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review Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue 103 Ê International bestseller White as Milk Red as Blood has been called the Italian The Fault in Our StarsLeo is an ordinary sixteen year old he loves hanging out with his friends playing soccer and zipping around on his motorbike The time he has to spend at school is a drag and his teaN as his name suggests but there is still one thing that terrifies him the color white White is absence; everything related to deprivation and loss in his life is white Red on the other hand is the color of love passion and blood; red is the color of Beatrice’s hair Leo's dream is a girl named Beatrice the prettiest in school Beatrice is irresistible one look from her is enough to make Leo forget about everything elseThere is however a female presence much closer to Leo which he finds harder to see because she’s right under his nose the ever dependable and serene Silvia When he discovers that Beatrice has leuk. Oh Signor D'Avenia this book is so beautiful and emotional and also so trueA few years back I used to teach English to Italian teenagers not far from Milan and I must say reading this felt like re living that atmosphere BrilliantI cried and I laughed And my face was a wreck when the last line of words was finishedThe main protagonist goes through such an eye opening journey in life dealing with such high concepts as friendships and girls life and death popularity and honesty It's both heartbreaking and inspiring to live along all of that jungle of million thoughts per second in his head Leo is a truly crazy teenager in the best of meanings of that wordThis book is also mind blowingly lyrical and poeticSome of my absolutely favorite phrases I want to print out and post above my desk to see them every day When her green eyes are wide open they fill her entire face When she lets down her red hair it feels like the sunrise has smothered you She has few words carefully chosen If she were a movie she'd be a genre not yet invented If she were a scent she'd be early morning sand when the beach is alone with the sea Color Beatrice is red The way love is red And tempest A hurricane that sweeps you away An earthuake that crumbles your body to piecesor I stare at the blue of Silvia's eyes a sea in which to be shipwrecked without dying an ocean floor where there is always peace even when a storm rages at the water's surface And as this sea cradles me I smile the perfect smile And without words my smile says that when you truly begin to live when life bathes in our red love each day is the first each day is the start of a new lifeAnd on the funny side Ancient Greek is a school euivalent of your daily greens tasteless and only good for aiding digestion

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Emia and that her disease is related to the white that scares him so much Leo is forced to search within himself to bleed and to be reborn In the process he comes to understand that dreams must never die and he finds the strength to believe in something bigger than himselfWhite as Milk Red as Blood is not only a coming of age story and the narrative of a school year but it is also a bold novel that through Leo's monologue at times easy going and full of verve at times intimate and anguished depicts what happens when suffering and shock burst into the world of a teenager and the world of adults is rendered speechle. To be perfectly honestly I think that this book is either going to be a hit or miss For me it was a hit Leo the main character is a 16 year old trying to make his way through life He's tired of the white in his life the plain and everyday routine Beatrice is the girl with red hair Red the color of passion and love The girl with the disease This book is honestly unlike any other book I've ever read It's so deep and real and I just loved it The story is in first person and there isn't a large amount of communication in it A lot of the book is just Leo and his thoughts At first I was a little unsure about how I liked it but it definitely grew on me as the story went on There definitely was some conversations between the characters just not the normal amount you'd normally see in a book I think what really sold me on this book though was when Leo's new teacher came into the picture The DreamerHe helped Leo get rid of the white in his life and he taught his class to not just take the easiest path He taught them to dream To wrap everything up this is a beautiful yet deep book on passion and dreams I am a huge dreamer and I absolutely loved every bit of it As I said in the beginning of my review I can definitely see people not liking it It's different from your normal book and I think that's what made me like it so much There's heartache and pain but there's also passion and love I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange of my honest review All thoughts are my own and I wasn't reuired to write a positive review

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Bianca come il latte rossa come il sangueInternational bestseller White as Milk Red as Blood has been called the Italian The Fault in Our StarsLeo is an ordinary sixteen year old he loves hanging out with his friends playing soccer and zipping around on his motorbike The time he has to spend at school is a drag and his teachers are “a protected species that you hope will become extinct” so when a new history and philosophy teacher arrives Leo greets him with his usual antipathy But this young man turns out to be different His eyes sparkle when he talks and he encourages his students to live passionately and follow their dreamsLeo now feels like a lio. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my ownI had the chance to read an excerpt from this in Netgalley's Buzz Books and I instantly knew that it would be a book that I would love I don't believe that the Italian Fault in Our Stars is an accurate description of what White as Silence Red as Song really is It honestly reminded me of Catcher in the Rye or The Perks of Being a Wallflower Leo the narrator is a teenage boy trying to make sense of the world and suffering from all the typical teenage issues which often plague this sort of protagonist the tediousness of school furor of first love and desire to prove oneself to one's peers Leo is a confident and genuine person and I grew very fond of him as I read through the book I enjoyed how the colors in the title are related to the uirky way in which Leo views the world trying to attribute colors to people and feelings I saw this as a way of simplifying the unknown trying to rationalize an increasingly confusing world from the perspective of a sixteen year oldIn his day to day life Leo is a regular teen; he hates school thinks teachers are lame plays soccer and gets into trouble with his friends He is fiercely enad with Beatrice a beautiful red haired girl even though he does not know her personally While this may cause some readers to roll their eyes the beauty and authenticity of Leo's feelings is undeniable in my opinion The book is focused on the way Leo reacts when he discovers that Beatrice is suffering from leukemia and follows the transformation on his initial infatuation into a different profound feeling Two other relationships that are explored are Silvia Leo's best friend and guardian angel and The Dreamer a substitute teacher who against all odds befriends Leo and offers an adult perspective over the difficult situationI loved this book because it was sad beautiful and pure I enjoyed the writing style and the first person narration it gave the story a personal touch and made me connect to the protagonists's worldview and feelings I would warmly recommend this book to anyone who does not mind wading through a bit of teenage angst to get to a beautiful touching story