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Dark Mind Rising (The Dark Intercept, #2) Summary ☆ 102 » When the state is no longer watching what will you give to feel safeNew Earth 2296 Two years after the destruction of a universal surveillance system called the Intercept New Earth struggles to keep crime under control The citizens are free but not protectedViolet CrWhen the state is no longer watching what will you give to feel safeNew Earth 2296 Two years after the destruction of a universal surveillance system called the Intercept New Earth struggles to keep crime under co. HUGE content warning for suicide HUGE Don’t read this book if you aren’t comfortable reading fairly graphic descriptions of said act I’m usually a fairly robust reader and this made me super uncomfortable I appreciate this is the point it’s supposed to be unsettling but reader discretion is advisedThis is possibly just me but I personally feel that the alcoholic or heavy drinking lonely damaged PI character is a little bit overdone Obviously the classic example of this kind of character is usually male so there is some differentiation there and I do think it is important to address the trauma that a character went through in the first book and the lasting effects of that trauma Just because you saved the world doesn’t magically make you happy All the same I felt like this idea didn’t uite work I think I wasn’t uite clear on why she became a PI when it so obviously wasn’t really working out for her Perhaps that is me misremembering or forgetting something key from the first book entirely plausible but I wasn’t totally clear on Violet’s motivationsI thought that the way the book built up the threat levels was very well done What starts as a series of albeit horrifying situations builds to the potential to be truly devastating whether that happens or not you’ll have to find out by reading it It’s like the horror movie problem if you can’t see the monster if you don’t fully understand it then it’s so much terrifying By making part of the mystery finding out why these bad things are happening and what the person behind them wants the threat level is raised to a much higher level I’m probably overanalysing it but it worksOne thing I did enjoy was once again the separation between new and old earth This isn’t as important in this book as it is in the first one but there are some interesting ideas in there about preservation and permanence which I think were good ideas to bring up especially in a time where everything feels very disposableThis is a difficult read in uite a few moments as I say reader discretion is advised but it is a good way of building on some of the ideas of the first book I would say that you probably need to have read The Dark Intercept to get the full force of this book as it feels very much like a seuelMy rating 35 starsI received a free digital advanced review copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own

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Ntrol The citizens are free but not protectedViolet Crowley the eighteen year old daughter of New Earth's founder has opened Crowley Associates a private detective agency to handle the overflow from the overburden. Not reading the first book will be a problem for readers The other problem is the pacing and some of the big action scenes many were too fast to figure out what exactly was happening while others seemed poorly plottedeARC provided by publisher

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Dark Mind Rising The Dark Intercept #2Ed police forceViolet's first case a death written off as a suicide becomes an obsession Soon a series of similar deaths leads Violet to believe the Intercept is not only still running it's in the hands of a kille. Violet and Kendall destroyed almost all of the Intercept a system used to maintain societal order using the emotions Two years later Violet has her own detective agency and Kendall is in the new police force When Violet is hired to look into a recent suicide she wants to chalk it up to the denial of a mental health issue When a double suicide follows Violet becomes concerned especially when Rez her friend from work informs her of a possible Intercept use Now she’s racing the clock determined to find out who may have started up the Intercept again but with even worse intentionsKeller’s seuel to The Dark Intercept starts two years later Some situations like her father’s placement in a home and the change in her former love interest have changed dramatically making it difficult to connect the two stories together There are some notes that are forgotten like the fact that Violet shouldn’t go back to Old Earth or she would suffer health issues as Violet makes multiple trips back without repercussions The characters are flat and the love interest is forced This series is sufficient if no other reading material is available but not something to recommend Reviewed for City Book Review