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free read Missing author Sue Whiting ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ý What do you hope for when there is no hope In search of this answer award winning Australian author Sue Whiting delivers a confronting mystery for younger readersMackenzie da Luca’s mother is missing – she’s vanished without a trace in the junglHer dad are in those same jungles Her dad is desperate to find out what’s happened to his wife And Mackenzie is desperate to make sure he doesn?. This is one of those stories whose emotional magnetic pull refuses to abate until the painful end The awful reality of not knowing and having to mentally compensate for the abnormal and irrational situation of a person suddenly absent from our lives is knotted convincingly together in this haunting narrative by WhitingChapters representing before and after snapshots of Mackenzie da Luca's life following the disappearance of her mother fire with an intensity that keeps you page turning and guessing at outcomes It also fills you with a certain hope which I can only guess is a fraction of the emotional torment of those left behind never knowing what's become of their missing loved ones must experienceHumour abject despair and hopelessness balances frank tween conjecture as Mackenzie attempts to make sense of the wretched situation she her father and nan are enduring Whiting maintains pressure on the tension pedal until the last desperate chapters where the then and now collide finally providing Mackenzie with the answers she was searching for Affecting poignant and awfully engrossing this book will sadden and assuage simultaneously

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What do you hope for when there is no hope In search of this answer award winning Australian author Sue Whiting delivers a confronting mystery for y. A heart wrenching page turning young adult novel by Sue Whiting missing is one to readYou’ll be immersed on the awful emotional journey a young girl named Mackenzie must take as she learns her mother has gone missingHer mother is a scientist with a specialty in bats She travels the world speaking at conferences and out in the field discovering new bats and disease seen in themMackenzie’s mother hasn’t returned from her recent trip to Bouete in Panama – and hasn’t been in contact in any form No one has seen her and as to her whereabouts there are mixed messagesNo one is telling her anything and the police can’t find herShe clings onto anything she can to feel like her mother is still alive and it isn’t until she does some of her own detective work that she comes to learn what really happensYou won’t be expecting the ending and you’ll be drawn in by the strength displayed by Mackenzie a year 6 girl on the cusp of high schoolSo many people go missing every year in Australia and although many are found many are notTake a read of this to see how those who are left behind feel throughout the searching process

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Missing author Sue WhitiOunger readersMackenzie da Luca’s mother is missing – she’s vanished without a trace in the jungles of Panama Now 116 days later Mackenzie and. by Sue Whiting is a debut children’s novel about a young girl’s search for her missing mother It explores family friendship and love The book also shows readers what it’s like when a family is searching for answers — when people are struggling to cope with the unknown and they feel forced to take matters into their own hands “My face is burning up Memories are too hard I try to shove it out of my head — it’s safe that way — but it won’t budge and I’m already back at the gallery and thinking about how we strolled around and my scientific mother tried her best to look intrigued”This is an incredibly emotional debut It’s told from the perspective of Mackenzie after her mother has been missing for a number of weeks Her and her father venture to Panama after local authorities fail to locate Mackenzie’s mother This is a confronting read Over the course of the novel we are thrust back into the past so we can come to understand how strong Mackenzie’s connection was with her mother and just how special she was in their lives The disappearance of Mackenzie’s mother has a monumental effect on her life and it’s pretty heartbreaking to read thisMissing is warm and touching but it’s also heartbreaking You follow Mackenzie and her father as they try to find this missing piece of them and a sense of dread forms in the pit of your stomach Deep down you know what’s going to happen at the end of the novel Mackenzie’s father is broken and I liked how Sue portrayed his mental health He’s depressed and has been struggling ever since his wife went missing and he doesn’t shy away from that around Mackenzie Yes at some points he tries to hide how he’s really feeling but he is a really emotional character and Mackenzie can see how much he’s hurting Their relationship is uite complicated and fraught at times but given the situation they’re in I think Sue illustrated this really effectively “Dad’s the same because as the day wears on and the breeze gets stronger and the clouds hang lower and lower threatening to pour he becomes edgier and edgier Why is he torturing himself like this It’s hard to watch”The storyline is uite confronting for children to read but the writing is strong and rich with emotion The dialogue is believable and the characters relatable I loved the connection that Mackenzie shared with her grandmother — she relies on her grandmother a lot since her mother went missing and it is sweet to see the bond they share I think you have to stretch your imagination with the storyline though Mackenzie’s father pulls her out of school to go to Panama so they can both search for her mother And they leave Mackenzie’s grandmother at home worried It would’ve been realistic if her father left her behind with the grandmother while he went searching for the mother but then that would mean there wouldn’t be a story to tell Still I found the plot to be a bit unbelievableI recommend this to young teens and children who are in the upper end of primary school It’s middle grade novel so I think primarily it’s aimed at children 10 14 I think adult readers might be intrigued by the mystery of Mackenzie’s mother but I don’t think that Missing will necessarily appeal to adult readers The protagonist reads uite young and this book is cemented in the children’s literature space Thank you to the publisher for mailing me a review copy in exchange for an honest review