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Free read Storm wake ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð Moss has grown up on the strangest and most magical of islands Her father has a plan to control the tempestuous weather that wracks the shores But the island seems to have a plan of its own once Callan a wild boy her age appears on its beaches Her complex feelings for Callan shift wR father are thrown into doubtAnd when one fateful day a young man from the outside world washes up on the beach speaking of the Old World nothing will ever be the sam. This was to put it mildly a very strange read When I went to research it after the fact I learned that this book is based loosely on William Shakespeare's The Tempest As I have never read the play I could not attest to this and it probably also hindered my enjoyment of the book because I had absolutely NO IDEA what was going on for most of the book The novel is written in a strange halting style that gets a little tedious after a while and parts of the book came dangerously close to putting my to sleep due to the lack of action or plot While not entirely terrible this book simply didn't do much for me and I'm not sure exactly what audience I would recommend it to aside from avid fans of Shakespeare Storm Wake told in acts like a Shakespearian drama tells the story of a young girl named Moss and her father known throughout the story only as Pa It begins with the two wayward travelers being shipwrecked on a mysterious and magical island then jumps ahead to the day when a mysterious boy named Callan washes up on their shore Believing Callan to be some sort of spirit sent by the ocean Moss and Pa teach him to communicate and show him the ways of their magical island The story then skips yet again to Moss's fifteenth birthday and it is now clear that she and Callan have a strange inexplicable relationship that they are both desperately trying to navigate Pa meanwhile is adamant about the fact that the world outside of their island has been lost to a devastating flood and desperately sends out magical flowers every day in a ritual known only as The Experiment While he hopes to heal the island and the world Pa keeps Moss sheltered on the island never letting her stray beyond the shore to discover the truth Everything changes however when two boys named Finn and Tommy who are very alive and very normal are also ship wrecked Sharing stories of the world outside the island leads Moss and Cal to wonder if Pa has been lying to them their entire lives revealing a deep deception that they are both determined to get to the bottom of before it's too lateThe thing that most annoyed me about this book was the bizarre way in which the inhabitants of the island Pa Moss and Cal talk While Finn and Tommy speak like normal human beings Moss and the gang use repetitive wordsphrases like full gone full dark and uick fast While I will admit that this is a uniue and interesting style choice it uickly loses its novelty and becomes annoying and tedious just a few acts in I understand that the author is trying to convey how very disconnected and closed off from the rest of the world Moss and her family are but it almost feels as though she's trying to smack us in the face with weird jilted language to get her point across It felt clunky and unnecessary and was part of the reason this book was a frustrating read for me As I said above I can't attest to how well this book adapts The Tempest as I have never read or watched the original play Because of that I am judging this book not as a retelling but on it's ability to tell a coherent story without reuiring background knowledge On this front I have to say that it falls flat for me Aside from the mysterious Pa most of the characters are a bit dull to me and the world isn't explained or fleshed out enough for me to feel truly invested in this universe For example Pa's magic flowers are mentioned freuently throughout the novel and yet we never know if the magic is real or if he and Moss are simply hallucinating because they're ingesting shroom like plants The novel is told in such a dream like way that it's hard to tell what's real and what's imagined or hallucinated making it frustrating and hard to follow In fairness this might have been intentional making the reader feel as lost as Moss but it ends up giving the reader of a headache than anything else I'm not saying that everything absolutely has to be spelled out for me on every page a little mystery is good but to be reading a stand alone book and still feel like I'm missing three books' worth of content I would have liked a little background knowledge to pull from Two characters I did really enjoy were Cal and Finn who seemed to have the most interesting arcs aside from Pa Cal who was rescued and essentially raised by Pa alongside Moss begins to resent Pa for treating him like a criminal for having legitimate uestions about the island and why they're supposedly trapped This resentment comes to a boiling point when Pa hits Cal for daring to stand his ground after spotting distant land and Cal feels betrayed when Moss takes her father's side rather than his This was actually an extremely interesting plot point when it wasn't getting lost in the book's weird prose and I would've liked to see of that Similarly Finn begins the journey as being very skeptical of Moss and the island but soon begins to doubt his own eyes and thoughts when the magic or hallucinogenic drugs; it's not very clear begins to take hold In the end he wonders if his experiences were a dream or reality perhaps echoing the reader's experience of the book I liked that the author placed him and Tommy two average boys in an environment where they were completely