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We Are All Thats LeftH whose grandmother is also in the hospital and whose exploration of religion and philosophy offer comfort and insight into Zara's own line of thinkingTold in chapters that alternate between Zara's present day Providence RI and Nadja's own childhood in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Bosnian War of the 1990s We Are All That's Left shows the ways in which no matter the time and place struggle and tragedy can give way to connection healing and love. A story of Zara a high school student with a uniue eye as a photographer Her mother a Bosnian refugee has always been a mystery to her Zara and her mother early on are the victims of a terrorist attack Her mother’s story slowly unfolds of living through Bosnian war The two stories are effectively woven together I learned a lot about the horrors that went on in Sarajevo during the nineties It is hard to fathom that in my lifetime this was happening I don’t remember learning any of this in school But who knows I could’ve been in the parking lot smoking that day One line that I found particularly touching was when Zara says “”Thank you” I whisper to God who always finds me in the sunsets”

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Ces and connect to a closed off mother who refuses to speak about her past in Bosnia But when a bomb explodes as they're shopping in their local farmers' market in Rhode Island Zara is left with PTSD and her mother is left in a coma Without the opportunity to get to know her mother Zara is left with uestions not just about her mother but about faith religion history and her own path forwardAs Zara tries to sort through her confusion she meets Josep. Read this review and on my blogThe Book Return BlogZara feels shut off from her Bosnian born mother She knows that her mother survived some horrible things in the Bosnian war but Zara wants desperately to understand who her mother is So when Zara her mother and her little brother are victims of a tourist attack Zara begins to understand what emotional and physical trauma can do to a person and a family I really love a good historical fiction Good historical fiction is entertaining while at the same time teaches us about significant events I have noticed that much of the historical fiction out there covers the really well known periods of history For example the Tutor period the American Civil War WWI and especially WWII I really love it when I find a novel that explores world events that are lesser known When I read the synopsis of ‘We Are All That’s Left’ I knew this was a book that I had to read ‘We Are All That’s Left’ alternates between Zara dealing with the aftermath of a present day terror attack and Zara’s mother Nadja living in war torn Bosnia in the past Going into the story I did know a little about the Bosnian war I remember watching the Sarajevo Olympics I then remember hearing that during the Bosnian war that Sarajevo was ripped apart I however had no idea that such human atrocities had taken place during the war ‘We Are All That’s Left’ is one of the most amazingly well done books I have ever read Arcos really brings alive not only the atrocities and ugliness of the Bosnian war but contrasts this with the beauty of the Bosnian countryside A excellent example of this is her descriptions of the river Drina and its beautiful white stone bridge Both the majestic river and the bridge host some of the most horrible atrocities of the war I really loved both the characters of Zara and Nadja Even though Nadja is closed off and cold I found her to be a very relatable character As her background unfurls within the story I found myself loving Nadja and In the beginning I found myself being interested in Zara’s story as I felt we already knew what would happen with Nadja As the story moved along and surprises from Nadja’s past presented themselves and I became totally wrapped up in her story While stories of the holocaust and WWII are vital for us all to learn and understand we as a society really need to take a closer look at many of the lesser known points in history The world really needs to know that terrible things like genocides are not only events of the past but also events of today That is why ’ We Are All That’s Left’ is a book that we all should all be reading

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Read & Download » We Are All Thats Left 105 ↠ Two lives Two worlds apart One deeply compelling story set in both Bosnia and the United States spanning decades and generations about the brutality of war and the trauma of everyday life after war about hope and the ties that bind us togetherZara and her mother Nadja have a strained relatioTwo lives Two worlds apart One deeply compelling story set in both Bosnia and the United States spanning decades and generations about the brutality of war and the trauma of everyday life after war about hope and the ties that bind us togetherZara and her mother Nadja have a strained relationship Nadja just doesn't understand Zara's creative passion for and self expression through photography And Zara doesn't know how to reach beyond their differen. I want to thank Penguin Random House for allowing me to take part on the blog tour and providing an ARC of this book This by any means did not affect nor influence my reviewTriggerContent warning death discrimination against Muslims bombings war fascism genocide terrorism sexual assault PTSDWe Are All That’s Left is a powerful hopeful truthful inspiring no holds barred book about war love family forgiveness recovery trauma acceptance religion terrorism survival and emerging from the darkest depths of your lifeI picked this up in the hopes of being introduced to another culture I had no idea I would be introduced not just to another culture but to a remarkable yet horrific event in history different beliefs inspiring and brave people and If you want a painful book If you want an inspiring book If you want an honest book If you want a lesson filled book This book introduced me to the culture of Bosnia its people and its horrific past – which I was really not that familiar with before It is both set in Bosnia and America with altering point of views of Zara which is set in the present and Nadja her mom which is set in the past when she was still young I loved the altering of point of views along with the setting it made me feel like this is a historical fiction and realistic fiction at the same timeI loved all the characters in this book – especially the main characters Zara and Nadja and how real and flawed they are as well as their relationship with each other I also liked the romance between Zara and Joseph it wasn’t the highlight of the story but I liked the contribution it made to Zara’s life and the whole story They also complement each other All of the characters are survivors Everyone is brave and inspiring in their own ways and a survivor of their own battlesThis is certainly though provoking For me this is one of the books that should be studied in school The story everyone must hear A story based on real events Where uestions in the characters’ mind can also be answered our discussed by the students Or where they raised uestions about the book themselvesAside from war terrorism and survival a huge part of this book is about the maternal relationship of Zara and Nadja I loved their journey of knowing accepting and forgiving each other I loved how flawed they are as individuals and as a daughter and a mother I loved how honest they are I just loved their story so muchEverything was so heartfelt Literally every emotion the characters felt I also felt And this is the kind of book that will make you wish and wish and wish “I hope this world is a better place” I hope this world would be a better placeOverall this book is a blessing for me This is nothing like what I’ve read before It’s an eye opener As my first read from Carrie Arcos I am so impressed I highly recommend