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review The Dead Enders ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú In a place like Gold Fork sometimes a secret is the only thing that’s really yoursAnd Ana Erik Davis and Georgie know a thing or two about secrets Bound together by a horrible accident from their pasts the friendship forged years ago in a youth group led by Davis’s pastor mother hAs a plan to get out but it won’t be easy And now with an arsonist working his way through the town and setting it ablaze moving ahead with their lives will be even harderThese four dead enders are about to find out just how much there is to lose in Gold Fork. This book was different than any other book I have read It was confusing and changing of characters a lot of the time Although it was probably a book for older audiences it was close to the worst book I have readThe main characters Ana Erik Davis and Georgie switch throughout the book Whenever it goes to each of their point of view they all have different views on things They were all bound together from bad pasts and as a group from a church camp that they went to that ended badly Throughout the book they find out things that they never knew about each other or they don't and keep secretsOne thing I didn’t like about this book was that it was very fast paced and I had to re read many times to understand what was happening or I wouldn't and just get lost I did like that it had different points of view though because it was different than just one person giving their storyErin uses different points of view of the characters to make the book interesting She uses lots of profanity in the book to express what they are feeling and what the emotions are and this book shows a variety of all emotions throughout the characters So I wouldn't recommend this book to everyoneI give this book 2 stars I recommend it for older people who can stick to a book and are okay with the use of profanity and some other parts It was hard for me to stick to this and finish it on my own and took me forever to read

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In a place like Gold Fork sometimes a secret is the only thing that’s really yoursAnd Ana Erik Davis and Georgie know a thing or two about secrets Bound together by a horrible accident from their pasts the friendship forged years ago in a youth group led by D. Summer is always a party in the tourist town of Gold Fork but this year will be unforgettable than the last and not for all of the right reasons The book is written in the first person and switching between four high schoolers who just finished junior year They are friends of a sort Tied together by an accidental fire that took place right before high school or was it accidental This summer someone has been committing arson around town and everyone wants to know who the Gold Fork Pyro GFB is The wealthy summer families start leaving in droves to get away from whoever it may be and everyone's left wondering who's playing with fire Ana a Latina whose kindness and compassion is unparalleled She has a single mother who had her when she was 17 and it’s just been the two of them since Ana was born Her mother is a masseuse at the Gold Fork Hotel spa and is worked off her feet and always struggling to make ends meet and keep the stress and worry from Ana When the chapel fire occurred the fire that brought them all together she ran back into the church to try to get out the mama cat and her newborn kittens but was unable to make it into the church and only succeeded in gashing her arm leaving her with a scar from wrist to elbow a constant reminder of what they did that night Both for her and for them Now she spends a lot of time at the elderly housing facility with Vera an old woman with dementia who never has any visitors Vera has become Ana’s makeshift abuela since her grandparents rejected her and her mother before she was even born Vera means everything to her and this summer she is faced with the gut wrenching possibility that she could lose Vera forever Davis is the son of the town’s realtor and the town’s minister He’s extremely bright imaginative nerdy socially awkward and a talented writer He has a summer internship with the town newspaper Gold Fork Roundup where he mostly walks the editor’s dog and reads and chooses the ‘Letters to the Editor’ known as “The Forked Tongue” Once the Nelson’s house is burned to the ground and declared arson which happens to be built on the same property as the former chapel people can’t help making a connection or trying to Then fires start up all over town Small ones in trash cans little things that mean nothing but are still out of the ordinary Davis gets a chance to be a real reporter and uncover a real story What happens when he finds the real story and does not like what he discovers George or Georgie as everyone calls her is the youngest of two Her older brother is off at college and her parents both working in low paying jobs they are over educated for no longer speak to one another Her home life leaves much to be desired and she knows there is no money left from her parents to pay for her college after her parents take care of her brother She has her band and that is part of her ticket out of this uicksand of a town That and her job Her parents think she’s a nanny to one of the wealthy summer families but in actuality Georgie deal drugs and every penny is stashed away to get her out of this town so she and her girl punk band can make it in the city But things don’t go as she planned at all this summer Erik doesn’t have brains but he is a talented and much loved track star He’s won a full scholarship to the state university which is his ticket out of this town and a dream come true His father left him and his mother when he was 3 so his mother has been bringing him up alone She’s a cleaner usually working for the wealthy summer families and is exhausted and empty much of the time They live in poverty but Erik’s mother’s behavior is odd in an umber of ways The reader never knows exactly what diagnosis she has and there is no way to tell if this is because Erik doesn’t know or if like other aspects of Erik’s life the reader is shut out of it it’s kept apart kept secret even though the descriptions of Erik’s mom are in the first person Readers learn how the accidental chapel fire happened and from there how it brought the four of them close together Georgie and Erik are close and in truth there is a love there that isn’t completely platonic though only Erik admits it out loud Ana and Davis had a thing for each other before the fire but afterwards have put up this front that they feel only friendship There seems to be a general feeling that none of them deserve anything good because of what they did Both Georgie and Erik find summer romances to keep them busy and Ana and Davis seem drawn together than ever We see romances crash and burn and others finally sputter into life Wealthy people who wish for a simpler life and those with nothing hating how easily the rich have it How much time they have to use and to lose Of children who cruelly neglect their parents greedy people thinking only of themselves horrible parents as well as absent ones perhaps one and the same mental health issues and suicide as well as a deep critiue of society If you've never given thought to what it's like to grow up in a tourist town The Dead Enders paints a bleak but honest portrait of those who live there all year long This book is a YA version of Empire Falls Russo 2002 and just as clever moving and chock full of insight Part coming of age story part mystery part romance part critiue of society this book has something for everyone

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The Dead EndersAvis’s pastor mother has managed to last through high school They don’t agree on much but in a town full of weekenders they all know what it’s like to be a dead ender someone fated to stay trapped in a tourist town for the rest of their lifeEach of them h. Entertaining and fast paced summer read Not really something I would go out of my way to just sit down and read on its own but really enjoyable for a few days at the beach and lots of time on your hands Not gonna lie definitely felt pretentious and IF I didn’t have this much time on my hands I probably would have just put it down due to the annoyance of said pretentious energy both writing and characters