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Hiding Author Henry Turner Free read ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ When a teen boy who excels at being unseen finds himself hiding in his ex girlfriend’s house he uncovers carefully concealed truths—about her her family and himself—in a twisty mystery with a shocking surprise One night a lovelorn teen boy “acciThere   Turner’s affinity for observant outsiders and teens who share a desire to hide from nosy adults and judgmental peers shines in a psychological thriller in which the slow burn of tension keeps readers turning pages to a sudden twist that changes everything . A love sick teen wandering his neighborhood finds himself in his ex girlfriend Laura’s backyard He slips into her basement and is trapped there overnight due to the alarm system in “Hiding” Clarion 2018 by Henry Turner The next morning the family members leave but the maid arrives And there’s a large dog in the house He’s got time to think He thinks about his close friend Suzy who knew everything about him but Laura had let him hide keep his secrets so the mystery held which had to do with why he couldn’t get over her Besides discovering things about himself while trapped in the house he discovers plenty about Laura and what seemed like her perfect life Why had Laura a popular talented girl chosen him when he was such a loser Maybe she was attracted to a life that didn’t have to look perfect Maybe her life wasn’t as perfect as she’d claimed Is that why he was here That’s one of his major uestions Why was he here Why did Laura love his house and all the “dopey” artwork he’d done that his mother put up on the walls He wishes his mom would tear them down But he remembers Laura saying “Don’t ever do that She loves you You’re so lucky to have that” Ahah He sees that Laura’s perfect house has no personal touches—it looks expensive and unused Is that why Laura had never invited him over Not because she was embarrassed by him but because she was embarrassed by her own home He’s good at hiding Lots of teens are “Growing up like I did there was a lot to tell me that I was just a sort of total nobody ” but he actually feels that he’s better than that However no one would agree with him he tells us “because people don’t actually see me or see any real value in me which was probably the best reason I ever had to just start hiding all the time” He describes a past experience when he pretended to be a rich boy—a day of lies He says “I’d made myself feel like nothing by not being me” He’d sensed that there was something deep and dark in Laura and in her house he discovers the truth of that That’s perhaps why they were initially drawn together Laura had hidden from herself “That’s the most dangerous kind of hiding Everybody knows you but you’re not really there even for yourself” There’s a lot to discuss in this book The humor is wry He’s upstairs wandering and avoiding the maid and we readers are nervous for him The living room furniture is reddish so he grabs a reddish tablecloth and hides behind it so the surveillance camera doesn’t detect him skulking through the house I found his teen voice refreshing at the outset Eventually all the repeated phrases such as “if you know what I mean” “sort of” “you know” “in my opinion” grew annoying but made it a great candidate for practicing speed reading “He” is named only in the surprise twist ending in the last lines of the book Good for thoughtful readersPatricia Hruby Powell is author of Loving vs Virginia; Josephine The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker and the forthcoming Struttin’ With Some Barbecue talesforallagescom

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When a teen boy who excels at being unseen finds himself hiding in his ex girlfriend’s house he uncovers carefully concealed truths about her her family and himself in a twisty mystery with a shocking surprise One night a lovelorn teen boy “accidentally” slips in. Even though I called the twist on like page 3 and feel that most readers will catch it early as well this YA novel was unsettling and I was enjoying its creepy mood until the last 35 pages or so when it morphed into a totally different not as good or interesting book view spoilera saccharine after school special with a completely unearned ending I waited and hoped for the twist to turn out to be than I'd predicted it didn't but that wasn't the problem; the problem is that the narrator creates a weird tricky head space for most of the book and then bang it turns out not to be a psychological thriller at all but a maudlin very direct plea to get help before committing suicide hide spoiler

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Hiding Author Henry TurnTo the home of his ex girlfriend Laura and ends up hiding in her basement trapped in the house by its alarm system How long can he stay hidden What will happen if he is found What will he learn about Laura and himself in this house And what is his true motive for being. The ending surprised me but not enough to give it than two stars I just didn't care for any of the characters