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Rogue Protocol review é 3 ☆ Who knew being a heartless killing machine would present so many moral dilemmasSci fi’s favorite antisocial AI is back on a mission The case against the too big to fail GrayCris Corporation is floundering and importantly authorities are beginning to ask uestions about where Dr Mensah's SecUnit isAnd Murderbot would rather thThough it just wants to be left alone away from humanity and small talkRead Rogue Protocol and find out why Hugo Award winner Ann Leckie wrote I love MurderbotAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM appli. Urban fantasy has made it to the broken assassinbot AI stage in a big way Just as much internal monologues as the other field but this is entirely a corporatespaceshipsplanetary colonies kind of popcorn fictionIs this is as good as the other two delicious entries I think so Maybe not uite as interesting as the last but introducing the near skinjob Miki who is treated at worst as a pet and at best as a valued member of the team was a real treat for us if not for our favorite broken assassinbot just trying to make ends meet long enough to watch her favorite SF soap operas And trying not to care whether her clients kick it of course Frankly these novellas are smooth as silk and enjoyable no matter what goes on in them I blame it on our MC robot Her ruminations into her nature and her abilities and her interpersonal growth when it comes to the other robots she meets could make even watching paint dry rather interesting Even so it's a good thing we're ripping heads off bad guys and dealing with the intrigue of pretending to be someone's chattel or pretending to be human sometimes successfully while always running the risk of becoming a major scary target because she is what she isOngoing goodness Yes Very enjoyable

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Who knew being a heartless killing machine would present so many moral dilemmasSci fi’s favorite antisocial AI is back on a mission The case against the too big to fail GrayCris Corporation is floundering and importantly authorities are beginning to ask uestio. 45 stars Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Martha Wells’ endearingly grumpy cyborg Security Unit Murderbot returns with a vengeance in Rogue Protocol the third novella in the MURDERBOT DIARIES series In Rogue Protocol Murderbot heads off to Milu a deserted terraforming facility in space to investigate the past of a murky group called GrayCris which we originally met in the first book in this series the Nebula award winning All Systems Red GrayCris appears to be intent on illegally collecting the extremely valuable remnants of alien civilizations To all appearances Milu is an abandoned project of GrayCris but Murderbot suspects based on its online research that GrayCris may have been secretly using Milu as a cover for its recovery operations for alien remnants If Murderbot can find proof of these illegal operations on Milu the legal case against GrayCris will become much compelling and perhaps people will forget about a certain SecUnit that has mysteriously gone astrayAs always with its plans Murderbot thinks it’s going to do this thing all by itself; as usual a group of humans that desperately needs its help causes a change of plans for our deeply introverted SecUnit Masuerading as a technologically augmented human security consultant rather than a cyborg Murderbot find that the bot driven transport spaceship needs its intervention to mediate conflicts between its passengers “If you bother her again I will break every bone in your hand and arm It will take about an hour” Once Murderbot reaches Milu it finds the facility isn’t entirely abandoned a team of humans along with two suspicious security consultants and a chipper human form robot assistant called Miki are on an excursion to investigate Milu as well Murderbot scrambles to convince Miki and through Miki the rest of the team that Murderbot is authorized to be on the site as additional security help And then the team is attacked Murderbot’s system hacking strategizing and enemy ass kicking talents continue to develop and amaze in Rogue Protocol and are just a complete joy to read about Even Murderbot’s interpersonal relationship abilities develop despite all of its intentions otherwise Murderbot does a lot of internal grumping about the various shortcomings of humans bots and other sentient beings but when they need its help and protection somehow Murderbot never fails to throw itself into the frayMurderbot is also taken aback by the rather childlike bot Miki’s claim of friendship with its human owner Don Abene and even dumbfounded to find that Don Abene considers Miki a friend as well Murderbot’s interactions with them prompt it to reevaluate its own relationships with humans especially Dr Mensah Murderbot’s legal ownerThese introspective moments combined with Wells’ deft hand at creating a believable universe filled with advanced technology some compelling action and Murderbot’s dryly humorous voice make Rogue Protocol a SF novella that’s both fascinating and enjoyable This is DEFINITELY a series worth reading if you like science fiction and very possibly even if you’re not generally a SF fan The fourth novella in this series Exit Strategy will be published October 2 2018Initial comments 45 stars Can’t stop to write a review right now; have to dive into the 4th book ETA So I had a major MURDERBOT DIARIES reading binge last night My excuse is that I'm down with strep throat and can'

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Rogue ProtocolNs about where Dr Mensah's SecUnit isAnd Murderbot would rather those uestions went away For goodMartha Wells' Rogue Protocol is the third in the Murderbot Diaries series starring a human like android who keeps getting sucked back into adventure after adventure. I’m going to stop reviewing these books because I’m not going to lie this entire volume could be about Murderbot laughing at a cat video and I would enjoy it I love the uestions this series brings up of what makes a human and I’m increasingly feeling like the answers are coming and coming fast I love the fast paced plot I love the sweet human side characters I love the tidbits of wordbuilding we get here i know I never say this but I want and I adore the humor Reading about an AI making fun of how annoying humans are with comments like “not that I’m bitter or anything” no I’m not kidding is really just the epitome of fun and I would like to continue doing it until the day I die My reviews of book one and book two will be linked when they appear