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Le for his actions he's going to get away with murderWhen a long Tavish tradition approaches a cave excursion on the Appalachian trail Grant seizes the opportunity to take justice into his own hands by staging an accident and never coming back But before he has a chance to enact his plans the cave system colla. Grant Tavish is guilty of manslaughter after a tragic accident but as the son of an important senator he’s managed to escape most conseuences Unable to live with himself or with disgracing his family by coming clean he’s arranged for an accident to happen on a solo caving expedition But when the cave in happens for real Grant finds himself trapped with four other teenagers As the only one with any knowledge of caving it’s Grant’s responsibility to get them out When one of them goes missing they realize they may not be alone down there Something may be hunting them Trigger warnings death suicide attempt suicidal thoughts violence gore decapitation dismemberment blood mental illness PTSD self loathing claustrophobiaThis is a fine concept novel but the problem with most concept novels is that they’re one shots It’s entertaining enough but once you’ve read it there’s no reason to return to it because the concept is all it has going for it The characters are likable but not overwhelming and Grant is the only one with any significant development which is fine; he is the main character I have mixed feelings about cave horror stories For some reason they seem difficult to pull off but Liggett does a nice job on the dark corners and the creeping claustrophobia of the setting In terms of monster or creature novels it’s much less satisfying Caves don’t need monsters to be terrifying and as long as the location is frightening than the creature then it’s not a very good creatureThe writing isn’t bad but Grant’s perspective is wearying over time He claims that all he wants is to accept responsibility for his actions but his self pity as at an all time high for most of the book Though it’s very much a novel about guilt I found it difficult to sympathize with him The other characters have a good group dynamic but this is a horror novel so there’s no point in getting too attached to anyone For readers who like a strong twist at the end The Unfortunates is your book Most of my complaints have solid explanations but return to my thesis about the concept novel For readers who prefer better development this probably isn’t itI review regularly at brightbeautifulthingstumblrcom

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The UnfortunatesPses trapping him miles beneath the surface with four other teens from much less fortunate circumstances As they struggle to survive they share their innermost secrets and fears and just when it seems they might be on track to finding a way out they realize there's something else down thereAnd it's hunting the. This was not exactly what I though it would be but it was a uick read Full review can be found here I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own I am a reader that can be and usually is drawn to a book by the cover alone Just take this book for example it screams something deadly happened and there has to be a delicious story behind it Well sadly the cover does not match the story between the coversShort recap Grant Tavish the Fifth has never wanted for anything The son of a popular politician and that also means he is constantly in the spotlight Something terrible happened at the hands of Grant that cost the lives of innocent people but Grant is getting off with merely a slap on the wrist This is driving Grant crazy as he feels he should be held responsible for what happened Grant has decided that during his upcoming “right of passage” solo survival camping trip he is going to end his life and end the burden he has put on his family Once finally on his trip nothing goes the way it should Events take place that force Grant to take a deep hard look at himself and what he wants out of life Will Grant find his will to live and do what is right or will he give into his depressionI want to first state that this is a short read The book itself is just over 200 pages and I was able to finish very uickly Why do I point out that it’s a uick read Because it didn’t feel like enough time to properly develop characters or a solid plot It was a page turner no doubt about that but I found myself going through the motion of page turning because I felt I already knew what was going to happen Maybe that’s just my experienced reader side kicking in It takes a lot to make me clutch my pearls nowadays and sadly this book did not do that for me I predicted the ending very early on Now please don’t think that is me telling you not to read this book That isn’t the case at all I can see and do see how a lot of readers will devour this book and love the story Remember how I always say that not ever book is for ever reader This is what I mean I did enjoy it yes but it did not blow my hair back the way I had hopedThat being said I mentioned character development Grant’s character arc felt rather rushed but that could be because of the shortness of the book Plus Grant gets stuck in a cave and he nor the reader have any idea how much time has passed It makes it difficult to get a good gauge on his actual arc Regardless I found myself feeling bad for Grant He did ask to be born into a life that had rules regulations and responsibilities but he was trying to figure it out the best way he could His home life was FUBAR in the worst way possible Those people needed professional help It felt like there were so many topics that could have been explored but were brushed over Personally I wanted to know about that baby room EEK Read the book and you’ll know EXACTLY what I am talking about I wanted about thatOverall I did enjoy this story but knew the ending almost from the start The title alone gives me pause because it really does not fit the book nor does the cover In a metaphorical way I can see why the cover would fit but I had to dig deep to put those two together No matter what I think a lot of people would enjoy this and I hope everyone gives it a shot

