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Free read ↠ Beyond the Spiral Gates ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Wickfields was the name of an institution that housed children deemed too dangerous to live in regular societyBeyond the Spiral Gates is a raw coming of age odyssey a first hand account of one boy's experiences at the archaic Wickfields SchOf self exploration a redemptive narrative as well as a harrowing love story that does not spare raw emotion as the protagonist grapples with the trauma of the events that shaped that period of his adolescent life Beyond The Spiral Gates is a gut wrenching account of one boy’s journey of self discovery told in an unflinching and engaging voice. In his debut novel “Beyond the spiral gates” Mutch Katsonga spins a coming of age tale of a boy sentenced to life in an institution during his teenage years The whole story confirms a universal truth that most people aren’t inherently good or bad and that sometimes good people do bad things and vice versa The author makes his distaste for the members of organized religion very clear and it serves the purpose of the story since the main character is an abused boy put in the care of men of religion who gave him and his fellow inmates the worst possible time Some of the dialogue could’ve used work It’s a recurring issue with debut novels where the author believes that in order to write a good book he has to use elevated speech but in practice it’s the opposite I personally find it hard to connect with characters if they talk in a way that no real person talks As someone who managed to completely ruin her attention span with years of Internet abuse I sometimes found it hard to read through the long paragraphs of description even though they were very carefully crafted The author has a developed style and it’s obvious that this novel was a work of many hours This novel isn’t something I usually read but I am glad I did since it gave me something fresh to think about If you enjoy a good story of a boy finding his way to adulthood and let’s be honest who doesn’t then this is something worth checking out

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Elds the story delves deep into the epicentre of the human psyche Starting in the present day with the protagonist as an elderly man and chronic insomniac who struggles to come to terms with his own mortality as he confronts the demons of his youth spent at Wickfields the story spins us back through the years to where it all began It’s a tale. In Beyond the Spiral Gates we hear of an old man's account of when he was a young boy He compares his life to that of a fly trapped in a glass jar frantically buzzing to find a way out of the life he knew This is a recount of how he ended up in Wickfields a retention center for children under age for the prison system and the life he lived there As he gets older there are other people that enter his life that continue his spiral life down Mutch Katsonga is as an artist and Beyond the Spiral Gates is his master piece This fictional work will grip your mind as the author describes the horror this young boy experienced in Wickfields Katsonga is an exceptional writer pulling the reader in from the very beginning experiencing the emotions along with this boy This is a very powerful story that stays with you

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Beyond the Spiral GatesWickfields was the name of an institution that housed children deemed too dangerous to live in regular societyBeyond the Spiral Gates is a raw coming of age odyssey a first hand account of one boy's experiences at the archaic Wickfields School for Criminal Children From the idyllic sun drenched fields of Hayvern to the shadowy hallways of Wickfi. 5 Stars Prison is no FairytaleWith A Bastard's Indie Book Review I carefully select books I want to read and from the description and sometimes the cover I like to anticipate that I will end up enjoying the book and writing a review Reviews are essential for all authors out there trying to tell the world about their book their insights on life education with entertainment whisking you away to another life the you relate the real it is to you Beyond the Spiral Gates by Mutch Katsonga is the book that I relate to as the narrator tells his truth a coming of age that reads like a war journal but for boys I say relatable because I saw glimpses of this institutionalized world with its foundation called foster care from my own life and what I shared in Life of a Bastard and from those that were left behind on the battlefield so many friends gone and lost forever institutionalizedBeyond the Spiral Gates's truly traumatized narrator reflects his life in Wicksfield an institution for criminal boys the writing will keep the reader invested in finding out what is this place A reader could be naive that a situation like this could exist but as Morgan Freeman once said prison is no fairytale knowing that I was once on that road of ending up in such a cold and loveless place unfit to reform Wicksfield is all too real The fast paced and gripping narrative of Beyond the Spiral Gates adds to my appreciation that my coming of age didn't embark a prison stop For the narrator escaping Wicksfield and his religious tormentor's is the only logical answer from coping with isolation exorcism brutal abuse and most likely a sad and lonely death What about the dangerous criminal boys The problem with our society is how do we properly reform boys when we have in the past created inhuman institutions run by sadists usual under the guise of GOD and country Trust me I had a small taste of sadism in my coming of age and from that I never view it as reforming for the better but a way to make a Frankenstein The narrator's escape's plan becomes the battlefield with fellow soldiers dangerous woods hunting dogs feverish guards waiting to get their hands on those who dare to flee from a house of horrorsMutch Katsonga explores human nature spirituality morality and what kicked me in the heart is the betrayal that narrator felt a shared experience where you end up on the edge of insanity and eventually hitting rock bottom I want a book to make me feel emotionally invested angry hopeful and sometimes a sinister joy of the sadist or bullies getting theirs I highly recommend Beyond the Spiral Gates by Mutch Katsonga as a significant and fresh coming of age story