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Free read ↠ Children of Daedala ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ã Six months alone in the labyrinth has made her strong But the search for the exit means gambling on an old ‘friend’ and going against everything she’s been taught to survive You know the labyrinth will have yet horrors lurking in its depths YoIts depths You’ve learned few people can be trusted But freedom is tantalizingly close Are you ready to take the ris. The labyrinth is full of monsters and perils not least the people inside itI received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the first book I've read by Smith and I didn't realise that it was the second in a series I wish I'd read Children of Icarus first because it might have lifted the sense of vagueness and answered some uestions about the characters and settingFrom the start you are following the main character who communicates with glares and sharp weapons She's clearly competent and confident in her own skills She has no patience for other people and only trusts herselfI really liked this strong female character whose aim is her own survival She disregards territories and hunting grounds of different clans and lives by her own rulesEven though the labyrinth is a dangerous place she's made it her home and she'd rather face the dangers she knows than try and chase some freedom that might not existI've gotta say I was a little disappointed when about 28 pages in the character spoke I thought it was interesting to have a nameless mute as MC But as it carried on she was still pretty coolThe only problem I had was her age I repeatedly forgot that she was sixteen I thought she was much younger perhaps eleven or twelve Despite her physical and mental competency she feels very immatureThe story is well written and it follows our MC as she reluctantly spends time with the various clans the Fates Kleos and Harmonia All of which are populated by the children that are sent to the labyrinth I'm guessing it's an annual festivity or tribute The details are sketchyIt's very Lord of the Flies as they all try to establish some sort of order and normality in their dangerous new world Inevitably the groups are somewhat splintered and people work on their own agendaI found it to be rather slow in terms of any actual plot It's a reasonably long book a 336 pages but I felt it could be condensed easilyPerhaps it's because I came in at the second book of the series but I found the meandering around the labyrinth that I didn't fully understand to be long winded I didn't know where the labyrinth was or what it looked like Is it made of trees concrete magic How tall is it Do they see daylight Can you climb over the walls Why are they all thereI was uite bored for the first half of the book and had to force myself to continue The second half does pick up a bit as our main character gets heavily involved in the clans and their conflictsThere was also a flood of characters from the different clans with little to distinguish between them so it was hard to feel invested in what was happeningIt's was an OK read for me I'd recommend anyone interested in it read Children of Icarus first

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Six months alone in the labyrinth has made her strong But the search for the exit means gambling on an old ‘friend?. 1 Children of Icarus ★★See my FULL review of this book on my blog along with others at shesgoingbookcrazycom All included uotes have been taken from an ARC and may not match the finished publicationContent Warning Gore Bullying ”Six months is a long time in the labyrinth”There’s always a lot riding on seuels in a series If certain aspects aren’t delivered in the first installment of a series I hope that the seuel will shed some light on those areas that I think are important to touch on as the reader Unfortunately Children of Daedala simply didn’t deliver as much as I had hoped for While some aspects were much tolerable the plot did not develop as much as it needed to the really engage the reader World Building The entire plot of Children of Daedala takes place in the labyrinth Little information of the labyrinth itself is given and it is difficult to get a good sense of where the characters are I constantly felt lost which is ideally the point since everyone is lost but it's also difficult to tell a story not really understanding the surroundings The society within the labyrinth itself takes on a different form The Icarii literally enter a new world when they entered the labyrinth and they must learn how to survive The best way to survive is by strength in numbers Several pods of Icarii are developed where the groups' members look after and protect one another But where there are people there is treachery Supplies are limited in the labyrinth including hunting grounds freshwater medical supplies and weapons It isn't uncommon for fighting to happen between the groups for these resources These fights however aren't always provision related Bad blood exists between Kleos and Harmonia two groups with a long and dark history When the main character finds herself being shoved between the two groups after Fates is ransacked she must dig to the bottom of the mystery in order to discover who is at faultWithin these groups exists hierarchy Being out on her own for six months had made nameless a sought out legend among the other Icarii Nicknamed Fey Bell after the silent bell she wears around her neck she tries to remain elusive as she searches for the labyrinth's exit However she can only make it so far without help She must take measures into her own hands