out of their element In this way it felt like they almost represented the audience seemingly as lost as I was for most of the bookAnother thing I liked about this book was the very frank discussion about menstrual cycles which is as I've mentioned in other reviews very rare in YA literature It often seems like a topic that authors would rather not broach whether for fear of offending parents or exposing a child to puberty before they're ready As Moss is someone who has spent her entire life trapped on an island with only men for company however it makes sense that she would see her period and think she's severely ill I liked that she without any prompting from Pa eventually figured out that what was happening to her was normal and connected to her own fertility In this way I think this book would be appropriate for middle school girls as they might be getting their periods without having the reassurance that everything happening to their bodies is normal I will always appreciate references to natural bodily functions in YA so I commend Christopher for adding this inThe last bit of praise I will give this novel is that I enjoyed the unfolding mystery of Moss and Pa who Finn and Tommy remark looks absolutely nothing like her For the first half of the book the reader never uestions that Pa and Moss are related as we don't hear many physical descriptions that cue us into this fact It is only when Finn and Tommy arrive and remark on how they look nothing alike that we begin to suspect all is not as it appears The element of mystery surrounding Pa and his illness known by Moss as the Blackness makes for an interesting read but it's undercut with so much tedious dialogue and slow moments that it's hard to stay invested If this book had been written conventionally without all of the strange hyphenated words and dream like prose I likely would have enjoyed the unfolding mystery and magical realism a lot I'm honestly still not sure how I feel about this book While I can tell a great deal of effort went into it something about it just didn't click for me I was bored and confused for a lot of it and even the parts I did enjoy were so burdened by the strange style that it overshadowed anything I might have otherwise praised As many other reviewers have stated I felt like I needed to be on some sort of substance myself to understand this book as it seemed to be saying a lot that I wasn't grasping through the stilted language I'm honestly not sure if any teens would enjoy this book as it's just so unbelievably strange Even for fans of Shakespeare's work this book felt very odd and disconnected from Shakespeare's style While I liked that it was split into acts and scenes like a play it didn't read anything like a play otherwise and I fear that the style is too niche to garner a wide audience At the very least the cover and synopsis is intriguing enough that teens will likely pick it up but I'm not sure if it can hold the attention of a teenager when even I an avid reader and lover of YA lit struggled to stay awake while reading itAll in all this isn't the worst thing I've ever read but it was weird and frustrating and likely won't stick with me for very long after I'm done with this review There was nothing particularly memorable about it outside of the weirdness and I just wasn't invested enough to care about what was going to happen Even the ending felt lackluster leaving me with uestions than I had when I started the book Everything about this story was just meh which is unfortunate because I really wanted to like it Unless you're a die hard fan of Shakespeare's plays I would recommend giving this book a pass

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Moss has grown up on the strangest and most magical of islands Her father has a plan to control the tempestuous weather that wracks the shores But the island seems to. This is a tough one to review because I did really enjoy the writing and the story but it a little like two stories that don’t uite fit together The first part is the story of Moss and her dad on the magic flower island It’s a bit confusing and slower but gorgeously written I particularly loved Jess Cal and Aster too Three second part starts after the time jump really and with the introduction of Finn and Tommy I liked this in a different way because it had purpose but the way it relates to the first part of the story is a little muddy I also read that it’s inspired by The Tempest I didn’t pick this up while reading it but I can sort of see it now However it feels like a lose inspiration at best and I wouldn’t hold too much to that if you are going to read it The whole concept of the island and the storm flowers is lovely and Christopher really does have a way of writing that feels magical so I did enjoy reading it I just think that I didn’t uite connect in the way that I would want to

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Storm wakeHave a plan of its own once Callan a wild boy her age appears on its beaches Her complex feelings for Callan shift with every tide while her love for the island and he. Stormwake is a highly whimsical novel that throws you in to the weird island setting without any preamble There is no introduction to explain anything—what the flowers are who Moss is etc The ones that drove me nuts were the way the dialogue and action were described It wasn’t just “shutting her eyes” it was “shutting her eyes suint shut”True fastCore deepGentle slowCrinkle kinduick fastSweet tastySudden scaredTingle uickYou get the idea It couldn’t just be “she moved uickly through the brush” it always had to be “she moved uick fast through the brush” It seemed unnecessary and distracting and didn’t feel like a play at all if that was the intent