recommend it either I'm pretty disappointed because this could have been amazing Oh well I received an ARC from Edelweiss and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review

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Even though their parents disappeared during a hunt three months ago seventeen year old Indi and his siblings Beleza Oscar and Zulu continue to roam. This was an absolutely precious book about siblings and sea monsters And I have EMOTIONS I honestly love sibling books above all else and tie it up with monsters It's like Supernatural but with adorable little kids and beautiful writing and uiet sadness and boats ūüėćAnd I'd only read Teeth by this author before this so I love all her words Basically these 4 siblings are sea monster hunters after their parents go missingAnd they're also lowkey a trying to find their parents and b playing to slay the monster that might be the blame Indi is the 2nd oldest 16 I think and he totally thinks they're orphans But his older sister Beleza is viciously holding out hope to find them And they're like on this tiny dingy horrible little boat LOADED UP WITH WEAPONS and they're off to cut off monsters heads An indestructible foursome omg I just love love love all 4 of the siblingsIt's such a small book but they all INSTANTLY became alive and they were each so dynamic and complex and stooole my heartBeleza She is SO STABBY She will shoot all the monsters in the eye with her crossbow and she is like the protective mother bear you won't ever crossIndi he is so soft‚ĄĘ and omg I love soft boys like nothing else He's basically the mum sibling and patches everyone up and also haaates killing monsters He's aware he's seriously codependent on his siblings though and he hates it but he can't stopOscar He's 12 and the utter Slytherin Like he totally steals and schemes and he's pretty aggressive but also adorableZulu SHE IS SO CUTE She's 6 and heckkk she is the one who cuts up the monsters for meat afterwards who the frick gave the 6 year old a knife and she's hyper and adorable and thoroughly annoying and reminds me of alllll my siblings Well done I just loved their bond omgAnd it was MESSY and they often hated each other but they love each other so bad I think they're also biracial and they spoke a lot of languages and really had no home except for their boat I did think it was weird they didn't speak English though Like they spoke bits of 4 other languages but English is the most universal so um ok My only disappointment is that it could've been fleshed out It's very VERY short which is fine because I love short books but there were so many scenes that just zoomed past so fast I would've liked to go into depth Have description We stopped by a ton of cool countries but like 3% description had me not seeing it at all And the ending was so fast it nearly felt anticlimactic not UITE but nearly Plus ngl I just wanted time with these four before it finishedSO THIS WAS GOOD AND STOLE MY HEART It was such a fantastic mixture of knives and teeth and salt and blood contrasted with a protagonist with the softest heart and the confusing of wanting but feeling unwanted and needing but not knowing what you need It is sWEET AND MURDEROUS and I just love that combination ahhhhSometimes I would trade all of the little nothing I have just to know what it is I really want

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Salt Author Hannah MoskowiWith its tantalizing hints of a treasure will provide them all with the means of escape from their nomadic and dangerous life before it is too late. You can find the full review and all the fancy andor randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 35Actual salt is my least favorite part of the oceansea true story That is mostly a random fact not having a ton to do with this book but it does explain why I was nodding along every time Indi was salty about its effects Pun terrible and wholly intended Look this is a uirky little story one that I found fast paced and uite enjoyable Hannah Moskowitz is pretty great at uirky and this is no exception It's pretty short I finished it in just a few hours so don't expect a ton of world building and character development but it also never dragsMy favorite part of the book of course is the sibling relationship Indi loves his siblings with everything he's got and after their parents' disappearance they've become a cohesive foursome They keep the family business of sea monster hunting going even if Indi kind of wishes he could work in a Dunkin Donuts or something The book really focuses on their relationships and dynamic and how a person knows whenif it's okay for them to venture out and forge their own pathOf course the sea monsters are dangerous and some of the human people they meet even so Indi basically must decide Does he live the life that his parents wanted that his siblings still want him to live or does he choose his own path And if he does what will that mean for their family unit who has never been apart