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What I Leave Behind summary ´ 8 ï After his dad commits suicide Will tries to overcome his own misery by secretly helping the people around him in this story made up of one hundred chapters of one hundred words eachSixteen year old Will spends most of his days the same way Working at the Dollar Only store trying to replicate his late father’s famoEe years later he hasn’t stopped But there are some places Will can’t walk by The blessings store with the chest of 100 Chinese blessings in the back the bridge on Fourth Street where his father died and his childhood friend Playa’s houseWhen Will learns Playa was raped at a party a party he was at where he saw Playa and where he believes he could have stopped the worst from happening if he hadn’t left early it spurs Will to st. “Don’t let the bastards get you down” What first struck my interest is the peculiar format This story is written as a collection of 100 chapters 100 words each They’re written from the perspective of Will and are an account of his every day life Although I wasn’t blown away by this novelette I thought it was highly original and enjoyed the uniue spin on storytelling McGhee brings to the table As far as characters are concerned I truly did admire Will and think the first person perspective of his grief is wonderfully depicted He didn’t imagine himself being in grief but his actions clearly showed the wounds from his father’s suicideHave courage and be kind I have a soft spot for any characters who struggle emotionally and Will is no exception My heart ached for him as I was reading this story and I thought his decisions to help those around him was a beautiful way of coping with his grief It’s also lovely because he helps others as part of his own kind nature without any expectations for his acts to be reciprocated He merely helped because he could A nice addition to his character that I thought made him feel a bit original and fleshed out was how he had a habit of uoting song lyrics To his boss at the Dollar Only store he makes numerous references to the Bowie hit Space Oddity and to Superman the homeless guy in his neighborhood he always leave him change and says carry on my wayward son A sweet touch to the storyThe length makes it difficult but I expected The format of this story truly is uniue With that being said the meager size of the novel hinders Will and the other supporting characters to develop significantly This could’ve also been achieved if the story gravitated less from Will working at the Dollar Only and making cornbread to him interacting with Little Butterfly Dude and Playa If the chapters weren’t bound by only 100 words the story could have been expanded on and perhaps I could’ve formed a deeper connection to the events in the storyThis is a sweet story but it isn’t necessarily noteworthy The conclusion is beautifully done and the writing from those final chapters gave me chills The messages of grief loss and even forgiveness are so powerful and evident throughout this story and I think it is exceptionally executed in the end The characters are so sweet in this book and I just wish I could’ve had from them I’ll definitely consider looking at McGhee’s works in the futureBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Bloglovin

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After his dad commits suicide Will tries to overcome his own misery by secretly helping the people around him in this story made up of one hundred chapters of one hundred words eachSixteen year old Will spends most of his days the same way Working at the Dollar Only store trying to replicate his late father’s famous cornbread recipe and walking the streets of Los Angeles Will started walking after his father committed suicide and thr. Did he feel like he was one thing on the outside and something else entirely different on the inside Does Major Tom feel that way Does Playa Do I Sometimes I went into this book with a lot of optimistic curiosity because it's admittedly an unusual formatting choice for a story The book is written in 100 chapters with 100 words per chapter that's it Fun fact for you 10000 words total so despite being 200 pages this is what is called a novelette Anyways What I Leave Behind follows the thought processes of a kid whose life has been flipped on its head by his father's passing and now the sexual assault his best friend has just been through This is not a point A to point B sort of tale; instead it's just Will's day to day life working in a dollar store visiting the Chinese blessings store down the street trying to make the world a little brighter and many desperate failed attempts to replicate his father's cast iron skillet cornbreadI really wanted to love this book because the synopsis made me feel like it had a lot of potential but it fell short for me sadly I just didn't feel like much of anything happened It was mostly just a repetition of what was essentially the same scene over and over again Will going to work cracking silly jokes at his boss to make the guy's day better and then going home to cook cornbread The only real moments the story veered off from this pattern were his incredibly brief interactions with Superman the homeless man who eats Will's gross cornbread failures Playa the aforementioned best friend or a little boy down the street who's obsessed with butterfliesI dunno I mean it's a sweet story Will is a really good kid and my heart went out to him a whole lot and I loved his attempts to cheer up the people he cared about but I just don't feel like anything happened It mostly felt like a social experiment how far can I get with this '100 words per chapter for 100 chapters' thing All uotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release Thank you so much to Atheneum for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest reviewYou can find this review and on my blog or you can follow me on twitter bookstagram or facebook

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What I Leave BehindOp being complacent in his own sadness and do some good in the world He begins to leave small gifts for everyone in his life from Superman the homeless guy he passes on his way to work to the Little Butterfly Dude he walks by on the way home to Playa herself And it is through those acts of kindness that Will is finally able to push past his own trauma and truly begin to live his life again Oh and discover the truth about that cornbread. Actual rating 35 Stars I feel like there was a really important and beautiful story here but it felt unfinished and too short Stay tuned for a full review coming soon