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The Demon Race Read & Download ê 5 Ú A race across the desert An unimaginable prizeIt occurs once every thousand years the Demon Race A test of will and strength it is a race across the Saraj a fight for the prize of a lifetime And it is the key to Namali Hafshar’s freedomWhen shy seventeen year old Namali learns of her arranged marriage she flOf her arranged marriage she flees home and enters the Demon Race for the chance to change her fate But to compete she must cross the Saraj on a daeva a shadow demon that desires its own reward to infect her soul with darknessNamali soon learns the desert holds dangers than mee. I want to thank Alexandria Warwick for writing this novel and providing me with an ARC of The Demon Race in exchange for an honest review All uotes were taken from an advanced reader’s copy and may be subject to change Choice The word meant nothing and everything Nothing because she'd never had a choice and everything for the same reason The Demon Race is a gripping book filled with wonderful mythology and world building It’s set in the depths of a desert a place that holds a lot of secrets and at its heart a wish It's a book about freeing yourself from oppression about standing up for yourself and fighting for yourself all elements which Alexandria Warwick wove beautifully into this story and which made The Demon Race such an important bookNamali the protagonist has a certain darkness insider her heart that's why I think everyone who enjoys morally grey characters will absolutely adore this She's also determined and doesn’t give up doesn’t back down even when all the odds are against her In this regard The Demon Race is a deeply empowering book and a feminist story nonetheless Namali goes through a lot of development and that is something I love most in books I think she turns into something completely different from where she started and the journey she went through was exciting to read about “Invisible but no longer She had two hands and a will carved of black stone” The world building is also wonderful and so is the writing It’s like being right there in the desert the Saraj and Alexandria Warwick really knows how to make readers feel like they’re right there with the characters And yet there are things that I did not love but I think a lot of them are just my personal preference This is a novel filled with a lot of plot and sometimes it felt like the development of the characters suffered a bit from that One character especially comes to mind and I would have liked to get to know about his motives —generally I would have loved to learn about what is in the hearts of the different characters as I feel like only Namali's motives were really known she wanted to be free But what about Sameen for example What did he see in Namali that inspired him so much What about the merchant Be brave Namali She tucked a thin sheet around her shoulders No one will be brave for you All in all I think this is a wonderful debut The world building is excellent filled with long days in the desert towns I’d like to explore and a lot of fascinating history I enjoyed the mythology behind the world of The Demon Race a lot and I’d love to see of it But as I’m a person who needs to connect to the characters of a story this might just not be the perfect book for me I really enjoyed the development of the protagonist but overall I wanted to get to know the characters wanted to know about their desires and their fears their hopes and their wishes

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Ts the eye The only person she can trust is Sameen a kind competitor seeking his own destiny As her affection for him grows however so too does the darkness in her heartIn this race of men and demons only one can win But the price of winning might be than Namali is willing to pa. Full review on my blog Storied Adventures45 STARSI reserve 5 stars for books I will definitely re read I just don't know yet if this will be one of themThis book was freaking good A surprisingly thought provoking read There were three moral lessons that I got 1 Just because your circumstances or people around you might be bad at the time doesn't give you the right to rage at the world You CAN choose good despite what life throws at you And yes it's the hardest thing in the world to choose good sometimes2 Forgiveness was actually really beautifully done and I applaud the author for it Because heaven forbid we forgive someone who wronged us 3 No matter how much you are suffering it does not give you the right to treat people horribly Everyone has struggles Loved the writing style Loved the character development Also this was a clean book Dare I say this reminded me slightly of The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis

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The Demon RaceA race across the desert An unimaginable prizeIt occurs once every thousand years the Demon Race A test of will and strength it is a race across the Saraj a fight for the prize of a lifetime And it is the key to Namali Hafshar’s freedomWhen shy seventeen year old Namali learns. The Demon Race was intense and edgy But it wasn’t just about a dangerous race across the desert for a prize It was about a race to survive a journey of self discovery It was about the struggle between light darkness and the balance betweenAlexandria built an incredible world and story here There was layer upon layer of rich detail that drew me in and kept me turning the pages At any given point I felt like I was in the middle of the Saraj desert with Namali The writing was vivid and beautifulI loved how Alexandria took inspiration from very real struggles of women from the middle east and incorporated that in to Namali’s story Namali wasn’t just fighting to survive a very dangerous race involving demons She was also fighting an arranged marriage and the oppression of women She was fighting to figure out who she was deep inside and desperately fighting the darkness withinNamali was such a strong character She really grew in strength and courage as the story went on She started off not really knowing who she was since she was held down by the practices of her village but she found her determination to change her situation by fighting for her life in the raceThis story was exciting highly developed and very deep I loved learning the history of the world and its deities I enjoyed getting to know Namali and Sameen and watching them both change and grow as they made their way through the race an got to know each other And I loved learning the story behind the race and witnessing the danger of it This book could have been made in to an amazing movie like HidalgoThank you to the author for providing me with this ARC in exchange for my honest review