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Unclaimed Baggage characters ä 107 ✓ In Jen Doll's young adult debut novel Unclaimed Baggage Doris a lone liberal in a conservative small town has mostly kept to herself since the terrible waterslide incident a few years ago Nell had to leave behind her best friends perfect life and too good to be true boyfriend in Chicago to move to Alabama GrIn Jen Doll's young adult debut novel Unclaimed Baggage Doris a lone liberal in a conservative small town has mostly kept to herself since the terrible waterslide incident a few years ago Nell had to leave behind her best frien. 2 starsYou ever find yourself reading a contemporary novel and wanting to know the message behind the story That's me And I did not find the message in Unclaimed BaggageEven as I'm writing this I'm having a hard time trying to come up with how I genuinely feel about this book There are powerful messages throughout the story calling out sexism double standards racism etc Except the story itself is lost among those messages Unclaimed Baggage follows three teens working at a store where they sell stuff that belonged in suitcases that were never claimed at airports We have Doris a liberal living in a conservative town Nell fresh out of Chicago trying to cope with the move And Grant the town golden boy football star who is no longer the golden boy They form a friendship all while trying to deal with their personal livesIn hindsight the plot sounds fun and maybe even cute based on the cover The cover sure is cute But the story was just bland As mentioned earlier Unclaimed Baggage does deal with important topics that are very much relevant to today's time Stuff is called out and Jen Doll does a great job at this Not only that but she also does bring up the issue of stereotyping people based on states Like how not everyone from the south is racist and not everyone in the north is accepting of others This I feel like was the best part of the storyUnfortunately the rest of it was just bad While the story does bring up important issues the story and characters themselves are sacrificed for those issues They were cast aside and weren't given the proper development throughout the storyThe characters were completely underdeveloped and almost acted like caricatures instead of actual peopleDoris is a liberal living in a conservative state that isn't afraid to speak out her mind and call out people for being ignorant That's great Except that is her only personality other than being that weird girl That trope has been seen dozens of times but for the most part the characters who are in that trope have distinct characteristics that make them different instead of being the stereotypical weird person Doris is a character with a good heart but doesn't have any distinguishing personalities at allPlus Doris pulled the I'm not like the other girls card which made me put the book down for 10 seconds before continuing News flash Doris you're not special just because you're not like other girls Sorry to break it to youNell started out strong but ended up being another bland character She starts off mad for her mom making the family move to a different state Nell leaves behind her friends and boyfriend and isn't sure how she'll adapt to her new life Then she meets Doris and she becomes just as bland as Doris It's like all of Nell's issues were completely tossed out the window and she became a carbon copy of Doris That isn't an exaggeration There were times where I confused the two because they sound the sameGrant is the only character that has any development but even that is marred with flaws He is an alcoholic not a spoiler it's mentioned early on in the story and has fallen from grace as the town's golden boy I did sort of like him but even then he had his moments of being bland I would say he is the developed out of the three characters But when he is with Doris and Nell I did feel his characterization was halted at the expense of wacky moments with Doris and NellAnother issue was the rushed friendship between the three characters They became friends too uickly and that struck me as odd When Doris and Nell are introduced they don't know much about each other but in a matter of seconds they become BFFs If it were that easy I would have hundreds of friends Then Grant comes into the mix and they're all friends I didn't find any of it believableMy next issue is what I had with part II of the book There are three parts in the book Part I II and III Part II is just filler I could've gone through the story without that part It was completely unnecessary The last and main issue is the message behind the story On the cover it says Life can be heavy Learn to travel light The message is that it is OK to let go some of the baggage you have in your life If there is something holding you down you have to learn to let it go if you want to have a life that will make you happy However however that message is completely lost in the story Grant is the only one who has baggage he needs to let go whereas Doris and Nell are just there in the background I kept waiting for the message to be mentioned and the only times it was it was there for only a few seconds before going into something completely irrelevant Verdict Unclaimed Baggage brings up important social issues that are done well But the story and characters are pushed aside and are not as well developed Static characters and a lost message Unclaimed Baggage was a serious disappointmentThanks for reading my review Cesar

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Summer job working in a store called Unclaimed Baggage cataloging and selling other people's lost luggage Together they find that through friendship they can unpack some of their own emotional baggage and move on into the futur. Rating 255 This story follows three teens and through their three different perspectives we follow them and their experience working at Unclaimed Baggage a store in small town Alabama that literally sells the contentns of baggage not retrieved at airports We have Doris a native of the town who has worked at Unclaimed Baggage for a while and often finds her self suffocated and misunderstood in small town Alabama A lot progressive then her family and surrounding townspeople she finds refuge in the lost items of other people Nell has recently been transplanted unwillingly from Chicago and has been hired at Unclaimed Baggage It doesn't take long before she and Doris become close friends and Nell starts to hope that she can be happy in