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Away with Words review ç 7 ß Isabella Bird was like a wild vine stuck in a too small pot She needed room She had to get out She had to exploreExploring was easier said than done in Victorian England But Isabella persisted and with each journey she breathed in new ways to see and describe everything around her uestion by uestion word by word Isabella blooStion by uestion word by word Isabella bloomed First out in the English countryside Then off to America and Canada And eventually around the world to Africa Asia Australia and This dashing picture book biography about the first female member of the Royal Geographic Society takes read. For readers who have romanticized the Victorian era this picture book describes just how stultifying life for girls and women could be during that time For someone like her born in 1831 a wild vine stuck in a too small pot unpaged the placid conventional life was soul numbing When a doctor suggested that fresh air might cure what ailed the young girl her father took her outdoors Letters from relatives in exotic places made her even curious and Isabella began to travel and write about her adventures There was something freeing about all this travel which allowed her to experience new things face down dangers and test her mettle returning home with tales that intrigued her audience After her father's death Isabella briefly renounced the wanderlust lifestyle that brought her so much job But her sister saw the toll this took on Isabella and urged her to return to her traveling and recording what she observed and learned on her journeys Eventually The National Geographic Society inducted her as its first female member and she even met the ueen of England Accompanied by digital illustrations that feature some of her most daring feats and travels the lively text brings this story and Isabella herself to life Young readers will get a kick out of her experiences mounting a volcano traveling through a blinding snowstorm in Persia falling off mountains and facing down a mob in China who tried to kill her since they didn't trust strangers or whites It's clear that she lived a risky life but it's just as clear that she enjoyed every moment of it and wouldn't have changed a thing As I read this biography I couldn't help but think about the differences between those of us who long to explore the wider world and try new and exotic things and those of us who prefer to never venture from our own small towns or familiar terrain For some young readers this picture book might inspire them to follow Isabella's lead and travel as much as possible

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Isabella Bird was like a wild vine stuck in a too small pot She needed room She had to get out She had to exploreExploring was easier said than done in Victorian England But Isabella persisted and with each journey she breathed in new ways to see and describe everything around her ue. I really enjoyed this well told tale of the adventures of Isabella Bird Born in 1831 Isabella had health problems from a young age Despite multiple doctor's visits no diagnosis could be made Isabella's life changed forever though when one of the doctor's suggested she get fresh air Her father started taking her with him when he traveled through the countryside visiting his parishioners He taught her the names of the plants and animals they saw along the way and then he'd uiz her about it Isabella thrived for a while She especially enjoyed reading letters from friends and relatives far away Her health deteriorated again though when she became a young lady and her outside trips diminished Her doctor recommended a sea voyage and Isabella set out on her first big adventure She detailed her trips in journals and wrote books after each trip Her books became bestsellers Except for a couple of times when other life events got in the way Isabella spent many years traveling all over the world I found this book compelling as I read about Isabella's numerous trips some of them shared in her own descriptive words The illustrations are bright crisp and attractive I was delighted to read about a woman who loved exploring as much as I do although I'm much of an armchair explorer This is a delightful account of a woman who despite some struggles with societies expectations found her love of adventure and let it take her on some amazing journeys

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Away with WordsErs around the world with a daring nineteenth century female explorer and author Kristy Caldwell's detailed illustrations illuminate Bird's travels around the world and Lori Mortensen's back matter author's note and bibliography will satisfy the curiosity of readers who want to learn. As a child Isabella Bird was not well She spent much of her time with aches and pains stuck indoors Then her doctor had an idea that fresh air might do her good She traveled on horseback with her father and realized that she loved to explore However Victorian England was not conducive to a woman traveling on her own and Isabella once fell ill Once again she was prescribed travel and set off on a journey to Canada and the United States When she returned triumphant and with many stories she was encouraged to write a book This set her off on a lifetime of travels and adventures around the world and writing books that captivated nineteenth century readersMortensen demonstrates how very stifling life in the 1800s were for women and girls Happily Bird was able to discover her own passion for travel and adventure The book tells stories of her travels and the harrowing situations she found herself in like climbing volcanoes surviving severe cold and dangling from a cliff by her skirt Scattered throughout the book are excerpts from Bird’s own writing that show how stirring and evocative her prose wasThe illustrations in the book are done with simple lines that really capture the action and at times the boredom of Bird’s life Bird’s journal with her on all of her travels features heavily in the illustrations as it drops over cliffs loses pages to the wind or has Bird writing in amazing situationsA look at a woman who did not allow social conventions to slow her down this is an inspirational story of following one’s bliss Appropriate for ages 6 9