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Uiet life on the outskirts of Danvers where the locals respect his privacythat is until Savannah Carmichael comes calling in a borrowed sundress with a plate of homemade brownies When Asher agrees to be interviewed by Savannah he starts feeling things for the beautiful reporter that he hasn’t felt in years Misfits in small town Danvers Savannah and Asher create a bond right away touching each other’s hearts in ways neither thought possible When a terrible mistake threatens to drive them apart they’ll have to decide if the 4 Being Open To The Possibility Stars Spoiler Free It's FREEAs I read I have noticed a huge focus on returning Veterans Some of the stories use this as a way to categorize and make the understanding of the man easy on the reader Some use the specific experiences of war the trauma and darkness to give us the readers an insight of sorts of what these warriors have gone through These ways of conveying these men are important as there are so many which gave for us and they have the mental scars to show for it And there are those who not only have born the brunt of war but have brought back other souvenirs; the physical changes They are marked by explosions sniper bullets and bombsand their bodies will never be what they wereThis story addresses so much of all the things that happen to a man who experienced the loss of his physical self Asher was fortunate in his injuries compared to many but he also was notas he had to handle all of it alone without the comfort of a family save his mother's friend He left this small town as the football star soon to be a doctor and returned to a place which could not rise above his injuries who could not look beyond the tragic scarring of his face and limbs and just appreciate and accept Instead the town turned its back on him With this type of hurt Asher did what he thought was best for the both of them he retreated to his family's estate; created a life of solitude save the presence of Miss Potts and reconciled to the realization of no woman no loveno touchThe flip side of this story is the little town girl who wished for bigger and bolder Savannah was not her little sis Scarlet; she was not the typical Southern girl who had found her guy in kindergarten watched and plotted and then made it all come together in the end with a wedding and HEA Savannah had always wanted different to see the world and hunt down the stories with her uestions needing to be answered She got her degree in Journalism worked hard and landed her spot on one of the top newspapers in the industry and New York She was open to love and thought she had found it with a source on financial fraud She thinking she was doing the right thing used all of the information fed to her by this source only to have her trust and possible love thrown back in her face once the article was printed The source used her to manipulate the outcome of his father's fraud; destroyed her career her belief in herself and in love Savannah had encountered her own war and came back home scarred broken and mistrustful The upcoming wedding of Scarlet is the backdrop to this tale We have it opened with Scarlet going over an article of how you know you love someone all of the steps As Savannah half listens she wonders what is to come of her life Here her younger sister is marrying the man of her dreams it looks like no offers for papers are in sight Savannah is at a loss Yet with a call from another reporter in Phoenix an opportunity presents itself Write a human interest story about a war vet and the open position in Phoenix is hers This is at least something though not her usual hard hitting investigating reporting she could work with itshe accepts the assignment and knows who exactly to approach the town's own war vet Asher forget he is considered a hermit and has burns and disfigurement he is going to be her ticket back to writing reporting and getting her reputation backThis story was wonderful Each character had enough of a back story to understand a lot of why they felt the way they did and their reasoning behind it Both were damaged Both were lost and need help handling what they had experienced and the small town pluses and minuses were at workThe internal dialogs of both characters were so well thought out You could feel each of them growing closer to each other Asher was a man who had so much taken away yet he also was trapped by his own mind due to the hurt inflicted by others' reactions to him; others prejudices and fears He learned to be open to the possibilities of actual happiness and caring He allowed himself to be a man and with that he took the necessary steps to become comfortable in his body and freer Savannah allowed herself to love again but she also had the love of career I cannot say I applauded or approved of how she went about everything I knew things were going to happen and understood the reasons as to why they were needed I just didn't like it I was able to rise above it though and cheer for how things were resolvedThe major facilitator was Miss Potts and I loved her with all of my heart I appreciated her care understanding and relationship with Asher She did not make one false moveOur author also sneaked in other important issues; how sexual force can be slipped under the carpet; how families do not want to confront difficult and hard situations but on the flip side of small town life there were the cherished friendships between women with respect and loveOverall it was a heartwarming very sweet and sensual read The feelings of Asher were so strong they bounced off the page with his energy The writing worked; it took me along with the story and even though I had the map laid out before me I was than happy to travel that road Side note loved the Buddy Read with Alex and all DDDD The Vixen and the Vet A Modern Fairytale Book #1 Never Let You Go A Modern Fairytale Book #2 Ginger's Heart A Modern Fairytale Book #3 Dark Sexy Knight A Modern Fairytale Book #4 Don't Speak A Modern Fairytale Book #5 Shear Heaven A Modern Fairytale Book #6 Fragments of Ash A Modern Fairytale Book #7 Swan Song A Modern Fairytale Book #8 A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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The Vixen and the VetLove they found in one another’s arms is strong enough to fight for their hard won happily ever after The Vixen and the Vet is part of the a modern fairytale collection which will include five standalone novels The Vixen and the Vet Beauty the Beast available now Never Let You Go Hansel Gretel available now Ginger's Heart Little Red Riding Hood available March 22 2016 Don't Speak The Little Mermaid available 2017 Swan Song The Ugly Duckling – available 201718 Librarian's Note This is an alternatenew cover for ASIN B00L19SV4 5 “You’re an alien” STARS “This isn’t the sort of love that ends IT’S FOREVER” ASHER Asher Lee Disfigured Tormented LonelySavannah Carmichael Betrayed Broken HumiliatedWhen two odd ducks find each other and an unusual friendship sprouts from a borrowed sundress a plate of homemade brownies and the comfortable silence that sweetly engulfs them life suddenly