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Jude who has secrets of his own and whose brother’s suicide may be linked to Mars’s own sordid family history As they grow closer the two unearth secrets that could allow them to move forward    or chain them to the Indigo forever. Disclaimer Reviewing pre publication proof via NetGalleyI loved this Vivid strong character writing and a fully fleshed out sense of place from the first page made this an engaging story and the dark fantasyparanormal elements while light tinted the story with a deliciously creepy atmosphereMarsden is saving up to skip town with her 8 year old little sister before one or both of them get roped into joining Nina's girls like their mom Their dad died or killed himself when she was her sister's age and their mom started working the not so secret nightshift in the boarding house they live inbrothelBeing pressured toward sex work isn't the only source of Marsden's misery She's half Chinese in a white rural American town Her mother's job and her likely future are an open secret and the predatory bullying behaviour of her peers and neighbours has her self isolating to survive And she can't hear the voices of the dead despite regularly visiting the covert behind the boardinghouse to strip the bodies of the dead for cash It's the last remaining piece of family property a sort of suicide forest tainted by the murder spree of a mad ancestorSo there's a lot going on here The visible minorityPOCmixed ancestry thing is handled well and comes up in Mars her sister's experience as well as another boy in town's story The absentabusive parent thing is troubling but very well handled as is the dysfunctional community And the suicides There's heaps upon heaps of messed up in this book but the author doesn't bury you in it It's an engaging read atmospheric and challenging without feeling hopeless It reminds me of Brenna Yovanoff's books and Kendare Blake's Anna Dressed In Blood just a touch I think it's set in eastern Oregon or Washington maybe or one of the prairiedesert states further east of there but it has in common with Southern Gothic paranormals Creepy foreign and familiar at the same time unsettling and entrancing Will circle back to this author's earlier works and follow her future books with great interest Highly recommended read

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Along the IndigoThe town of Glory is famous for two things businesses that front for seedy if not illegal enterprises and the suicides that happen along the Indigo River Marsden is desperate to escape the “bed and breakfast” where her mother works as. You can find the full review and all the fancy andor randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight This is another book with some elements that were definitely hits and some that weren't This one also deals with a young woman who is searching to uncover some answers about her town's past and her family's past all while trying to protect her little sister and not become a working girl Some Things I Liked Marsden and her sister Wynn have such a lovely bond Seriously I am a sucker for a close sibling relationship and I adored these two But Marsden was honest about the toll that caring for Wynn sometimes took and I liked that just as much Plus Wynn is adorable and an uplifting character in an otherwise dark book The ship is really great It's no surprise that Marsden starts to get feelings for Jude but I liked Jude a lot Maybe than Marsden actually He just seemed like such a good dude and he was missing his brother so much and dealing with his own personal hell I was just rooting for these two because frankly they earned some happiness The mystery element worked well While I wasn't surprised at all the twists there were definitely some things I didn't see coming and it was fun to play detective with Marsden Some Things That are Neutral That Are Worth Mentioning So I didn't like or dislike this it is just part of the story that I felt the need to address  The adults especially Marsden's mom are kind of messes Marsden's mom is a prostitute which fine it's her life But when she tries to lure Mars into the business yuck It's vile honestly because whose parents are trying to recruit them to whoredom Plus this girl is only sixteen and the brothel owner lady wanted her to start working too which wrong on so many levels Okay this bugged me even though maybe it shouldn't but the book is called Along the Indigo but it talks basically non stop about this covert that Marsden's family owns and apparently makes people kill themselves And the Indigo really only has one thing to do with the story so maybe it should have been called something about The Covert Again this is just me And it didn't really have any bearing on my enjoyment of the book but I must have uestioned it 20 times while reading so there you have it Some Things I Didn't Love I didn't realize this was set in the past until about halfway through And that isn't good if a book is going to be set in the 1980s I should feel and know it's in the 80s right I was suspicious about why Mars didn't have a cell phone and such but she was uite poor and I figured she just didn't have access Later there is the mention of a year and I finally knew Later there is talk of looking up articles in the library microfiche but had that stuff not been included I might never have known It started out rather slowly To the point where I was pretty bored and contemplated DNFing for a minute or two before I remembered how terrible I am at DNFing Bottom Line Not without flaws but definitely enjoyable especially the second halfCopy provided for review

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Along the Indigo Characters ¾ 107 Î The town of Glory is famous for two things businesses that front for seedy if not illegal enterprises and the suicides that happen along the Indigo River Marsden is desperate to escape the “bed and breakfast” where her mother works as a prostitute—and where her own fate has been decided—and she wants to A prostitute and where her own fate has been decided and she wants to give her little sister a better life But escape means money which leads Mars to skimming the bodies that show up along the Indigo River It’s there that she runs into. 35atmospheric and gut wrenching but also a bit slowI have issues with the unnuanced way sex workers were portrayed tbh