her new town And then there is Grant former star of the highschool football team he has found himself in some trouble He is battling an addiction and recovering from some poor choices when he is told to take a job at Unclaimed Baggage by his mother who hopes it will keep him out of troubleThe story follows their friendship and how they bond with one another and overcome life's challenges together I admit that I originally DNF'd this book I had gotten to part that so enraged me I could not see passed it and had to put it down on why in a bit After a day had passed and I was over the initial rage I felt I decided that my completionist self would at the very least hate read this until I was done So I picked it back up and luckily I was pleasantly surprised by the last thirdSo let's talk about it1 Until the last third of the book there was almost no point or plot to the story Jen Doll seemed to have a lot to say about serious issues like underage drinking drunk driving sexual assault and sexism but these topics were just thrown into a light hearted contemporary with no real depth to them again until the last third and she did this so often that it was at great sacrifice to the plot and the characters 2 On the note of plot almot the entire second section was completely unnecessary to the story Doll basically just used it as a way to have the characters spend time together but there was no real purpose 3 On this same note I found myself very disconnected to the story and characters as whole primarily because I had a very hard time distinguishing the voices of Nell and Doris I constantly confused the two when I was reading their viewpoints as they were fairly underdeveloped and felt a bit bland 3 I had a hard time accepting the friend group because the friendship between the three was almost immediate That was unrealistic for several reasons 1 Doris and Grant have somewhat of a history and not a great one from Doris's perspective Grant doesn't have the best reputation and has been a previous source of pain for Doris 2 Grant is dealing with the aftermath of some terrible choices he made choices that hurt a lot of people and were uite humiliating to Grant himself Yet very early on in their friendship with almost no prodding he tells this entire tale to these girls which on its own was unrealistic But they both just accept this truth with no real ualms which might be okay except Doris was already wary of Grant to begin with 4 I also had a problem with some of the cultural and political commentary that Doll weaves throughout the book she makes very pointed and critical statements about the South painting it in a very stereotypical light casting all the religious conservatives as wrong but the progressive characters as right which made it seem as though she was including her own political preferences through Nell and Doris attempting to make them these ultra cool left wing feminists whiles failing to note the hypocrisy in some of the statements she made It was almost as if she was trying so hard to make her points heard that she found any way to do that For example in that totally uncessary Section 2 the trio is going to the Fourth of July balloon festival and camp out One morning Grant and Doris are strolling and they find a deflated hot air balloon that has come unmoored and caught in some trease Doris investigates seeing the letters PL on it and automatically deduces that this was a Planned Parenthood balloon and starts discussing how people have tried to ban Planned Parenthood in the pastyada yadaSeriously This randomly lost baloon with just the letters PL on it is Planned Parenthood And then they just so happen to meet the people who lost the balloon at which point Doll takes the opportunity to discuss the importance of PP's mission Yeahthat wasn't convenient at all Honestly I don't care what your political views are You may agree with every statement that Doll makes here but blatantly throwing it in the plot for no reason is ridiculous and pushy The one that really did it was this gem on page 249If you're wearing a Civil War uniform you're still pretending to be someone who fought to keep slavery legal in America You may not 'mean' to support it but you are And how do you think people who aren't white feel when they see that guy in the uniformI'll just stop there I think it is safe to say that we all understand racism and slavery are wrong But this paragraph just takes such a complex issues as the Civil War and slavery gives a very basic and undeveloped commentary on it and puts it in there for almost no reason at all Not only does it fail to truly understand the whole depth of the Civil War but fails to understand that there were black people who did support the Confederacy and that there were black slave owners as well It was not a black and white issueliterally Perhaps the only thing I truly loved consistently about this story was the setting behind it This was the first and only time I read a story that dealt with what happens when luggage goes unclaimed and I found it both fun and fascinating I admit that Part Three of the story picked up a great deal and Doll managed to develop the friendship a bit and actually imparted some good lessons such as the idea that though there are shitty people in this world most people are good But I still don't think it was enough to truly save this story for me especially after the fustercluck that was that Part Two It started off so fun and cute I thought it would be the perfect light read But as it went on I found so many issues with the story and halfway through the book I found myself angry that it wasn't over and then angrier over the unsolicited politcal commentary thrown in And then you have the third part is what you would expect from a solid contemporary Though I am glad I pushed myself to finish and ended up getting out of it than I though I could I would not recommend this story Seriously There are so many contemporaries that are done so much better than this one Choose those

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Unclaimed BaggageDs perfect life and too good to be true boyfriend in Chicago to move to Alabama Grant was the star uarterback and epitome of Mr Popular whose drinking problem has all but destroyed his life What do these three have in common A. 35 stars I’m really into stories where people are brought together by circumstance and end up growing into who they really are because of those relationships and experiences Loved the added bonus of the Unclaimed Baggage store as a setting too