starts to look different Beautiful Bright HopefulFaced with the difficulties of one's past and the choices that need to be made for one's future will Asher and Savannah be able to hold on to their precious bond and fight through everything “Don’t wonder for a minute if I feel shortchanged by choosing to be with you Just know this YOU WALKED OUT OF MY DREAMS FULLY FORMED I wasn’t about to let you walk away” SAVANNAH I can't possibly explain how incredibly tender and sore this story left me I wish I was better with words and could pour my heart out here “Beauty and the Beast” is and will always be my favorite Disney movie so it was no surprise that I loved it allbut it's not just that I don't know whether any of you have ever been through tremendously painful events in your lives I'm sure everyone can think of at least one big heartbreak along the way Well I have a ghost from my past that still haunts me till the day that still has strings on me it pulls on from time to time that is the reason for the small empty chamber in my heart Maybe that's why some parts of this story shifted something in me in a way that I didn't see coming I bawled like a baby yes but something bigger than a few tears broke off me after the few hours this book stole from me Something ugly and forlorn Something I'm happy to be one step closer to finally let go “The thing about surviving something truly tragic is that it changes your expectations forever You make do with very little You’re grateful for crumbs You make the best of small mercies You endure large trials You understand that life owes you nothing You expect nothing and when something wonderful happens you don’t trust it You know it can’t possibly last” OVERALL The author stole my heart with the epic romanticism that you could smell all over the story the carefully chosen words and sentences for love pain regret and her beautiful touch on sensitive issues Yes I would recommend it Absolutely In fact I insist that everyone that likes a little heartbreak and a little sweetness in their romances should definitely read “The Vixen and the Vet” “What are we doing”“I’m ruining youfor anyone else”

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Read The Vixen and the Vet reader ↠ ☆ Katy Regnery ¼ In this modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast Savannah Carmichael betrayed by an unreliable source returns to her hometown of Danvers Virginia with her once promising journalism career in ruins Given the opportunity to get back in the game by writing a patriIn this modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast Savannah Carmichael betrayed by an unreliable source returns to her hometown of Danvers Virginia with her once promising journalism career in ruins Given the opportunity to get back in the game by writing a patriotic human interest piece Savannah turns her attention to the town hermit Asher Lee a wounded veteran who returned to Danvers eight years ago and hasn’t been seen since After an IED explosion in Afghanistan took Asher’s hand and disfigured half of his face he's lived a FIVE CLAIM MY HEART STARS Love me Asher And he did And he would Forever My adoration for this book was helped tremendously due to my love for a well written book that tugs on the heart strings and gives my reading heart a well placed sueeze It also didn't harm the enjoyment that my favourite Disney animation of all time is the classic 'Beauty and the beast' I couldn't even begin to imagine that I would fall so in love with a book that I was reuested to read and review and I'm than pleased that I gave my reading time over to a book that uite honestly has stolen my heart This author is obviously talented with a heart to share stories that make the reader not only fall in love but think about the world around them Timeless in it's delivery I won't ever be forgetting about the story of Savannah Carmichael and Asher Lee Katy Regnery I have had the most beautiful time spent with your heart stopping novel and I'm left with a story to remember for a time to come What's it all aboutLeaving New York after being publicly humiliated and loosing her job as a successful journalist Savannah Carmichael returns to her very southern and charming home town Feeling desperate to gain respect in the reporting world again she sets out to deliver a story that would make her be noticed for her writing talents once again Asher Lee is the town recluse and hermit after serving his country and injured in a tragic and near fatal accident he returns to his home town Disfigured and eually as tormented by his experiences he has given up on a world of love and the idea of living a life of freedom When Savannah and Asher's lives cross paths they never expected to be thrown into a friendship so powerful that it changes the way they feel and act And as their relationship starts to bond them in a life altering way they have to take the steps to overcome the difficulties that they must face together Beautifully poetic and tragically love struck their story is one that is worth fighting for What did I loveThis novel was not only beautifully romantic with a well paced unfolding plot and love story it was also powerfully touching and heart melting There are stories that you happily read that are enjoyable even used as an escape but there are also those books that make you sit up and take notice and change the way you see the world 'Vixen and the vet' had a clear message about friendship and love and how we can be the difference to those around us and for me if nothing else this author did the perfect job of showcasing how relationships can change lives I admired and fell for this authors writing style she swept me right into the middle of the love and action of this story and I could not have loved two characters Savannah and Asher were beautiful to read about both eually wonderful and easy to fall in love with and I was cheering for their friendship and romance from their first encounter As you can imagine from the description of the book the storyline dealt with some difficult topics but the book although thorough in it's message never felt heavy or difficult to read instead it pulled at my heart strings in the best kind of way and felt a joy to read Final thoughts This is the first time that I have read any work by Katy Regnery and it comes as no surprise to me that she is an award winning romance novelist She made this potentially heart breaking story come alive and I fell utterly in love with her story of the beautiful journalist and her admirable beast Nothing could have torn me away from the pages of this novel and for once I enjoyed the differing emotions that this story line created nothing was over dramatised or unnecessary instead it was simply a poetic journey of finding that other half that no matter what will cause you to be whole 'The vixen and the vet' is a book that I felt proud to have read and I'm hoping that other readers will feel experience and love this book as much as I did Go fall in love with a hero that demands to not be forgotten enjoy Kisses Guest reviewer for Dirty girl romance book blog ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review