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review Platform Dwellers Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê On the remnants of oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and Dauphin Island Joe is a typical Nob Platform teenager except that her Mom left a year ago for a social Platform and her Dad sometimes forgets she exists But she knows she wants a career in Communications so her high school senTely responsible for the Bone Virus that precipitated the Revolution They enlist the help of Flox a debunked scientist to take them to Land to investigate the remnants of human Land society before the PPC can stop them What they find on Land will forever change the course of their lives and the lives of all Platform Dwellers. I love dystopian ya and this one holds up well Twisted just how I like them The only downside for me is that it needs a seuel which does not seem to exist yet

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Distance underwater connections Drayton Joe’s best friend discovers lights moving on Land at the same time Joe picks up SOS signals with her See SawThough Land has been silent since technology was destroyed during the Moralist Revolution Joe and Drayton discover that the Platform Planning Commission PPC seems to be ultima. YA dystopians will always be my jam I really was blown away by the amount of thought detail and description that went into this story I won’t give a huge review but enough to wet your whistleI loved all of the characters within this story They were well developed complex and beautifully flawed The protagonist Joe and her friends were fearless and I loved reading about them I enjoyed reading the character arcs and seeing how much they grew over the course of their adventures There is a bit of a romance with a handsome boy thrown into the story but as I promised – I won’t give anything away It was well done and just enough to keep you hooked Thankfully it was not the focus of the story and therefore enjoyable to read 🙂The world building and overall plot were brilliant I found myself completely sucked into this story and had a hard time leaving The story was over before I knew it and that made me a little sad There were plot twists that I didn’t see coming which was the sign of a great writerOverall I highly recommend this book to everyone Give it a chance and let me know your thoughts I believe Boudreaux did a masterful job with this story and I cannot wait to read of her work

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Platform DwellersOn the remnants of oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and Dauphin Island Joe is a typical Nob Platform teenager except that her Mom left a year ago for a social Platform and her Dad sometimes forgets she exists But she knows she wants a career in Communications so her high school senior project “See Saw” focuses on long. Joe short for Josephine is a strong sassy teenage girl with one overpowering phobia—she’s deathly afraid of water and drowning No big deal except that she’s stuck living on the rickety remnants of an oil rig platform in the Gulf of Mexico One wrong move could plunge her into the deep and make all her worst fears come true Two generations ago Joe’s grandparents were forced to flee land after the Moralist revolution wiped out all technology an event which was followed by the spread of the deadly Bones virus—a microscopic murderer of the human kind not the computer variety Platform dwellers believe every person on Land died that the virus is still active and the only safely inhabitable ecospheres are structures located miles out in the ocean Joe’s high school senior project is a communications device which if successful would use underwater sonar to re create a messaging system—an internet of sorts complete with email and all the other benefits an internet would inherently provide She longs to remotely communicate with her best girl friend Lisette who lives on the far side of the platform structure as well as her even best handsome and daring guy friend Drayton who may or may not be firmly entrenched in the “friend zone” Most of all Joe hopes her project will help locate her mother who was temporarily moved to another platform by the Planning Committee the PC—a highly intrusive governing body with authority over all platforms Unfortunately no one seems to know where her mother actually is—it seems she’s vanished without a trace With months gone by and no letters delivered by boat from her at all Joe is increasingly desperate to finish her project and make it work in spite of her competition Harriet a cheating spy with no original ideas—a girl who has only achieved anything by stealing others’ work especially Joe’s Joe’s future on the platforms will be determined by the success or failure of her project If she succeeds she’ll have a brilliant career working toward the welfare of all platform dwellers If she fails she might get stuck with a grunt job like gutting fish at the food dispensary—a fate she deems worse than death Joe hates fish and can’t stand the site of bloodThe stakes are high and when Drayton spots a series of lights blinking in Morse code from Dauphin island Joe must decide whether or not she’ll put everything on the line for the possibility of the thing she longs for most—a life with solid firm ground underneath her feet free from the excessively intrusive oversight of the PC police force Katarina Boudreaux’s writing style is delightfully entertaining sometimes poetic sometimes snarky and sometimes laugh out loud funny The world she has built merges seamlessly with the storyline and makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a wholly different place and time—one you intuitively understand without having to wade through pages of boring exposition One of the themes Ms Boudreaux explores in the book is eco responsibility and sustainable living She contrasts the manufactured world with the natural world and the result is satirically funny and not at all preachy In a comical scene that also tugs at the heartstrings Drayton produces a package of Twinkies—a family heirloom of sorts he’s been saving for a very special occasion They toast to “the power of preservatives” as the ocean platform they live on literally crumbles around them and falls into the sea “We live on beams of metal and concrete and call it reality when it’s actually just a manufactured habitat” Joe muses On another thematic note we also have the PC Even though “PC” in this book isn’t an acronym for “Politically Correct” the PC is such an intrusive and overbearing force that I couldn’t read this story without drawing parallels between our reality’s PC political correctness and the fictional PC an actual physical police force which governs things like curfews access to very scarce textiles and the uantity of water people may drink each day The fictional PC also dictates the type and uantity of food items seaweed fish sponges octopi etc you may harvest from your own home’s underwater cage farm It also forces you to scan a wrist implanted chip to gain access to any place you enter or exit including your own home The PC know where you are and what you're doing at all times It's impossible to read this book without pondering what our society would look like if we allowed political correctness to become the governing body of a potential utopia At what point would we stop Where should we draw the line between freedom of speechbehavior and enforced tolerance laws It’s a timely topic and Ms Boudreaux incorporates this theme into the storyline with great flair Even though the fictional PC is so intrusive there are still a few people who manage to live somewhat “off the grid” such as Flox a hilariously uirky person who serves as a valuable resource to Joe and Drayton and also provides a great deal of comic relief overall Flox is a memorable character—as are all of Ms Boudreaux’s characters Even though this book has a very large cast I was never confused about who was who Each person is a well defined truly uniue individual memorable in action and speech in their own rights There are no flat or cardboard characters in this book—Ms Boudreaux’s characterization skills are top notchThe thing I loved most about this book was re discovering everyday things we take for granted through Joe’s fresh eyes Joe often describes places and objects that are commonplace to us but new and fascinating to Joe I loved reading Joe’s descriptions of such things and arriving at a point in her narrative where I’d go “Ah ha She’s talking about fill in the blank” Even little things like lettuce and doorknobs become suddenly very interesting and everything Joe sees and describes on Land is skillfully compared to what she has experienced living on the water For example when Joe examines a tree it’s not just a tree No It’s amazing The bark “is coarse like dead coral” but it smells alive The ants don’t just crawl in the cracks—they make tiny “rivulets” as they climb up and down this magnificent living non metal non plastic thing A writer who can fascinate you with a description of a tree or a doorknob is highly skilled—and Ms Boudreaux is just that Platform Dwellers is a high concept story that definitely delivers In the book’s terms it’s “epically tidal” Joe’s story is a must read worthwhile addition to your home library I look forward to the next book in the series with great anticipationWell done—Platform Dwellers earned every one of the five stars in this review and I’m pleased to give it my highest recommendation