to have the mysterious journal the Executioner left her translated The leaders of the groups have their own agendas and are constantly taunting her when they cross paths Wanting to remain out of the drama she tries to limit her interactions with them but can only succeed for so long Pacing Readability The pacing mimics Children of Icarus It is slow slow slow In three hundred plus pages not a lot happens Even during the climax in the final pages nothing grabbed me Without having many variations in the pacing it made this a difficult read to get through because it was slow and unengaging Point Of View Characters The point of view is again from the perspective of the main character who again remains nameless throughout the entire story Nameless' I'll refer to by her nickname of Fey Bell character grows tremendously from Children of Icarus but only in her capabilities In many ways she still acts uite immature for her age which becomes tiresome to read Honestly I think I stuck it out through this book just because I want to find out what her name isOtherwise I don't think I would have made it this far There are several characters in this series and it is difficult to keep them all straight With little distinction between them physically many of these minor characters blended together For me Ryan was one of the interesting characters in this series Sadly his character became rather flat in this seuel I felt he could have been utilized in effective ways to keep that initial intrigue going but that simply didn't happenTheo becomes a prominent character in this seuel Becoming a “sort of” love interest he’s constantly riding the fence of being trustworthy Because his character also suffers from flatness I found him and his motivations to be transparent and without surprise Elle’s character blossomed before my very eyes I think I didn’t recognize her in Children of Icarus because I was so distracted with all of the gore and overall treachery While she doesn’t have a massive role in the plot what she represents makes her all the important to bring upThe main antagonist against is the labyrinth itself but later on shifts to other characters as well Major Themes ⇒ Survival It’s easy not to take chances when the price is someone else’s secrets Survival is the entire point of this series Survival in the labyrinth survival from one another and survival from oneself in specific instances is constantly on the characters’ and readers minds ⇒ Mental illness”Elle is the beautiful one I always knew it but at first I thought it was just her exterior I thought what was inside Elle was cruel And it is Elle has a cruel side an inhumane side a manipulative side but that like her physical beauty is just something else in the way of the beauty inside A part of Elle deep down is still the child she was when she entered the labyrinth That child is inside all Icarii but most Icarii kill that child to survive Instead Elle killed her sanity and used its corpse to shelter the child Because of that a part of Elle will always have her innocence A part of her will always have Prosper”Represented by Elle’s character mental illness becomes a large theme throughout this installment This theme also exists in the first book but I think I was too distracted by everything else to really notice it While I believe this adds an interesting addition to the plot I’m not sure if I actually like the way Elle’s character is represented Perhaps it is because I feel that her and everyone else’s character is left incomplete In a positive way however I feel that Elle’s able to bring opponents together“But thank you For looking out for Elle”“It’s easy to look out for Elle” Risa says then gestures to the gauze in my hand Maybe not always easy but it’s easy to want to you know” Overall Feelings Things that I liked⇒ The main character's growth from the first book⇒ We finally get a little explanation behind the Icarii Things that I didn’t like⇒ Still not having a good sense of the world or where the characters are at Scenes blend into one another⇒ The slow pacing and anticlimactic end which was supposed to be a massive cliffhanger for the next book⇒ While we get a better idea as to how the Icarii started the entire backstory needed a lot explanation Overall I wasn't thrilled with this seuel and found it to be without much purpose I really was hoping for progression but this entire book felt like a time filler until the next book in the series is published Vulgarity Minimal Only five words were countedSexual content Minimal kissing scenes only However there are some references to going on between some charactersViolence uite a lot While this installment isn't as gory as it's predecessor there's still a decent amount My Rating ★★My Blog ¦ Bookstagram ¦ Twitter ¦ Pinterest ¦ Facebook

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Children of Daedala? and going against everything she’s been taught to survive You know the labyrinth will have yet horrors lurking in. Wait What No WHYYYYY Why did it end Where's the rest No cliffhanger instead you are just thrown from the cliff free falling trying to make sense of what in the world just happened Halloween is fast approaching and I am seriously considering becoming Fey Bell as she is currently my favorite person in the fictional world This book was not only exciting and addicting to the point of forgoing socialization of any kind just to read the next chapter but it is whimsical and clever and everything I could ever hope for It makes you angry and sad and fearful and it really is just all immersive This could be the next Fandom empire How long do I have to suffer pining for the next