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read & download ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB µ Gordon Jack Three candidates three platforms and a whirlwind of social media gaffes and protests makes for a ridiculous and hilarious political circus in Gordon Jack’s second highly satirical novel Perfect for fans of Andrew Smith and Frank PortmanThey say that with great power comes great responsibility Unless you’re student body president at Lincoln High School Then you get all the responsibility but none of the power And the three candidates runn. The feeling when you get sent an email approval for an ARC from Edelweiss without having reuested the book 😭💖 Thank you to the publisher for providing an ARC via Edelweiss in exchange for a spot on the blog tour and promotion of the bookBlog | Bloglovin’ | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter

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review Your Own Worst Enemy 103 Í Three candidates three platforms and a whirlwind of social media gaffes and protests makes for a ridiculous and hilarious political circus in Gordon Jack’s second highly satirical novel Perfect for fans of Andrew Smith and Frank PortmanThey say that with great power comes great responsibility Unless you’re student body pr Space Cow chocolate milk he can stomach But when his favorite beverage is banned at school a freshman political “mastermind” convinces Tony to become the voice of the little guy But what kind of voice is that reallyIf this were an ordinary high school election the winner would be whichever candidate was the most popular But this year each candidate may have to sink to a new low to win an election that could change the course ofvery litt. At a time when we all need a respite from ugly national politics along comes Your Own Worst Enemy a hilarious satire about a high school election I adored this book and could not put it down Gordon Jack is one of the funniest and talented YA writers out there The characters vying for class president include Stacey the frontrunner and traditionalist; Julia the newcomer with a secret who throws Stacey off what was assumed to be a clear path to victory; and Tony a stoner who just wants chocolate milk in the cafeteria The hijinks start right away with a vandalized campaign banner and as in real life we read that this might be a false flag ploy by the candidate whose banner was defaced The chapters are told in alternating points of view which I found fascinating as we got multiple perspectives on the same event I also appreciated the structure of this book; its sections were labeled with titles like Endorsements Opposition Research and Attack Ads giving us a behind the scene look at what it takes to run a political campaign in high school — and it’s not just cupcakes and banners One of the most endearing characters was Brian Stacey’s closest friends and her campaign manager Brian is torn between his long friendship with Stacey and his budding romance with Julia and his situation only gets fraught when his younger brother an avid Tony supporter stoops to espionage Aside from dirty politics the books deals with important issues such as racial and sexual identity as well as socioeconomic differences and white privilege in what seems to be a fairly affluent public high school The outcome of the election is a mystery until the very end and I won’t spoil it But I have to say that thanks to many laugh out loud moments and clever plot twists Your Own Worst Enemy leaves you feeling lightened and hopeful If teenagers can find a way to navigate a bitter election and come out stronger engaged and tolerant than before its start then maybe there’s hope for some sort of renewed civil discourse in these divisive times

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Your Own Worst EnemyIng for president know all about thatStacey Wynn is the front runner but she didn’t count on Julia Romero entering this race Julia is challenging Stacey for the title while also putting the moves on Stacey’s campaign adviser and only friend Brian And then there is Tony Guo the way outsider Tony is usually oblivious to the school’s political campaigning as he’s oblivious to anything that isn’t about getting high and drinking all the. 4 starsI was definitely really excited for this as I was going in and it ended up being just as good as I expected I'm always a sucker for satire novels and one endorsed by Mindy McGinnis is sure to make it on my list This didn't disappoint balancing ridiculousness with truth really well I can't tell you how many times students in my own school have been so competitive over a class office position and although Your Own Worst Enemy takes it to a whole new level it was still wholly relatable in the way that yes students can get this competitive Plus I still found the satire part funny and a little bit silly in some of the characters and their motivations I think Jack did a really good job of using stereotypes to emphasize something but not overusing them and losing depth in his characters Yes Stacey draws on basic overachiever white girl but she also has other things going on at other times And yes Julia is the stereotypical underdog but she also struggles with the fact that she doesn't actually know if she's Latinx oh the irony And Tony is not a stereotypical Asian but a pretty stereotypical stoner and the fact that he's being controlled by a freshman mastermind adds to the novel But my favorite character would have to be Brian who was honestly the root of a lot of the problems He has connections with each campaign in a different way and sorting through all of these is what I feel this book is really about Brian has a lot to learn about friendship and love and did I mention he's bi and family and I think Jack did a really good job with the friendship and love part Yet I still really wished Brian and Kyle's relationship was explored I think there was still a lot to go into with their relationship and their ending together was so unsatisfying Everything else wrapped up really well but this was one of the most important relationships in the story in my opinion and it just wasn't done justice hence the 4 stars I also thought some of the racial elements weren't done badly but I also feel in some ways that what wasn't included could have been done Yes this is a satire and Jack has to talk about race since it's really critical to the political atmosphere at their high school But Stacey I felt like was still low key racist at the end in the sort of don't discriminate against me because I'm white sort of way that isn't actually discrimination even though she managed to make amends with Julia Also I do wish that Jack featured of non Latinx minorities as well though I did think it was nice that we got to see such a wide spectrum of Latinx characters Overall this was a goofy and a little bit silly and exaggerated satire read about student politics and one I definitely enjoyed and could relate to given my own time in high school I'd definitely recommend if you're looking for a fun novel to just take your mind off of things Thank you so much to The FFBC and Gordon Jack for sending me an advance reader's copy in exchange for an honest reviewBlog | Instagram | Twitter