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CHARACTERS Û Alpha The Infinity Division #3 ✓ “A fun YA sci fi story with a compelling cast of characters” —Kirkus Reviews on InfinitySera is the obsession of a killer chasing a ghost G is a soldier with too much blood on his handsDylan lost the only person he ever loved—and will stop at nothing to get her backIn a whirlwind ch“A fun YA sci fi story with a compelling cast of characters” Kirkus Reviews on InfinitySera is the obsession of a killer chasing a ghost G is a sol. Sera loves G Dylan loves Ava But Dylan has taken Sera in hopes she will love him Why you ask Because Sera is Ava and Dylan is G Confused yet Well welcome to the world of the Infinity DivisionAlpha by Jus Accardo is the third book of the young adult science fictionromance series Each book in the series has taken a page from romance and switched the main characters but it’s definitely best to read from book one and unravel the Infinity world from the beginning instead of treating these as standalones as one would do in a romance seriesThe Infinity Division was introduced in the first book where those working for Infinity have discovered the ability to jump dimensions In each dimension the characters all exist but lead very different lives from the first world G and Sera had fallen in love while captive together whereas Dylan has come from a dimension where the woman of his dreams that he planned on marrying Ava had died so he had gone looking for anotherObviously most fans of science fiction will have heard of different dimensions in one story or another Most recently The Flash television series comes to mind in which they have Earth 1 and Earth 2 and so on mixed into the shows so I’ve said from the beginning of this series that while I don’t fine it overly original overall it is a fun read Obviously these rely heavily on the romance to help fuel the action but the story does have a lot of action too Finishing up this third installment I’d give this one 35 stars as it wasn’t my favorite but still good in the endI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor review please visit

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Dier with too much blood on his handsDylan lost the only person he ever loved and will stop at nothing to get her backIn a whirlwind chase that takes th. I received this e ARC from Entangled Teen in exchange for an honest review In Alpha we follow Sera and G in alternating POVs as they attempt to take down the creator of the Infinity project Cora once and for all This involves a lot of realm skipping alliances that are made and broken and secrets that finally come to light Though I’ve seen nothing confirming this the book reads as a conclusion to the series wrapping up story lines for Kori and Noah and all the characters from the previous two booksMy experience with this novel may be a very particular one because I jumped into this series without experiencing the first or second novels Book two Omega is advertised as one that can be read as a standalone I have not seen that in relation to Alpha but I will say this myself you cannot read Alpha as a standalone book You will understand the plot but you will not connect to the characters’ motivations nor will it be easy to understand all the terms specific to this book ie realm skipping PATH lines the Infinity Division etcFor this reason I will focus a lot of my review on what this book presented and not what I didn’t understand that I’m sure was explained in other books Just to get it out of the way though let me offer my very likely ignorant due to lack of series knowledge bafflement at your feet1 PATH Lines Somehow these are implemented in certain individuals’ arms allowing them to travel from realm to realm The description on the PATH lines was lacking though Is this a holographic grid that pops up An electronic line that illuminates on the person’s arm How exactly does this look As a reader I had no way of picturing this during my reading2 Realms Slowly during my reading I came to understand there is only one real realm Wells a town I think City And it has many different versions which is what the people are skipping through But why does only Wells have different realms What determines the rules in these different realms It seems so arbitrary that a realm is simply defined by “we jail people for violence” or the way they dressLet’s move to the actual book now Prior to reading I skimmed reviews on the first two books to get details on plot since there didn’t seem to be actual full plot description anywhere I improvised This helped with knowing who was who but even then I kept forgetting characters and if they’re good or bad Because there are a lot of characters Noah Yancy Dylan G Kori Cade Cora Ash Sera Karl Anderson x2 Rabbit Makaden These names are popping up back and forth and sitting here now I think I remember how each of them contributed to the bookWith so many characters it somewhat follows that the plot was a bit convoluted In the beginning of the novel Sera was imprisoned by Dylan and G is skipping around with Cade and I think some others And Dylan wants nothing than to have his Ava back Sera makes a deal with him will not spoil he agrees with it okay we have a planBut then BAM Cora appears and has the exact solution to his problem Not to mention she brings up a problem for Sera but has a solution and a problem for G but has a solution So Sera’s deal with Dylan is now moot their whole conversation was a wasteThen five seconds later BAM G appears and Sera ends up with him and Dylan skips off So the plan that was made ten pages ago with Cora so carefully is moot too G and Sera make their own plan with Cade but then BAM something else appears and that plan is mootI could continue but that would really spoil everything although is it a spoiler if the tendency of this book is to backtrack on everything the characters do Every time a new character appears they have the perfect solution to every problem our heroes face AND they render moot every single conversationplan that has occurred in previous pages For a majority of the book I felt like I was wasting my time reading scenes that would mean nothing in a few chapters Which was frustrating to say the leastAccardo focuses another portion of Alpha on Sera and G’s relationship The two have been locked in adjacent cells for a significant portion of their lives and now they are finally united Clearly there is going to be some romantic tension Sadly I was not vibing this relationship When G kisses Sera it almost spooked me The description was just very physical and violent I actually thought he was going in to attack her not make out So sadly not a ship for me “I’ve seen you G You’re not afraid of anything So what’s the big deal Just get over it and kiss–“The thundering of my pulse drowned out everything else The buzz of the clock her voice my logic I lost my shit I grabbed her face and mashed my lips to hers moving them furiously greedily like she was the meal I’d been deprived of from the moment I’d entered this world I will say Accardo has something very creative and cool with the concept of this book People skipping realms to find the one they love I’m down for that But the execution was not there for me and I don’t think it’s simply because I hopped in mid series Yet my opinion will not necessarily be yours so be sure to make your own thoughts on this series and start with book one TBH the first book’s plot intrigued me way sadly I was not offered that ARC sobTwo stars because I felt like I was reading huge portions of a book that ended up backtracking on itself the romance did not connect for me and I to be honest was skimming by 80%Join me on my book journey


Alpha The Infinity Division #3Em back to where it all started Sera G and Dylan will have to confront their demons both physical and mental and each other in order to win their freedo. I am the ueen of stand alone and companion novels and here I am sad that I have to say goodbye to cast of a characters I’ve gotten to know over The Infinity Files Infinity Omega and now Alpha have all focused on different characters though the same core characters have been through every book Alpha focuses on G and Sera who have been held captive and experimented in Now free they’re on the run from their past while figuring out their future This inter dimensional story charmed the heck out of me just as Infinity and Omega did Jus managed to take characters who we have done unspeakable things and give them redemption while holding their accountableOf course this wouldn’t be an Entangled novel without a smoking hot romance Each of the couples is destined to be together as shown over and over again through the different universes G and Sera are no different though they have the extra dynamic of both being plucked from their worlds and needing to start overI rarely miss characters once a book is over but I will miss each of the characters in this one Except Cora because she really has some karma coming to her