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The Unfortunates review æ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö When seventeen year old senator's son Grant Tavish is involved in a fatal accident all he wants to do is face the conseuences of what he's done but the conseuences never come even if headlines of affluenza do The truth soon becomes clear Due to his father's connections not only will GraWhen seventeen year old senator's son Grant Tavish is involved in a fatal accident all he wants to do is face the conseuences of what he's done but the conseuences never come even if headlines of affluenza do The truth soon becomes clear Due to his father's connections not only will Grant not be held accountab. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Unfortunates is the second novel I’ve read by Kim Liggett which I was excited to read after how much I enjoyed The Last Harvest even though on the surface it didn’t appear to have as much of a horror bent The story follows Grant Franklin Tavish V the son of a wealthy and prominent US senator As a result Grant never wanted for anything growing up and his future was secure He would go to the right schools make the right connections marry the right girl and perhaps one day follow in his father’s footstepsBut when the book opens we see that nothing is going the way as planned for Grant That’s because he did a terrible thing Now his parents are scrambling to fix the problem mobilizing lawyers and pulling strings in an attempt to make it all go away and put their son’s life back on the right track But Grant’s not even sure that’s what he wants any The guilt that has been eating away at him since that terrible night has taken over and he’s ready to face what he thinks he deserves Carefully he starts putting together a plan It’s a long standing tradition for male children in the Tavish family to do a caving excursion on the Appalachian Trail as a rite of passage braving the elements for four days and four nights In the week before his scheduled court date Grant begins preparing for his trip but secretly he is also putting all his affairs in order because he isn’t anticipating on coming backSoon after he begins his descent into the caves though an incident causes a collapse ruining all his carefully laid plans Grant is trapped underground with four other teens from a school group who were unable to make their way back to the surface and together they must share their resources and knowledge and fight to surviveI have to say I felt torn after finishing this one Did I like it Yes But something tells me I would have enjoyed it even had I not been able to predict the entire story after a mere sixty pages in And that’s where reviewing this book gets difficult It was obvious this was meant to be an emotional and poignant journey one that should be filled with meaningful epiphanies and lessons However much of this was predicated on the ending which if you saw it coming miles away would take away a lot of the intended impact And that’s where I find myself now unsure of how to feel about this novel I suppose I can appreciate the story along with its ideas and its goal on a somewhat superficial “Well that was sort of nice” level but sadly it doesn’t go much deeper than thatI also want to say that The Unfortunates is the kind of book where the less you know going in the better but uite honestly I think many will still predict the story early That’s because the author made things a little too obvious Without going into too much detail in case of spoilers there is a distinct difference between how the first half of the book is told versus the second half and anytime something unusual happens to make the reader uestion what’s going on is another opportunity for them to figure it outI suspect this is why The Unfortunates was such a short book Liggett probably knew that the longer you spent with the story the likely you would work out her purposes so she deliberately made sparse with the details and practically raced through the final act glossing over everything that led up to the big reveal Ironically had she actually slowed down to take the time to develop the plot and characters this might have resulted in a deeper and satisfying read As it is Grant and the new friends he meets down in the caves—Shy Kit Maria and Darryl—all felt rather flat and generic The story also felt very scripted with every action taken by the characters being choreographed but to be fair that might have been the result of knowing what was comingFinal thoughts The Unfortunates wasn’t a bad book but personally I thought it was much too predictable to be a genuinely satisfying read Since that predictability was the key factor affecting my opinion of this book though if that’s not something that typically bothers you it still might be worth giving it a shot I do like Kim Liggett’s writing and despite this novel being less than I expected I still look forward to seeing what she’ll write next