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Read & Download The Lost Savior µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ They came from another world to protect her Now it’s her destiny to save them Tori King is a normal senior in high school Head over heels in love with her childhood sweetheart she is busy making plans for college when a chance encounter with an alien bounty hunter Eir true identity and why they’re here for her she discovers everything she thought she knew about herself is a lieBecause there is nothing normal about Tori KingAnd she’s about to discover exactly how underrated normal is This mind bending alien reverse harem series is only suitable for readers aged seventeen and older due to language and mature conte. Let’s start with the first thing I noticed and loved Our main character Tori is already in a romantic relationship when we get to know her With her childhood friend next door neighbor Jensen at that It’s always refreshing when this is the case since so many stories start with well most characters being singleBut then we have four new guys entering Tori’s life I have to admit I was a little confused at first with who was who It didn’t took me too long though since it was obvious Maddox Cooper Beckett and Dane all have their own uniue characteristics I don’t even want to make a choice between those four They were all special in their own wayAs for Siobhan Davis’ writing There are good things and bad thingsI loved how the bigger chunk of the story was written from Tori’s POV switching with one of the guys’ POV every once in a while It gave me the chance to actually get to know them better know what makes them tickThe focus of this story is on Tori’s relationships with all the men than on the actual goal mission the guys are on I didn’t really have a problem with it since I loved seeing their connection grow and evolve but I can imagine other people thinking differently about that I do hope there’ll be focus on the action and mission in future installments thoughAs for the world building I thought it was lacking a bit You know Tori’s on earth you know the guys are there as well for a reason but what for What exactly happened What is their story How is the entire world galaxy put together There are bits and pieces of answers to those uestions but I just felt like I needed to have a real understanding of the world Maybe if the focus had been a bit less on the romantic aspect this might’ve been different Who knowsI talked earlier about Tori already being in a relationship when we get introduced to her Jensen who’s supposed to be a childhood friend is a bit of an ass though I would’ve expected their relationship to have a decent foundation trust being one of the key points One thing I want to mention is that the first chapters of this novel felt kind of “meh” to me I honestly thought it was going to be all the way through Luckily it wasn’t It completely turned around but I still wish the initial chapters were as good as the rest since those often decide whether or not someone will keep readingI’m definitely glad I pulled through though Before I knew it I’d finished the book For someone not uite used to reading science fiction – yet I’m slowly branching out a bit – I definitely enjoyed this novel3 5KathyI am voluntarily reviewing this novel All opinions are entirely my own I'm not being compensated in any way

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Rnatural abilities that leave her uestioning her entire existenceThen the arrival of four hot new guys at school has everyone talking especially when they become fixated on Tori following her wherever she goes She can’t shake them off and as they grow closer she finds herself drawn to all four of them in ways she cannot explainWhen they finally reveal th. Rating So this guy is total eye candy drop dead gorgeous sexy as fuck and stuffHe looks like Justin BieberMoving on the useless informationI didn't really get into the book i think mostly because of the fact the characters are teen and I can't deal with the drama I can't even tell you if I liked it or not I have just no idea But the reviews are pretty good so why shouldn't you give it a try

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The Lost SaviorThey came from another world to protect her Now it’s her destiny to save them Tori King is a normal senior in high school Head over heels in love with her childhood sweetheart she is busy making plans for college when a chance encounter with an alien bounty hunter turns her world upside down Now she’s experiencing terrifying changes and developing supe. Tori was pretty normal for a senior in high school until the four hot new guys at school suddenly all become her personal shadows It all started with that alien bounty hunter and the changes he unleashed within Tori Could it be she is something Something not of this world How could she find herself drawn to all four of these guys especially when her heart belongs to her childhood sweetheartBeing normal is a thing of the past for Tori and what lay before her is as exciting as it is terrifying and most definitely anything BUT normal She may have gained an unexpected harem sent to protect her but she will find she is meant to be THE LOST SAVIOR who has been found But is it too lateThe ueen of angst and romance is back with an unexpected science fiction twist that takes her storytelling to a new level Siobhan Davis has opened up some fascinating possibilities in this new series and Tori’s world feels like it is about to explode into a new universe of trials tribulations and of course romance like we have never seen Hang on tight we are about to blast off into the world of Siobhan Davis’ latest creationsI received a complimentary ARC edition from Siobhan DavisSeries Alinthia Book 1Publication Date February 1 2018Publisher Siobhan DavisGenre Paranormal Reverse Harem 17Print Length 344 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More